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  1. Still working my way through the album but it's definitely winning me over. Against my better judgement I went with the splatter version and there is a bunch of distortion and noise toward the end of the B side and a bit to start the C side. I'm wondering if I should try exchanging it for a black copy. Anyone else experiencing sound issues?
  2. Death Metal Dads is lots of fun, though mostly goofy and not a lot of actual music. Radical Research is very good and a lot more in-depth with music clips. I'm sure IG88's is great too, need to check that out.
  3. Anyone interested in picking up some Thou odds and ends? I've maintained an (almost) complete collection, but an impending move is compelling me to break it up. I'd also be interested in trading for the Ceremonies of Humiliation comp, or the reissues of Peasant or Summit. You should be able to see my list here: https://www.discogs.com/user/bjornbauer/collection?search=thou%20(2)&sort_by=artists_sort
  4. Everything is now up on Discogs, let me know if you want a deal!
  5. Got my black copies of both releases. They sound pretty good so I'm a happy camper.
  6. BoC albums are pending. TWDY up again.
  7. Thanks for letting me know! There should be options to select those folders on the lower left. In any case, I'll type these up later today to avoid all that. EDIT: fixed!
  8. I need to clear out some space! Please check out my Discogs listings here: https://www.discogs.com/seller/bjornbauer/profile I'll gladly make deals, especially if you want to bundle several records. Let me know!
  9. Almost through the first disc... sounds OK, a bit noisier than I'd like but no skips. It's a gorgeous set, I love all the thought and care put into the packaging.
  10. Unfortunately that's along the lines of what I'd expect from the label releasing this, though skipping is something I haven't run into. Mine should be here soon, hoping it's at least enjoyable.
  11. My copy sounds very good. Maybe you got a bad copy? I'm experiencing very little surface noise on mine, and the sound is clear, certainly not muddy in any way. Some parts do sound compressed, but it doesn't sound like a pressing issue to me. My main quibble would be that it's somewhat bass-shy and I'd love to pull back the vocals a bit, but it sounds ten times better than the Spotify download I've listened to on the go.
  12. I've been hoping for something more like the bonus tracks from Zeitgeist, Ma Belle and Stellar in particular. I felt those had some of that classic SP magic. Nothing I've heard so far from this reunion feels like that.