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  1. The audio story is something I have 0 interest in. Also, it's unfortunate that they didn't restrict the length so that each third of the album could fit on a single LP. I know that would be tough with 33 songs, but it probably would have yielded a better album, and a better listening experience on vinyl. Oh well.
  2. I just hope they press these properly. I really like the cover art. The songs they're teased so far sound OK, but out of context it's hard to really say. What I'm mostly curious about is whether they will use a mix of production styles like on Mellon Collie. For example, the same range you hear between tracks like Stumbeline (sounds like a 4-track demo), Tonight Tonight (lush production with full orchestra), Tales of a Scorched Earth (full-blown noise/distortion with dozens of guitar tracks), Love (lots of electronic elements), etc. Thirty-three songs without this kind of experimentation and stylistic range are going to be a real slog, so I'm hoping that's how they approached the project. I think some more raw or extreme stuff would be cool to hear alongside their more recent style.
  3. I feel for you. I was lucky enough to snag one of the last distro copies ages ago. I'm normally not that interested in covers, but that EP is kind of perfect. Whenever I think about selling it, I give it a listen and I can't let it go.
  4. Weird, apparently the vinyl tracklist doesn't include the Sabbath covers? That's going to be disappointing for anyone that doesn't already have Empires...
  5. Right, I read that part, it’s just that the mock-ups look like 10”es, not that that means anything.
  6. One listen was enough to convince me to preorder it, love that gnarly guitar tone. I wish I still lived in OKC so I could witness this live on a regular basis.
  7. Another crazy good release. On paper this mix of styles wouldn't necessarily appeal to me, but one listen convinced me to pick it up. Just listen. https://ashenspire.bandcamp.com/album/hostile-architecture
  8. Agreed! It just feels different in a fundamental way, while being compelling on both a technical and emotional level, which is very hard to find.
  9. I'm really into this Scarcity record, I love all the unusual patterns and the production sounds huge. https://nowflensing.com/collections/flenser-releases/products/scarcity-aveilut-lp
  10. I've been spinning my copy of the Kilimanjaro LP a lot; it looks and sounds amazing. Great work!
  11. For those who have listened to the LP version, does it sound better than the CD is any way? The CD has some prominent clipping in the mix, which I find distracting. Wondering if the vinyl master addressed this at all. That yellow cover is a problem though.
  12. Radical Research covered them extensively in this episode, recommended: https://radicalresearch.org/episode-81-dave-murray-drummer-traun-estradasphere-tholus-sculptured/
  13. I would say the hate against Pirates is overblown. I think the main issue was with many of their splatter/haze/etc. records having a grainy residue. Some of their records are a bit noisy, and they used to sometimes have a low level whooshing sound (this might have been a DMM issue... but I haven't noticed this in years). But honestly, the majority of what they put out sounds quite good. Maybe most importantly, I have personally never experienced an off-center pressing from them, and that is the defect that I find to be the most infuriating and detrimental to the sound of the record. Compared to the garbage quality I've seen from places like United, I'd rather take something from Pirates/GZ any day.
  14. If you have a bit of time and like building stuff, you could build your own high-end speakers. I did this a few years back, and it was one of the most enjoyable things I've ever done, and the speakers sound better than anything I would have been able to afford otherwise. GR Research has kits which will give you some of the best components you can get; you just build the cabinets.
  15. I think your interconnect between your cart and preamp could have an effect on this setting.
  16. Quiet! If it were possible for me to pick a favorite SP song, this might be it. Wish I could have been there. I've seen them three times, but it was never on the set list.
  17. I think a worthwhile upgrade would be a better stylus. Nothing wrong with the Blue, but swapping in a Black stylus, for example, should reduce distortion and get more out of the grooves. I don't have personal experience with the those Ortofons, but after using a JICO SAS for a few years I don't think I can ever go back to an elliptical stylus, they tend to distort noticeably more.
  18. I was able to score a UK Hut pressing of Siamese Dream for $35 or something, maybe 12 years ago. The US pressing floating around at that time was terrible, but the Hut version plays beautifully, so this was one of the smarter buys I've made. I'd grab a reissue just to have a less delicate copy to play (jacket is kind of thin). Hopefully they go back to the original color scheme though.
  19. Now that I've sat out the first few, this set of releases is getting increasingly painful to miss out on as a fan. I wish they would at least put the tracks on Bandcamp or something.
  20. Boy, those went fast. Didn't even last an hour. I'm happy with my Broken Circles copy, but this was tempting.
  21. Listening to mine now. Yellow marble variant is really just straight yellow in my case, but it sounds good. I'm not completely through yet, but this record is a beast.
  22. I’m not going to bother with this. I’ll just be content with the cd, but I am curious if the vinyl master will alleviate some of the clipping that is all over the digital version (probably not). That would actually make this box a bit more interesting.