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  1. Other sites have it listed as coming out tomorrow so I guess we will find out.....
  2. Ordered too. Seems to be right. They just put it up a day early maybe by mistake?
  3. So I ordered a signed Fearless CD which I got October 7 with no shipping email or tracking #. Well I just got an email telling me my order has shipped 😄
  4. Im pretty sure Zia just did a repress last year too. Probably will just be another one off.
  5. Man that tri color merge splatter variant is hideous. I wish these labels would stop with the terrible splatter colors
  6. Damn I miss the days of him being on Asian Man with $12 LPs
  7. Yep Soulseek is one of my sources for downloads. You can find just about anything
  8. new Worm https://www.20buckspin.com/collections/new-vinyl/products/worm-foreverglade-lp?variant=41073180835997
  9. Theres plenty of ways to get digital version of an album you bought
  10. I was a little surprised to get the record and then a second sleeve with the signatures . I also almost want to keep the foil packaging but it's already starting to rip from taking the record out twice
  11. Heres a few more recentish releases for you to check out in that case https://nationoflanguage.bandcamp.com/album/introduction-presence https://korine.bandcamp.com/album/the-night-we-raise https://sculptureclub.bandcamp.com/album/worth
  12. I actually didn't listen to this record until like 2 years ago and now I love it so I'd like one now 😄
  13. Personally I think it might be time to, at the very least, scale back RSD. I get why it was started and it was a great idea but vinyl sales are as high as they have ever been and with the plants and matierals shortage its not necessary to keep doing this with a bunch of crap no one really wants

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