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  1. No update on mine since May 1. I'm feeling the same. Have been in contact with fulfillment over it.
  2. Only thing I was interested in was Slave to the Grind but it's moved back to Oct release now. Found an OP for around the same price as the reissue so pulled the trigger. I can't be arsed to be queuing up for 1 record my local may not even get.
  3. Would love if mine started moving. Label created 2.5wks ago, no update since.
  4. I think I'm going to give up on it too. I love the band but I $40 love the band, ya know?
  5. Anyone see Elastica for less than $70CAD shipped?
  6. Any UK stores (that ship internationally) with stuff online yet?
  7. Really not feeling this Don Johnson pastel suit Miami Vice throwback shit.
  8. As much as I love those guys I can't justify 42 for Canadian shipping. I order from the states frequently and that is very high.
  9. My first copy got sent around Germany then returned to Amazon. They sent out another and expedited shipping. Hopefully it'll get here at some point.
  10. Oh Canada, where it’s cheaper and faster to get a record shipped from Germany than Toronto. Where 1 record costs almost as much to ship as 5. There are a few online retailers in Canada who are doing what you plan to. Get a CP business account it’ll cut your shipping a little. The big hurdle will be low cost high quality used records. The region you’re in will have a lot to do with what’s available to you.