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  1. Black Rain is one of the worst songs I've ever heard. It actually makes Los Angeles from the last album seem like a masterpiece
  2. I was also wondering why Mark continues to write these sad teenage breakup songs when the guy has been happily married for like 20 years
  3. I think No Heart To Speak Of is the only song I'd ever revisit. So glad I didn't waste $40 pre ordering this
  4. Just listened to it. Not as bad as I thought it would be but it still sucks The electronic bullshit absolutely kills every song
  5. I know collecting is a hobby to alot of people, especially on this forum, but I've never understood the need to have multiple versions of the same record. Seems weird
  6. I still listen to California regularly. I will probably not even listen to this in full
  7. That might have been the worst song so far. This record is going to be so bad
  8. So far the only other place that has it listed is Amazon UK. I think only the orders from the COF store get the signed Dani Filth print though
  9. Cradle of Filth - Cruelty and the Beast reissue is finally coming out. Shipping is $16.50 to the US though https://cradleoffilth.tmstor.es/?_ga=2.204199312.1211219235.1567089952-954272605.1567089952
  10. Is it just me or did this band go full radio pop rock? All the singles released so far have been lame
  11. The vinyl releases have become very random with Mark. I finally stopped buying them though after compulsively needing to have every release. I just don't listen to anything he's done the last few years at all
  12. Got mine today. Blue looks great. Still can't get enough of listening to it. Hope its not another 6 years for another new one. Ryan is a great song writer