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  1. I'm hoping PL puts out her first record at some point too.
  2. The pink is still available on her webstore. Not sure on that limitation of that one
  3. Is there pressing info anywhere? I know Profound Lore doesn't usually post it but it feels like they list them in order from regular black to rarest on the store
  4. Her merch store has an exclusive pink as well https://www.hellomerch.com/collections/lingua-ignota/products/caligula-12-double-vinyl I went with that 3 stripe color too. looks like neopolitan ice cream
  5. I agree with the sentiment that they've never been able to capture what they did on the first LP. Everything else has been medicore to boring
  6. I asbolutely love California but the first single from this record honks and I am not stoked about what Ive heard about it so far.
  7. Thats because the person who actually wrote that recorded that entire first record minus the vocals is no longer part of the "band". It was stolen by the vocalist who is a scumbag and a ripoff artist. Ask anyone who dealt with his shitty record label. Fuck this fraudulent bullshit
  8. Must be nice. Mine is scheduled for delivery next Thursday and it shipped 2 days ago
  9. Thats just a repress of his record from 2010. It is not new
  10. Oh nevermind. I thought it was late May for some reason
  11. Looks like the clear from Target is shipping early
  12. I got two Cokie LPs because I cancelled the black when the color went back up but they still sent me the black too. For some reason the black version had a download card in it and the color version did not. Very strange
  13. I couldn't justify the price for the purple as much as I like it. Plus that seems to be standard deluxe. I'd rather have the white limited to the Prince store