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  1. FWIW, I preordered the standard from Bull Moose (before there was a listing for indie variant) and I received “clear with black swirl”.
  2. I listened to Quantity yesterday; it is a touch quiet but otherwise sounds good. The tracklisting split is wrong on the LP jacket and label, as Sweet Talkin’ Woman and When I Go Out are on side A (not B).
  3. What website are you referring to? I preordered from the band's preorder (Merchnow) and I received a link for download on the release date, although the vinyl itself did not come with a download card. Also, the vinyl was signed and I don't recall the preorder mentioning that.
  4. My backer package came today, and the colors are as in that photo (although disc 2 doesn't look nearly as bright in real life).
  5. That's interesting; I got a package from them this week, and the 3 records were each separated with cardboard, with the whole thing then wrapped in giant bubble wrap and placed in a near perfectly fitted box. There is apparently little consistency in their packaging.
  6. I believe everything from SMLXL goes through United Record Pressing
  7. Earlier this week people who ordered direct were posting pictures at Jesusfreakhideout of their signed copies, so I would assume the copies ordered direct shipped last week.
  8. I was charged $13.06 for my copy from ccmusic as a preorder with 25% off code. It is pretty basic (single black LP with no insert and no download card), so I wouldn't spend big money for it. My copy sounds good, though.. Definitely more pop-rock than country. Also, she makes liberal use of the s- word, so it's not for the younger Taylor Swift crowd.
  9. Ordered just for Picket Fence Cartel! I love that album!
  10. The signed Polaroid shows as a $0.01 charge on the e-mail receipt, so you should know whether you got one or not ($17.49 for the record, $0.50 for the digital download, and $0.01 for the polaroid)
  11. I got my replacement copy from Amazon today; I only got to listen to side A, but it definitely sounds better than my previous copy (so if a copy shows up on "Amazon Warehouse Deals", avoid it). I would guess that it's ~150 g vinyl, and it says it was pressed at Pirate Press, CZ. It included a download card and a lyric sheet.
  12. Did anyone else get a copy of this new press? I got mine earlier this week from Amazon, and it sounded HORRIBLE. I sent it back and I am awaiting a replacement copy; I'm hoping that I just got a bad copy and the whole pressing isn't bad.