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  1. Agreed. I am not buying as much from Dais anymore because of the shipping costs
  2. I was just coming into the thread hoping to see whats going on with the udiscover orders since I haven't gotten any shipping or updates. Thanks
  3. Man i want to but I just can't justify $22 for a 7 inch of a demo song
  4. I cant even listen to the new stuff at this point. I really don't mind the stream of consciousness style. I love the Desersthore/Perils from the Sea/Benji era probably the most. The problem is he no longer even pretends to sing. Its just talking over jazz music at this point. I feel like he should be wearing a beret and smoking a cigarette
  5. Yeah I got Galaxy off BC. A few bucks more there but oh well
  6. They're really trying to push back into pop territory with this whole campaign
  7. Dark Descent just announced the new Blood Incantation record is coming out November 22. So I assume POs will be coming shortly
  8. I actually have two of the Judas Iscariot represses from that loser and I have to admit they're pretty nice. Must have been before he completely fell off the wagon
  9. Black Rain is one of the worst songs I've ever heard. It actually makes Los Angeles from the last album seem like a masterpiece