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  1. Dark Descent has the "new" Hyperdontia MLP on yellow Five track EP containing two live tracks, three tracks from the “Abhorrence Veil” EP and a the new title track. http://www.darkdescentrecords.com/store/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=3&products_id=11283
  2. I got orange also and its a flat darker orange
  3. $30 before shipping is absurd for a singe LP but also not surprising
  4. I mean it's either that or complain the shipping is too high because its like $4 more than media
  5. If you write Media Mail in the comments he will refund the difference in shipping prices fyi
  6. Iron Bonehead put up 3 Drowning the Light records today and the new Strigoi which is also Azgorh https://shop.ironbonehead.de/en/
  7. This is my most anticipated record of the year by far. Its been too long. My favorite band ever
  8. I was surprised by that poster too. Very cool. Yet to listen to it but I know its going to be good based on how awesome the demo is
  9. I can't believe this band is popular enough to sell about 1200 records in 2 hours
  10. Surprised Neon Green is still available. I almost went with that one
  11. Im not a huge fan of splatter in general. I think I'd just get one of the solid colors