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  1. burninworldrecs

    Shoegaze/Dream Pop Thread

    Thanks! Yes I agree, this is more light. Maybe not that much anger, that is underneath much of the TAP material. It's actually Maurice (Seirom is Mories backwards) from Gnaw Their Tongues. I have 4 older tracks that are a deadringer for early Slowdive stuff. Might have to put that out on a 7" if I have the budget.
  2. burninworldrecs

    PO Now Bongripper Terminal

    Great. Thanks for the order!
  3. burninworldrecs

    PO Now Bongripper Terminal

    I added some of the green and purple after consulting with the band.
  4. burninworldrecs

    PO Now Bongripper Terminal

    Black BONGRIPPER Friday has started . Not only is the new album Terminal available for pre-sale on 4 colors: to add to the anticipation, there will also be a 2018 vinyl repress of Satan Worshipping Doom available. And a new T-shirt design. What's not to like! https://www.burningworldrecords.com/search?q=bongripper
  5. burninworldrecs

    Shoegaze/Dream Pop Thread

    Anyone check this record from Seirom out? https://burningworldrecords.bandcamp.com/album/and-the-light-swallowed-everything He comes more from the metal side of things where it's not really picked up. It's more dream than pop I guess but a few of you might like it over here. It's dreamy, romantic, shoegazy as far as I am concerned.
  6. burninworldrecs

    PO Now Bongripper Terminal

    I think they will go out in the US a bit later than here in EU. I will go out around 2:00 PM. All my US pre-orders will be cancelled as it's cheaper and better to order from the band direct.
  7. burninworldrecs

    PO Now Bongripper Terminal

    Pre-order will go up this Friday: 4 different color vinyl, cd and merch. The band will do the US distro, we will do it in the EU. Check Burningworldrecords.com on Friday. I'll also update on the precise time when it goes live. Jurgen
  8. Box (without cd) is now 50 euro for the summer: https://www.burningworldrecords.com/products/the-angelic-process-we-all-die-laughing-6lp-vinyl-box-set
  9. I'm sorry but was this sorted? I kinda got sidetracked here and just today came back.
  10. Well this is an acoustic version so I guess a lot less guitar on this set ;-).
  11. burninworldrecs

    PO: Bell Witch-Mirror Reaper 10/20

    The repress is going quick as well. Managed to snag a few from a retailer here in Europe. Sadly not direct from the label as that would have resulted in a lower price. https://www.burningworldrecords.com/search?q=bell+witch
  12. The Patronaat set of 2016 suffered technical difficulties so we could not use that and the other set was their last studio album live. So we decided to release something that wasn't out yet in this form.
  13. There will be copies through distribution and through the band. The band will get some gold but only a limited amount. SO it depend's on how much you need the gold ;-)
  14. The parcel was sent registered, you have been sent a link to follow the process when I shipped it. I've just sent it again. The parcel is still in transit.
  15. Yes, just saw it. Will look into it in a minute.