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  1. I remember this Machina version popping up on Amazon last year. I think it was scheduled for this Spring or something like that, so maybe it just got pushed forward? Either way, it looks pretty fishy.
  2. I've been listening to my copy for the past week. The pressing is impeccable so that definitely helps. I like all of it, but I'm not sure if it's that strong as an album (it's a bit like ATGCLVLSSCAP in that regard). They're an odd band because they make a lot of missteps, but I think they do everything with a degree of integrity, which makes it easier to accept the less-than-stellar output as a vital part of the experience.
  3. Not to be rude, but it does sound like there may be excessive dust floating around in your room. I used a vacuum RCM similar to the VPI model for a few years, but after moving to Europe I've had to go without, and I honestly don't notice a significant difference. I don't get much dirt built-up, if at all on my stylus, and I only brush it after every 5-10 sides I play. RCM's are definitely nice to have, but if there's a lot of extra dust floating around they can only do so much. An air purifier might actually help, and it would cost much less than a VPI.
  4. SP is somehow still my favorite band, and I've invested a lot into collecting their records. But I just can't go there with these prices. It's disappointing that they've chosen to mark these up so much. I wouldn't mind paying a higher than average price for these releases, because I understand it has to be worth their while, but this kind of gouging is just gross.
  5. Bumping this for their latest LP, FUYU, in case anyone cares. Genkaku is indeed amazing. https://en.spkr.media/en/Artists/Low-Flying-Hawks/Low-Flying-Hawks-FUYU-Vinyl-2-LP-Gatefold-Magenta-Transparent.html https://lowflyinghawks.bandcamp.com/album/fuyu
  6. I totally agree. Not only that, I feel that this is a record that millions of people would enjoy immensely, but unless some kind of breakthrough happens, they'll probably never hear it.
  7. I'm blown away by this record. Anyone listen to Glitchking yet? I'm trying to decide whether to spring for the deluxe CD or just buy the tracks on Bandamp.
  8. I've never been able to get into Deafheaven as much as I wanted to. The black metal vocals always seemed forced, and just never really seemed to complement the music in a way I found compelling. But I'm really liking this single. The Slowdive comparison is spot on. I'm looking forward to hearing the whole thing.
  9. I love Starrcraft, that's easily my favorite from the album because it's a little odd and has some of that magic from their creative peak. With a few tweaks I could see it as a Mellon Collie b-side or something. Intellectually I can appreciate trying to take a left turn by not relying on guitars. I also think the backing vocals really work, even though it's not my thing. Billy mentioned recently how much he likes Phantogram, and that gave me a little context for what I think he was trying to go for. But there's just no reason to make a double album based on that, so of course it collapses unde
  10. Or if there were cool b-sides like on Aeroplane or the Siamese Singles box. My favorite songs from Zeitgeist were the bonus tracks. Cyr is a frustrating album because if you pick out the best 14 tracks you'd have a solid and completely enjoyable record. But suffering through Disney Halloween nonsense like Wyttch (worst SP song ever IMO), torpedoes the experience. Here's a version I'd find very little to complain about: The Colour Of Love Confessions Of A Dopamine Addict Cyr Dulcet I
  11. Thanks for posting. It's an intriguing setlist but a bit short by SP standards. I just can't justify it at this cost, but I might reconsider the black version once I can get a sense of what the cover art and pressing quality will be like.
  12. Just listened to the deluxe version of Isn't Anything and that one sounds amazing as well. I'm extremely pleased with these reissues. This is how it should be done. On top of that, the prices are completely reasonable, especially for the deluxe versions. They easily could have charged more.
  13. Fantastic. This is so much more interesting than a standard live set.
  14. https://en.spkr.media/vinyl/ulver-hexahedron-live-at-henie-onstad-kunstsenter-vinyl-2-lp-gatefold-blue-transparent.html I'm not even sure what this sounds like (you never really do with Ulver), but the description was interesting enough to convince me to pull the trigger. I thought their Drone Activities project was good, so I'm very intrigued by this.
  15. Listening to Loveless now. It sounds amazing and the jacket looks really nice, what a huge improvement over the Plain pressing I had a while back.

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