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  1. It was originally available as a swap, so must have sold out in the last few days
  2. A person in a NIN FB group put up a picture showing that she was randomly sent a signed repress of With Teeth. No return email, but with legit signatures from Trent and Atticus. A bit weird, but definitely a 2019 repress as per the pics and a decent sign we can expect preorders soon.
  3. There's screenshots going around showing someone's now deleted Instagram post which shows the repress of With Teeth. So assuming it'll be put up for preorder soon
  4. It says October 2000, which is when the live tracks for the expanded Under the Running Board CD were taped. So may just be them.
  5. Pete quit music from memory a while back. Don't think he was an original member though? Gina is an absolute gun though.
  6. Unfortunately they are terrible with their stock, so I'd expect it not to come
  7. Wow, they doubled the price after I linked. Crazy!
  8. https://www.rarerecords.com.au/store/vinyl/young-modern-6/
  9. https://boards.vinylcollective.com/topic/131318-po-silverchair-young-modern-reissue/
  10. Looks like this is finally being repressed! Due mid January with another variant of Diaroma too. I can't find anymore details, but doubt it won't be more widely available. https://www.jbhifi.com.au/music/Whats-Hot/alternative/young-modern-limited-edition-royal-blue-vinyl-reissue/346702/
  11. You are literally the first person I have seen to say they don't like ...Like Clockwork
  12. So they should leave a career they love because of the behaviour of a bunch of guys who can't help themselves? Right...