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  1. https://www.plaidroomrecords.com/collections/pre-orders/products/b-sufjan-stevens-b-br-i-the-acension-clear-vinyl-i-br-release-date-09-25-2020
  2. Sad to hear that man. I live in Flower Mound and have been up to your shop several times. Hope better times are ahead.
  3. I was lucky to get The Crow and Bill Evans from Plaid Room this morning. They went super quick! I did manage to pick up the Weezer Teal album from 1234 Go about 30 minutes ago as well. It looks like they are still in stock for anyone who is looking for that one.
  4. Excited for this to get released. I played the crap out of my cd.
  5. Just got mine this afternoon and it was the Bone W/ Oxblood Splatter (Malachi Crunch) for anyone that was wondering.
  6. Got one of the Ribbed colored...I wonder what color it's going to be??
  7. Looking forward to this! I had a feeling something was coming soon. I grabbed the US Blue.
  8. Just got a Red Live copy and a Melancholics!!!! Good day for sure!!
  9. Just got my shipping confirmation from Rough trade.
  10. Got my blue record on Tuesday and my black one on Wednesday.
  11. Bump for a good seller...everything was packaged nice and everything was in great condition.