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  1. Vucko

    Black Dahlia Murder - Miasma

    My order arrived today. It was well packed in a sturdy mailer, and the record itself was protected in bubble wrap. I hope you get yours soon as well!
  2. Vucko

    Black Dahlia Murder - Miasma

    all Miasma and Nocturnal variants are still available on napalmrecords. They ship international for a more or less reasonable price. https://shop.napalmrecords.com/catalogsearch/result/index/?cat=0&edition=389&q=THE+BLACK+DAHLIA+MURDER Giit 'em! There going fast.
  3. Nice album teaser. Eve sounds really epic and apocalyptic. I hope they will also deliver some little "locust reign"-like grenades on the upcoming album.
  4. here is another German record store that still has the blue variant for sale: https://www.finestvinyl.de/rock-vinyl/radiohead-ok-computer-oknotok-1997-2017-colo/?item=112460 Good luck to everyone who's still looking for a blue copy!
  5. I'm only laying out a development in the concept of releasing records. I don't say a word about responsibilities. That is your interpretation.
  6. Ok Derek, I will try to answer some of your questions and elaborate on my critic. I will once again try to make it a bit more detached and empirical and less emotional. 1. No, Converge have always released variants of their physical releases, i.e. colored vinyl. And they always designed them to be desirable collectors items. I call this the classical release model of color variants. This is actually a distinct attribute of releasing records among so called independent record labels. I can only think of one first press release that came with different artwork, that is the Brutal Truth split 7". But the different artwork was only limited to the one variant; it was thus more of a special gimmick. The Brutal Truth split, I would say, still adheres to the conventions of the classic release model. The result: you'll get the already mentioned completist, who needs to buy all variants to be happy. You'll have the aesthetic, who goes with the color variant that, in his opinion, reflects the artwork of the album best. You'll have the casual buyer who just wants a physical release and gets what he can get. And lastly you'll have the vain collector who only wants the most limited release. 2. First, I really cannot argue against your feelings Derek, and I won't. If you say you don't feel like this is anything new, I can't do much about that. But perhaps if you could open your eyes for me, just for a moment, you could at least see what I'm indicating. If you look back at the way they released their previous records, with regard to creating collectible variants, they never before released a first press that constitutes five limited color variants all housed in different covers, of which 4 are one press only covers in equal numbers. In this respect they definitely took the variant concept a step further and thus, in my opinion, escalated the collection urge. The precise result you get is a catering to the completist frenzy; and it is out in the open for everybody to see: that's an understatement. we are fucking insane throughbeingcruel, hallowken78, zaoza and 1 other like this This particular new marketing strategy, I would argue, potentially turns the vain collector into a completist as well and probably also confuses the aesthetic who now has to consider the different covers, which constitute yet another buying argument to take into account, and before he can think straight the aesthetic bought a second record or even a third. My second and final reason for being disappointed with this release is the arbitrary and inconsistent concept. Jane Doe is undisputedly Converge's hallmark record. Perhaps precisely because of that, everyone here somewhat romanticizes the whole Jane Live concept to be altruistic and Fan service. I second that. First, the whole artist collaboration comes off unnatural and forced. Why? Because it was not the concept of the live performance to begin with. Think about it, if they were to release the Blood Moon live set in the exact same manner it would make for a much more consistent overall concept. The whole Blood Moon concept was about collaborating with artists to create something new and unique. Thus the artist collaboration on the physical release of a Blood Moon live set would be much more consistent and feel more organic. Instead, for the Jane live concept, they chose to play an exclusive gig in Europe based on a special 2 exclusive gigs contract with Roadburn. The altruistic alternative could've been to play their hallmark record for a more affordable option, and without the festival hassle, in their hometown, record it there and afterwards release it for all the fans who would've loved to have attended this special moment. So, there is that. I know I'm probably the jerk now for pointing that out. But I'm also ready for all negative responses I'll probably receive for that. Just please bear in mind, it is just one guy with his opinion. Maybe you're right Derek and this not the place for me to find people to discuss these issues.
  7. Derek, the contempt in your address to me is so blatant that I'm not even going to take the time to answer your "questions". Regretfully, that would be just a waste of time. You don't strike me as a person who is interested in constructive conversation on this matter. Admittedly, my initial post is a bit too extreme, I acknowledge that. I probably should have waited until my disappointment had worn off. However, your somewhat sweeping assumptions pretty much distort what I wanted to convey. I was only commenting on the marketing strategy of this particular release in connection with the frenzy of the compulsory completists. My point is: both seem to be complementary, more than ever before; and yes, I don't like this development too much. Naturally, artists collaborate with artists, what a surprise. It's just not that altruistic after all. For the record, I didn't comment on the label Deathwish in general and most certainly did not call their quality standards into question. Deathwish still is a good address for quality music.
  8. @Derektm I'm serious about my criticism about the way they choose to release this record. I'm judging it only from the business perspective. I didn't criticize the artist collaboration or judged the aesthetics. Calling me a "blatant troll" just because you don't agree with my opinion is, I guess, called jumping to conclusions. Anyway, I only claim that this way of releasing may also be interpreted as a way of producing more extra reasons for buying more than one record instead of just one copy. Which of course serves Converge's self-interest, business-wise. If you just buy one copy and you are a real fan of Converge for a long time you perhaps feel incomplete, so you wanna buy more. Previous posts support this claim. This fact got me disappointed. Well, and the fact that I'm being instantly vilified as "blatant troll" just for some criticism. @StressOnTheSky I understand your point of view and partly share it. With regard to your altruistic interpretation, please bear in mind that Converge are also businessmen who need to pay bills. They are aware about their crazy "must collect all variants" fans. Perhaps, too aware. Jane Live sort of screens this awareness more than ever.
  9. ...um, ok. Let's play a gig. Hype it, record it, and then let's press it on vinyl and release it with 5 different covers so every variant looks like a different album. This way our most faithful fans will be so confused about which variant to buy and most likely end up buying all variants and pay us 100$ for one record(ing). And the best part is that we will sell out even faster! What you guys think? Yeah, great idea! Service the account, George Carlin style. I wouldn't be surprised if the Blood Moon project gets a similar treatment. Very mixed feelings here from a long time fan. I think I'm gonna quit supporting Converge... "Thanks."
  10. Vinyl Bundle with alternate screen printed cover, hand numbered 1st press limited to only 100 copies including a slipmat and a patch. Get your copy here: -> https://www.merchlimited.com/products/the-dillinger-escape-plan-dissociation-vinyl-bundle only 10 left...
  11. Google. I was looking for pressing information of Converge records and found a thread on VC that gave me this information. I liked it here so I decided to sign up.
  12. Did this variant come with those black inner sleeves displayed in your pics? I've never seen a HSI copy with black inner sleeves before. From where do you ship?