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  1. Had to order one of those. That looks so nice. Guess I'll have two of these records
  2. I was not really thrilled with the LP. That and this being a 10" are two strikes
  3. They just threw up some more of the Mark, Tom and Travis copies that sold out last year
  4. I don't think its a a case of loving these songs just for nostalgia or because Tom is back. I genuinely think tons of people who grew up loving their music have also grown with their progression and just love and appreciate what they write. I went through a period when I was a bit younger when I thought I was too old or cool to like them anymore but after a while I just said fuck that. Who cares. I like all of their shit and I'm ok with that
  5. All 3 songs have been A+ so far. I am different from you guys that Edging has been my favorite of the 3
  6. Ive actually really grown to love Nine for what it is. Skiba was phenomenal on that record. But Tom always said he wanted to go back to playing more punk songs if/when he rejoined so we will see
  7. lazy ass cover art too if that is what it actually is 😄
  8. Out October 20 A few new variants up in the Blink store as well
  9. Its noodly meandering prog rock with death metal vocals and the occasional blast beat. Meh
  10. I really like their old records but that one stunk. Disappointing
  11. I think the new one is much better. The last half of the first record bored me to tears but this one is full of bops
  12. Wait they have a song called Charnel Passages on the new album? Thats weird

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