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  1. Same here. I'm quite happy with the Koch Records pressing. I've been curious about the MOV version but I wouldn't want a superfluous live track crowding the title song on the last side.
  2. https://boomkat.com/products/never-the-right-time Colored vinyl is already gone so I grabbed a black one. This totally flew under the radar for me, but so far I'm liking this a lot more than It Should Be Us.
  3. I was grooving to this while painting today, and I may just impulsively snag the LP before the day is over: https://moralcollapse.bandcamp.com/album/moral-collapse
  4. That's true, collaborations and splits are definitely separate categories, but sometimes it's hard to differentiate at first glance. I don't mind 2xLP's as long as it makes sense for the material to be divided into fourths (or thirds in rare cases). I get more annoyed with releases where there's clearly no consideration for those restrictions. If an album is just a few minutes too long for a single disc, then gets spread over four sides, in those cases I wish more artists would just adjust the content to fit the format. I think it's totally cool if a CD version of an album differs from t
  5. Sonnborner is what got me down the rabbit hole. It's such an unusual structure for an album, and on paper it probably shouldn't work, but when I first heard it it felt like such a breath of fresh air. Up until then my only exposure was through a couple of their older splits (Kodiak and ASOL), which really weren't a great representation of what I was missing. I've listened to almost every Nadja release in the last three months and a good chuck of AB solo and side projects and added a bunch of it to my collection by placing a sizable order with Aidan. I ended up getting CD's for a lot of it and
  6. This band has been on a really fascinating creative tragectory. Sonnborner was inspiring and refreshing and really should have received more attention. Not to mention that they nonchalantly put out two of the best straightforward(ish) shoegaze albums I've heard in the last decade (Queller and Dagdrom). I love the apparent pivot to more of an industrial groove on this new one, pretty exciting.
  7. New Nadja album coming out on Southern Lord. The single absolutely crushes: https://nadja.bandcamp.com/album/luminous-rot
  8. https://crystalcoffin.bandcamp.com/album/the-transformation-room Crystal Coffin's "Transformation Room" is available for the first time on vinyl, and it's limited to 200. This is one of my favorite records of 2020. It's vicious and catchy, but thoughtfully layered and really holds up to repeated listens.
  9. Spinning my black in clear now. It sounds really good, no issues, and the music is awesome.
  10. Exciting. I don't see Speed Kills on that list though... surely that will be included.
  11. Interesting, looks like Machina will be reissued, February 26. https://www.jpc.de/jpcng/poprock/detail/-/art/the-smashing-pumpkins-machina-the-machines-of-god/hnum/10358618
  12. This is a good album. I've gone through it a few times while painting, but I'll have to sit down with it and give it a closer listen.
  13. I completely agree, every time I play it I notice some amazing moment I missed before. It's probably my favorite record by anyone this year, and there have been some really good ones.
  14. Agreed, there's just a very cool mix of sounds and styles happening. I get some Alice in Chains vibes, but also heavier Smashing Pumpkins, especially during some of the guitar solos. At the same time the entire thing feels very fresh and unique, they managed to capture the best of both worlds. My only quibble... what's with the lead vocals on Monolith? Not sure who this is, and in isolation it's not bad, but it feels out of place to have a third vocalist pop up on the second track.

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