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  1. Looks like I can only do a 3 month or more sub on VMP. Won't be going this route.
  2. Danny Brown on regular black for 20 or Danny Brown color version for 30 + a sub to VMP and I can get a Roots album. I kinda just want the Danny Brown album, but I don't have that Roots album...
  3. I debated getting this for about a day. Glad I managed to get a copy.
  4. If you ordered What is This at a level that included a preorder for the studio album, this is the album.
  5. Hmmm might have to cancel my bandana preorder so I can get this bundle
  6. I emailed them to cancel since I found what I was looking for on discogs for a good price. They just responded saying it was already done lol.
  7. Death Grips - Exmilitary. Saw it for 50 and figured nah I can get it cheaper online. Ulver - Messe boxset.
  8. Oh nice Anna von Hausswolff on the album. Hoping she sneaks some organ on it. Contemplating the 100 dollar version.