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  1. Glad we weren't the only ones stoked on this! We pressed on "dong bag yellow" and red/white/blue striped Also I don't know where 600 came from but we're pressing 1000 of Seven Mary Three. 200 yellow and 800 plain ol' black.
  2. I don't see why not. Great album and Rotting Pinata went beyond expectations.
  3. Is LITA active on here? Where's our check?! I wish our pressing #s were inflated... we've yet to go into a second press on ANYTHING yet, aside from the Eve 6 self titled (plug: second press out of 500 will be available on the bands upcoming anniversary tour for the album, /300 on “bloodshot” vinyl and /200 on white vinyl from our store + Light in the Attic).
  4. Appreciate it man! And didn't take any offense whatsoever to your comments (and also impressed someone picked up on the new candy corn haha)
  5. my label partner did most of the design on this one but if i remember correctly the back cover was inspired by / used re-created elements from a promotional version (or single?) of the album. overall, this entire layout was a bitch to put together... you should see what files we're often given (or not given at all) to work with from the majors haha. That said, we're really happy with how it came out. Thanks for all the great feedback guys.
  6. we haven't done a second pressing for this, though it's not out of the question at some point in the future. 300 were pressed on white and 700 on candy corn.
  7. We've sold out of our webstore copies but you can still pick up both variations from Light in the Attic.
  8. Pre-orders now live and selling quickly. Should be a pretty short pre-sale window (retail release date is 11/23 but we'll have copies of Wither in hand next week, and Darkest Days around Nov 5th). Wither’s first press is limited to 1,000 copies worldwide, available on 180gram LP including “yellow smoke” vinyl (limited to 300) and “red smoke” vinyl (limited to 700). The jacket is printed on upgraded 24pt stock. Darkest Day’s first press is limited to 1,000 copies worldwide, available on 180gram 2xLP with an elaborate trifold jacket sourced from Dave McKean’s original art files (should be on par with what we did for Horrorscope!) Vinyl variants include black with gray splatter (limited to 300) and “green smoke” (limited to 700). Both albums remastered for vinyl at Sony's Battery Studios. If anyone wants all four variants, we have a bundle that's a lot cheaper than buying them each separately.
  9. Pre-orders now live Nearly impossible to find on vinyl (and never pressed in the U.S.) getting Rotting Piñata back onto wax was a no brainer, especially on the eve of its 25th anniversary. The original artwork elements have been carefully restored and formatted for a vinyl release. The jacket is printed on an upgraded 24pt stock with candy corn print inside the pocket. Remastered for vinyl at Sony’s Battery Studios. First press is limited to 1,000 copies worldwide, available on 180 gram LP including white vinyl (limited to 300) and candy corn striped vinyl (limited to 700). Pre-orders are scheduled to ship in November.
  10. DD and WBBP are likely going to have simultaneous release dates. Will definitely look at Wax Ecstatic too but want to see how Rotting Pinata does first.
  11. Stoked to see all the excitement for Stabbing Westward. The band just approved Darkest Days test presses and we somehow managed to track down the original art files from Dave McKean - 20 years old! Those should be ready in the fall. Sponge will be going into production shortly too.