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  1. With the amount of money she has I expect a warehouse full of oompa loompas packing records 24/7
  2. I got shipping notice 6 days ago and it still hasn't moved beyond "shipping label created" WTF are they doing over there
  3. I only ordered Betty but I havent gotten shipping notice
  4. No option to get this without the remixes? I don't give a shit about remixes
  5. Is this different?? https://anxiousandangry.com/collections/off-with-their-heads/products/owth-dont-tell-me-how-to-live-lp-pre-order
  6. No one posted about this yet?? https://fatwreck.com/collections/all-releases/products/i-heard-they-suck-live https://fatwreck.com/products/nofx-i-heard-they-suck-live-color-vinyl-bundle
  7. I was a little disappointed as well. Too many slow songs. They are at their best when they are uptempo.
  8. I completely forgot I ordered this until this bumped. I have no clue either.
  9. new Undergang is up too. White already sold out from Dark Descent. I ended up getting the Green Slime from MSUO instead
  10. Its actually the same label essentially. Both are/were owned by the guy from Skaphe. They just stopped using the Fallen Empire name for some reason

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