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  1. I want to say they usually go up around 9 am EST but don't quote me on that They're up
  2. New Portal record is up on the PF Euro site. Should be up on the NA site within the next couple hours I'd think https://profoundlorerecords.eu/ https://profoundlorerecords.merchtable.com/?
  3. There was a delay from the plant. The label just got the records about 2 weeks ago. They're shipping now.
  4. stoked for the Alkaline Trio reissue. That was the only thing that jumped out at me though
  5. Imagine going into a thread of a person or band you don't listen to or like only to tell people how much this person or band sucks or is overhyped. On a vinyl collection forum of all places too
  6. I was looking at my discogs values last night actually and noticed the lavendar Stranger in the Alps sold for over $400 recently. Unreal
  7. She blew up this past year. She was on the Grammys and played SNL. 2000 isn't that much to me honestly. I was surprised it didn't go quicker
  8. it was posted by that company in the IG post on the first page
  9. Rough Trade still has it. Amoeba has it too but it must be black since there's no color mentioned?
  10. I really like that they put that pw in because I feel like 2000 with her popularity now would be gone in a second with all the bots and flippers. Its still available 6 minutes later And as I submit it sold out
  11. Got one of the Spit exclusives. I had to type the pw 3 times because it was almost nonreadable hahaha

oh my wow GIF by ESPN Deportes


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