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  1. Just an update on this: I had e-mailed tooth and nail last week, and I got a response from Jim Worthen himself (!) saying that they’re working on getting me a copy. Just a reminder that Tooth and Nail’s customer service is the exact opposite of merchnow, and they still care about their fans!
  2. Anybody else have theirs cancelled by Merchnow due to “out of stock”? I preordered the black on the day it went on sale, and yesterday randomly got an e-mail from merchnow cancelling it. Total dirtball move since they released and sold through another variant in the meantime. I miss the old tooth and nail store!!!
  3. FWIW, I preordered the standard from Bull Moose (before there was a listing for indie variant) and I received “clear with black swirl”.
  4. I listened to Quantity yesterday; it is a touch quiet but otherwise sounds good. The tracklisting split is wrong on the LP jacket and label, as Sweet Talkin’ Woman and When I Go Out are on side A (not B).
  5. What website are you referring to? I preordered from the band's preorder (Merchnow) and I received a link for download on the release date, although the vinyl itself did not come with a download card. Also, the vinyl was signed and I don't recall the preorder mentioning that.
  6. My backer package came today, and the colors are as in that photo (although disc 2 doesn't look nearly as bright in real life).
  7. That's interesting; I got a package from them this week, and the 3 records were each separated with cardboard, with the whole thing then wrapped in giant bubble wrap and placed in a near perfectly fitted box. There is apparently little consistency in their packaging.
  8. I believe everything from SMLXL goes through United Record Pressing
  9. Earlier this week people who ordered direct were posting pictures at Jesusfreakhideout of their signed copies, so I would assume the copies ordered direct shipped last week.
  10. I was charged $13.06 for my copy from ccmusic as a preorder with 25% off code. It is pretty basic (single black LP with no insert and no download card), so I wouldn't spend big money for it. My copy sounds good, though.. Definitely more pop-rock than country. Also, she makes liberal use of the s- word, so it's not for the younger Taylor Swift crowd.
  11. Ordered just for Picket Fence Cartel! I love that album!
  12. The signed Polaroid shows as a $0.01 charge on the e-mail receipt, so you should know whether you got one or not ($17.49 for the record, $0.50 for the digital download, and $0.01 for the polaroid)
  13. I got my replacement copy from Amazon today; I only got to listen to side A, but it definitely sounds better than my previous copy (so if a copy shows up on "Amazon Warehouse Deals", avoid it). I would guess that it's ~150 g vinyl, and it says it was pressed at Pirate Press, CZ. It included a download card and a lyric sheet.
  14. Did anyone else get a copy of this new press? I got mine earlier this week from Amazon, and it sounded HORRIBLE. I sent it back and I am awaiting a replacement copy; I'm hoping that I just got a bad copy and the whole pressing isn't bad.