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  1. That was fast. The other signed CDs shes done have lasted for a while usually
  2. Wow maybe I am blind. I totally checked this morning and didn't notice it! Says out of stock when you try to add to cart. Maybe it just went up
  3. The band is selling Futures on tour right now. I don't know if this is coming back in print or if these are just random copies they still had but I haven't seen anything online yet
  4. Nice! I'll hold out for the color version but Im stoked for this
  5. A 2x10" pressing is embarrassing. And selling it for $40??
  6. Because she is a very passionate and vocal anti sexual abuse/pro womans rights etc person and Mark Kozelek has been accused of sexual assault/harassment multiple times in the last few years
  7. So is this the final album or are they going to keep making music and not tour anymore....I guess we wait for that official statement that is apparently coming soon
  8. I love their last two records. I listen to them all the time so I cannot get behind that sentiment They are one of my favorite punk bands ever and the reason I got into punk in the first place. Just sad to see them go if it happens
  9. https://www.punknews.org/article/78182/fat-mike-says-nofx-will-end-in-2023 😢
  10. A little surprised she didn't remove You Missed My Heart from this record to be honest
  11. l o l that bitch also the vinyl now shows shipping in late October
  12. I actually could not find a Stranger In The Alps specific thread but I just got an email that there is a 5th anniversary vinyl version of the record up on her store (pw protected) Limited to 10,000 copies lol