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  1. My first copy got sent around Germany then returned to Amazon. They sent out another and expedited shipping. Hopefully it'll get here at some point.
  2. dfresh

    The Weezer Thread

    Why oh why.
  3. dfresh

    Online Record Selling

    Oh Canada, where it’s cheaper and faster to get a record shipped from Germany than Toronto. Where 1 record costs almost as much to ship as 5. There are a few online retailers in Canada who are doing what you plan to. Get a CP business account it’ll cut your shipping a little. The big hurdle will be low cost high quality used records. The region you’re in will have a lot to do with what’s available to you.
  4. dfresh

    Record Store Day 2018

    No must haves for me this year.
  5. Limited to 1000 on Clear Blue http://porterhouserecords.com/store/UO/saturation.html
  6. Mine arrived last Thursday. Email them and they'll give you a tracking number.
  7. dfresh

    Record Store Day 2018

    Nothing there for me so far.
  8. Sounds good to me but it's quiet on my set up. Have to crank it up a bit.
  9. dfresh

    The Vinyl Bootleg Thread

    Always a must stop when I'm down there. Discovered Triangle and Foundation last time I was in the area. Great shops in FL.
  10. dfresh

    PO Now: The Bronx - V

    Just got notification that mine have left LA....again.
  11. dfresh

    PO Now: The Bronx - V

    Jealous of you guys, mine haven't even made it through customs yet.
  12. Love to see Odds discography pressed.
  13. dfresh

    The Distillers/Spinnerette bootlegs

    Don't know if it's coloured or not but hotstuff.se has Coral Fang http://www.hotstuff.se/en/lp-the-distillers-coral-fang-3rd-album-reissue/27472 I picked up the blue Spinnerette at Audiopile in Vancouver last year.... Manic Attack in Germany has it http://maniac-attack.de/shop/shop/music/spinnerette-lp/