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  1. That just seems to be how the postal system is working these days. I made 2 separate orders from the same label two weeks ago and the one I made 5 days later arrived 2 days ago and I'm still waiting on the first one
  2. I was actually about to ask the same question. Mine hasn't updated since the day after shipping
  3. I hope the songs are in the similar vein of the Love Yourself 7 inch. Those songs are so good
  4. Is America just on black? The BM page says colored vinyl
  5. She has a topless photo in the new Rolling Stone too. She's just doesn't give a fuck haha
  6. According to my discogs values someone bought a lavender version of SITA for $152 so I am not shocked
  7. Thats why you got it then. Fed Ex. This is from the USPS site: Deutsche Post advises it is currently unable to transport mail to a growing number of countries due to lack of transport capacity following cancellation of numerous international flights as part of measures to limit spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19). Therefore, acceptance of postal items destined for affected countries is suspended
  8. Was your package DHL? It is still possible to send letter mail items weighing up to 500 g and with a maximum thickness of 2 cm (documents) to the USA. Warenpost and Päckchen products are no longer available for shipment to the USA until further notice. Private customers: Until further notice, the only option available for sending parcels to the USA will be via the Premium service. Business customers/contract customers: DHL Paket International items can still be sent until further notice. Please note that a crisis surcharge of EUR 2.20 per kilogram (or part thereof) will be applied to each parcel.
  9. I don't seek them out but if offered when an album goes on sale I'll take one, especially if I really like the artist. Its a unique addition to the record