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  1. Looks like this is finally being repressed! Due mid January with another variant of Diaroma too. I can't find anymore details, but doubt it won't be more widely available. https://www.jbhifi.com.au/music/Whats-Hot/alternative/young-modern-limited-edition-royal-blue-vinyl-reissue/346702/
  2. You are literally the first person I have seen to say they don't like ...Like Clockwork
  3. So they should leave a career they love because of the behaviour of a bunch of guys who can't help themselves? Right...
  4. It was timed with the release of tickets for the Australian shows. Quite unexpected. Although it meant our group got every variant luckily.
  5. Just an ambient teaser clip
  6. I just spent too much money
  7. Ah okay cool. I'm in Australia so it's just that bit more expensive. I'm a fan of arctic monkeys, and want that Sabbath, so as long as I can get a 3rd it's worth splurging for
  8. I'm looking at signing up for the first time, but I'm normally 50/50 or less on if I'd like the ROTM. How big is the swaps section? Looking back at the archive I'd be keen on Gorillaz, Fatboy Slim, Black Sabbath and maybe a couple of others. Are they likely to be available over the next couple of months as swaps?
  9. Just announced a new boxset, featuring the first 3 albums as well as the new remix LP. No mention of the initial LPs being available elsewhere. Fingers crossed. https://storeeu.pendulum.com/products/the-complete-works-deluxe-box-set-store-exclusive?variant=12060818178115
  10. I ordered Massive Attack, Fleetwood Mack, Qotsa, and the Vietnam War soundtrack (non on sale). Just found another couple I want! Does anyone know if you can add to an existing order that hasn't shipped? Shipping to Australia so want to reduce it if possible.
  11. Trent is a bit weird with it. He openly admits he is sick of playing the song, and has also alluded to Head Like a Hole being the same. Yet he has some other "hits" that he never plays. Apparently he mentioned in the Q&A that he won't ever be playing The Perfect Drug, he's shunned starfuckers inc, barely plays The Day the World Went Away etc. Sure they aren't as big "hits", but I think a lot of casual listeners would know them.
  12. The inevitable questions regarding the packaging of deviations and the balls up of the store orders are going to be interesting...
  13. The thread is titled great merch experiences or something to that effect. The user teitan is Trent. Anyway, I doubt the switch over will happen until later this year when they are finished with this batch and he is ready to release the 3rd ep/AV/other reissues. I'm just wondering if he will do it in two lots as their are another 2 soundtracks to go up, and things like Quake too.