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  1. This is cool and all, but what I would really like to see is this.
  2. Agreed, putting a bit of time and effort in to listen to them would likely be the most rewarding option. They aren't necessarily all worthless, you never know: https://www.discogs.com/sell/list?sort=price%2Cdesc&limit=250&format=Vinyl&genre=Classical
  3. I need to revisit Thantifaxath. It didn't grab me, but I seem to have a thing for this vein of black metal. Telos and Canyon Observer are new to me, but based on the over art alone I will have to give those a listen.
  4. Liturgy (surprisingly because this is the first album of theirs that really worked for me) and Horrendous are my clear favorites this year. Also loved: Tar Pond (criminally overlooked, and easily the best doom album other than Bell Witch) Bell Witch Fabricant Agriculture Chained to the Bottom of the Ocean Godflesh Oxbow (not metal, but also oddly overlooked, their best yet IMO) Godflesh Vestigio Ex Everything Gridlink KEN Mode Cicada the Burrower Entropia (unfortunately not as good as their last two, but still amazing) Sunrot
  5. Cool, I need a copy of Deliverance, so hopefully that is on its way as well.
  6. I'm generally not into live albums, but that is a great tracklist. I'll have to give it a listen.
  7. I ordered this, but it's stuck with relatives in the US. I will collect it one of these days. It's a cool album that has aged quite well. The last track "Curl" is my favorite. I remember hearing it back in the nineties and being fascinated by how incredibly noisy, yet melodic it is. Definitely an album shoegaze fans should check out.
  8. Same. There have been some superb songs here and there, but as a whole I haven't found the albums to be compelling. I think Dial M was the last one that I really felt like going back to consistently.
  9. Buying a turntable is a bit like buying a musical instrument. You want want to avoid cheap plastic parts at all costs. You also wouldn’t expect to buy a proper one new for less than a few hundred. That being said, I‘ve also bought several turntables used for less than a hundred that work great, though usually I end up doing a little tinkering to get them properly set up. Old Duals and Garrards are generally easy to find for cheap, but there are many other options.
  10. What's so terrible about the PVC sleeve? Of course a transparent plastic O-card would look nicer, and I've had some PVC sleeves split on me... just curious. I like the standard layout a lot, but my records sound pretty bad, so I would definitely be interested in this edition. I understand that all that embossing and premium paper entails a fair amount of extra effort and cost, but I'm not sure if I'm enough of a minimalist to actually get excited about it. This is the kind of thing I might buy at a show, but there's just no way I can justify shipping it to Europe and also paying import taxes.
  11. This is undeniably beautiful, but it's not enough to make me want to listen to it again. To me, it needs some noise or some weirdness, I'm missing a contrasting element of some kind.
  12. This is exciting. The self-titled album has held up really well, it's right up there with Souvlaki in my opinion. However, the pressing for it was terrible, my copy is not even worth listening to. Hopefully this doesn't happen again.
  13. Billy mentioned it on his podcast. Obviously this is no guarantee that it will happen, but it would be nice.
  14. Thanks! Looks like there are plans to release these as a stand album. Heard Simmatar today, you're definitely right about the vibe.

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