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  1. Hey there,


    since friday the debut album by german black metal band 'Boden' is available.


    "Boden is a six-piece from Stuttgart / Germany, formed
    by members of Wølfenstein, Loner and Loose suspense.
    Influences vary – loud/quiet, drone, doom, shoe gaze,
    black metal, pop acts, post-rock ensembles.
    This is their first album, now to be released as one-sided
    EP through Holy Goat Records, revolvermann records
    and Meta Matter Records. The 20 minutes of dark
    droney shoegaze blacked kind of metal were pressed on
    black vinyl, which comes with a screen print on the
    B-side, lyric poster and in rough and heavy cardboard. It
    was recorded in february 2015 by Jan Woldt and later
    mixed and mastered by Role at „ Die Tonmeisterei“."


    ~ listen: http://revolvermannrecords.bandcamp.com/album/boden

    ~ buy: http://www.revolvermannrecords.de/produkt/boden-st-12/