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  1. Went with the non galaxy colored version of Hidden History, and galaxy red/black on Starspawn. Glad I didn't pick up the picture disc of Starspawn I saw at the local spot recently. Almost did.
  2. There any pictures of these up anywhere? There's 2 new color variants of Hidden History.
  3. Got my deluxe yesterday. Definitely hop on it while you can. Extremely well made package.
  4. Got my mint today. No shipping update no nothing. Just arrived.
  5. Looks like I can only do a 3 month or more sub on VMP. Won't be going this route.
  6. Danny Brown on regular black for 20 or Danny Brown color version for 30 + a sub to VMP and I can get a Roots album. I kinda just want the Danny Brown album, but I don't have that Roots album...
  7. I debated getting this for about a day. Glad I managed to get a copy.
  8. If you ordered What is This at a level that included a preorder for the studio album, this is the album.
  9. Hmmm might have to cancel my bandana preorder so I can get this bundle