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  1. Can we at least keep it in PM's? Absolutely no reason to derail every thread I post in, it's not fair to the people that aren't a part of the drama.
  2. Young Thug

    Post Your Record Storage Area

    Cutest picture ever and I'm hella jealous of that record
  3. Young Thug

    6 lps for £15 !

    can you tell me at least one of the records I'll get?
  4. Young Thug

    Post Your Record Storage Area

    keeping the TT out of the kids reach I like it
  5. is this confirmed to happen????
  6. Young Thug

    The Hotelier - Goodness

    haha that would be amazing tbh
  7. Young Thug

    New Pre-Orders up at Castle Face

    I think her voice is perfect it sounds familiar but I can't quite pin it down.
  8. Young Thug

    Post Your Record Storage Area

    I would have made it bigger but I use my laptop a lot, always plugging/unplugging various things.
  9. Young Thug

    Post Your Record Storage Area

    that is the cutest little laptop stand ever
  10. Young Thug

    In Honor of Food

    brb moving to australia the M&M mc flurry is the best thing at mcdonalds
  11. Young Thug

    PO: M83 - Junk

    beck with M83!? my prayers have been answered!
  12. Young Thug

    PO: M83 - Junk

    best cover art of 2016!!! I WISH there was a limited variant though.
  13. Young Thug

    Anyone Collect Enamel/Button Pins?

    this is perfect! following this thread is the worst possible thing for my wallet right now