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  1. Weird I never realized Hectic was repressed as a 12 inch. Does it sound better than the 7 inch? I don't need both if there's no real difference
  2. Well I did just get a shipping email from Amazon for Iowa so I guess it is coming tomorrow haha
  3. Mine still hasn't shipped. I have a hard time believing itll be here tomorrow
  4. Mine from Amazon says expected Friday I haven't gotten shipping notification yet though
  5. Its astounding how popular that Kittie was considering they were nothing but a mid level medicore nu metal band. Very strange
  6. Yep none of them have been limited really. All very easily bought from her store or Target so far. Even the signed CDs are pretty easy to get
  7. https://store.acousticsounds.com/d/168752?gclid=Cj0KCQjwpcOTBhCZARIsAEAYLuWBZlOQOA4JVjHdg_MYqnUw6GDXNZbgNHkm-5nyEJAD8hTHvaPpaf0aAtsjEALw_wcB This place is still showing it in stock as pre order. I don't know if they'll come through but its the only one I could find
  8. My NOFX LP has some crackling here and there. Especially noticeable during Don't Call Me White but not as bad anywhere else so far
  9. I finally caved and ordered the blue haze Buddha. It was the only Blink LP release I did not have so I figured why not
  10. lol people on discogs already selling that Taylot Swift 7 inch for hundreds
  11. I got shipping notice from Deep Discount. Phew

oh my wow GIF by ESPN Deportes


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