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  1. I've never heard of that cartridge, but if you can find an inexpensive replacement stylus it's probably an easier way to dip your toe in, rather than swapping in a new cart. Also, since you need a p-mount cart for the Technics you probably wouldn't be able to swap it to a better turntable down the road. Most nicer turntables don't use p-mount.
  2. I've really been digging this band lately, and I'm stoked for this new one: http://www.explodinginsoundrecords.com/products/637179-pile-green-and-gray For those who are behind on buying their records (like me), they are offering a Green and Gray + Odds and Ends + A Hairshirt of Purpose LP bundle for $43. How's that for a no-brainer?
  3. Goodness, this new Gomorrah record is crazy. The guitar work on the first track alone is some of the best I've heard in years. https://gomorrahofficial.bandcamp.com/
  4. I've moved a bunch of things but there are around 80 left... let me know if anything interests you. I'm moving to Europe so I need to lighten the load.
  5. Gave that a listen today. Musically I enjoyed it a lot, kind of scratches that Agalloch itch for me. I find the vocals to be tolerable at best, but I feel that way about 90% of metal bands.
  6. Still working my way through the album but it's definitely winning me over. Against my better judgement I went with the splatter version and there is a bunch of distortion and noise toward the end of the B side and a bit to start the C side. I'm wondering if I should try exchanging it for a black copy. Anyone else experiencing sound issues?
  7. Death Metal Dads is lots of fun, though mostly goofy and not a lot of actual music. Radical Research is very good and a lot more in-depth with music clips. I'm sure IG88's is great too, need to check that out.
  8. Anyone interested in picking up some Thou odds and ends? I've maintained an (almost) complete collection, but an impending move is compelling me to break it up. I'd also be interested in trading for the Ceremonies of Humiliation comp, or the reissues of Peasant or Summit. You should be able to see my list here: https://www.discogs.com/user/bjornbauer/collection?search=thou%20(2)&sort_by=artists_sort
  9. Everything is now up on Discogs, let me know if you want a deal!
  10. Got my black copies of both releases. They sound pretty good so I'm a happy camper.