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  1. That really bothers me too. I did it for Drab Majesty because its Drab Majesty but I can't do it for other releases. Their newish $7 shipping on LPs is kind of shitty also
  2. https://www.daisrecords.com/collections/frontpage/products/choir-boy-gathering-swans?variant=32250627293272 Color-in-Color Cloudy/Oxblood Vinyl LP | 200 edition Clear Green Vinyl LP | 300 edition (Rough Trade Exclusive) Baby Blue/Red Splatter Vinyl LP | 400 edition Clear Ocean Blue Vinyl LP | 600 edition Clear Vinyl LP | 800 edition Black Vinyl LP
  3. Most of his other records are very readily available months and years after. Just a quick look at Amoeba and they have just about everything in stock, even some of the color variants
  4. Man I fully appreciate him wanting to do all sorts of different and experimental things but I wish he would just put out another proper album 🙁
  5. That Sightless Pit record leaked and all I have to say after listening to it is yikes
  6. Thats exactly what I meant with my previous post. If you're going to cut out any black metal band that has any association with someone who might be NS related whether theyre in the same band or not then the list of bands you listen to is going to be very short
  7. DMDS 25th Anniversary Box Set. Out April 2020 https://shop.indierecordings.no/collections/preorders/products/mayhem-de-myteriis-dom-sathanas-25th-anniversary-box-set
  8. Not at all trying to be a dick about it but if you like this genre but can't support any bands that have any ties to NSBM then your list of bands you listen to is going to be mighty short, which is fine. Do you, but you're going to exhaust yourself finding things to write bands and people involved in the scene off for. Most dudes into this shit just don't care so they will sell records by questionable bands because it doesnt matter to them.
  9. He runs Klaxon records. You can currently go there and buy a plethora of actual Nazi records
  10. Hellvetron is literally a different band that shares members. They put out an LP on HHB a few years ago and just put out a new LP on Iron Bonehead. That site is complete bullshit. But whatever. Buy it or don't I don't give a shit
  11. I can't believe it finally happened after like 4 years of talk. Pre orders for the Nyogthaeblisz LP https://shop-hellsheadbangers.com/nyogthaeblisz-abrahamic-godhead-besieged-vinyl.asp