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  1. I'm just starting to buy test presses for music I really like. But, in all honesty, I don't really know what's the point to them. From my understanding, labels use them for quality checks to make sure everything sounds fine before sending off a large order to the pressing plant. So, they're basically just a black pressing of whatever record. I'm curious to know for what reason they're appealing to other people. I've rarely (if never) seen any posts with a poll, so I thought why not try using one. I can only add 2 questions to the poll though, so a couple other questions I have are: 1. Do people play test presses? 2. How much would you pay for a test press?
  2. Ah man, I echo KingTacoMunster. It's such a good album. It might've been the 3rd CD I ever bought after Toxicity and Gorillaz Demon Days. Well, it's not bad to have $20 to spend on something else. I was actually just referring to batman not ordering S/T. Nabbed all 5 myself earlier. Thanks for looking out though.
  3. It took a good 5-10 minutes for me. Also, no S/T????????
  4. Copped from the bull. I canNOT wait to crank up the volume on "soil"
  5. Marilyn Manson collection. Portrait, Mechanical Animals, and Holy Wood I had to grab through a Japanese auction site to find them at a decent price. Manson records are a bitch to collect.
  6. Has anyone here heard of a record store called Left of the Dial in Santa Ana Cali? I'm buying a high ticket item from this shop and I'm curious how accurately they grade their records. Wondering if people had dealt with them before.
  7. ghost

    The SYNTHWAVE Thread

    Same. And neup, don't think so. Not even a chance.
  8. ghost

    The SYNTHWAVE Thread

    It's a lot, but for what it's worth, Neuropa's level of quality is high. Also, anyone else grabbing L'enfant? Our boy James Kent does good on whipping up some spooky vibes.
  9. ghost

    The SYNTHWAVE Thread

    It's liiive people https://www.neuroparecords.com/application/shop/index.php?shop=neuropa-records
  10. ghost

    The SYNTHWAVE Thread

    Don't forget "The Shape" repress And Daniel Deluxe "Instruments of Retribution"
  11. ghost


    Haha yeah, surprisingly it's not so easy. Just pokin' fun at cha. Enjoy your copy!
  12. ghost


    p i c t u r e s y o u c a n b a r e l y s e e
  13. That's a lovely variant. Also, looks like a fried egg with black pepper.
  14. True, but I get paranoid that I'll drop it wrong and damage the record.