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  1. Clear from Bull Moose for 24 shipped. Nice.
  2. Copped. Blood Inside repress next pls <3
  3. paulaayy

    Oh Sees- Smote Reverser- Aug 17

    Yeah I liked Orc. Perhaps. I've listened to every album but one, and a few John Dywer records are among my all time favorites. But the majority of them are just okay to me.
  4. paulaayy

    Oh Sees- Smote Reverser- Aug 17

    One of their best songs in years. They've been so-so for me for almost the whole decade so I'll wait to hear the album before getting the physical.
  5. I received my copy a couple weeks ago
  6. paulaayy

    Swans Vinyl Reissues

    Hoping prior to RSD they show it so I know whether or not to give a shit about RSD. If it's the same I'll just wait til May. edit: Misread the details. Looks like it's Die Tür ist zu on RSD and SFTB in May. Guess I'll be crossing my fingers on RSD for the EP.
  7. paulaayy

    The SYNTHWAVE Thread

    Just listened to the teaser of the new Gost and was sold. Gonna go with blue.
  8. BOUGHT SO FUCKING HARD. I was just looking at these on discogs depressed at the prices the other day.
  9. I'm probably gonna have to pass on this one. Damn.
  10. Oof, 40 bucks each to the US. Anyone that got TPE/RL know if other distros had these?
  11. Copped. Wonder what that secret side is all about.
  12. Got great service from Blood Music a couple months back. I was trying to import some albums from the EU website since there weren't any left on the North American site. Ran into some issues paying. Contacted them and turns out they had some left over for the domestic price. Got it for that price and they sent them immediately. I think they usually mail in bulk since they're very low staffed, maybe even one guy if I remember correctly. Being able to avoid shipping from EU and exchange rates saved me almost half price on those records. Awesome.