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  1. For real though is this ever going to ship?
  2. i haven't gotten a shipping notification from Epitaph yet. If I go in and check it still says "shipping soon"
  3. JohnMatrix

    Extreme Metal Releases and Pre-orders

    I ordered a couple JI records from AMM. Not really worried or concerned. He never fucked me over and his Leviathan records have been going out without any problems that I've seen.
  4. Musically this is great. I miss the old vocals though
  5. JohnMatrix

    Extreme Metal Releases and Pre-orders

  6. JohnMatrix

    Extreme Metal Releases and Pre-orders

    Mgla has a new album coming out late this year
  7. I really want that deluxe just for the booklet but $40 is steep.
  8. JohnMatrix

    PO Now: GHOST - Prequelle

    Eh honestly I thought the last record wasn't very good either so I am not surprised that I didn't like this. Their descent into pop music with a spooky gimmick is kind of wearing thin.
  9. JohnMatrix

    PO Now: GHOST - Prequelle

    I listened to it once and will probably never revisit it again. This band has fallen off so hard
  10. The album is very good although I really wish they'd stop letting the one guy have a song on every album. Always a snoozefest
  11. I also think its a really good album. I find myself going back to it more often than 1989 to be honest
  12. Hes never going to return to the singing/metaphor lyrics of RHP or early SKM again. I don't know why people keep holding out hope. He actually discussed it a bit in the interview with Phoebe Bridgers.
  13. New record is streaming for those who still enjoy his new music. I love this one so far. Very simple and guitar driven http://www.sunkilmoon.com/markkozelekselftitled/
  14. Really looking forward to this too. Love everything she's done so far
  15. Alkaline Trio - My Shame Is True is only $11.79 right now https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00BH413W2/?coliid=I3D4INE0LL6K16&colid=1LNIUJD8I8DFR&psc=0&ref_=lv_ov_lig_dp_it