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  1. Is there any interest in pieces from this vault package? Mainly speaking of the Three Dollar Hat/Lose the Right 7" single and the Dead Weather 7" Series Single Box but if one of the other items in the package interests you maybe we can work out a deal, thank you.
  2. I wasn't originally interested but now I am intrigued by The Cure Greatest Hits Acoustic and the lack of inventory anywhere online makes it even more enticing! Ugh... Well at least I got the two main records I was looking for but wouldn't mind The Cure to round it out. Any leads I would really appreciate thanks!
  3. Thank you! I was waiting for someone to mention that haha. Actually that 45 is $16.67 USD after shipping so I would have only saved $18.32
  4. That was the price in store? Like I really love Pineapple Express but even I wouldn't pay that. I think I paid $34.99 and I was like okay whatever it has Electric Avenue on it, it's worth it. Now just to track down Space Jam...
  5. I also have used 1-2-3-4 go in the past online and it is always fantastic. I will have the tab open to search for what I couldn't find today. Have a great day.
  6. Walked in a few hours after opening and they couldn't find any copies of the Space Jam OST . I am going to check a few sites but I don't expect many to go live until later tonight or tomorrow. It has a pressing out of 3500 so I cannot imagine it being horribly rare but the search continues!
  7. Hello, I have a few records with more to come for sale today. - Mondo 2X LP Call of Duty Infinite Warfare Soundtrack Sealed Never Played (Still in the mailer it came in) - Big Gigantic 2X LP Brighter Future Limited First Pressing on White vinyl (includes download card) Sealed Never Played - Taylor Swift Fearless 2X LP Platinum Edition, Unsealed but never played I also have the rest of the Taylor Swift records minus Red on record never played or played once or twice. Have a bunch others that I will have to update later just to gauge interest. Any interest PM me thank you!
  8. It is, it has USB functionality to connect to a computer, etc.
  9. Oh yeah I am aware of that, I was pretty stressed last night. Already emailed for a replacement part so I will see how it goes. I now see what I wrote, and I dont need help with that already got it settled, I do have questions about correctly setting tracking force, tone arm height, counterweight, etc though *updated topic and original post to reflect current question, thank you
  10. It unfortunately does not. You could however, connect to a wireless bluetooth hub like a Klipsch Gate or Sonos Connect, but if you don't already have the infrastructure in place that could be a pricey option.
  11. Thanks, but no thanks. Worth a try though I guess so I don't blame you. Have a great weekend!
  12. Thank you so much for the response! I may have jumped the gun slightly but the whole system is new to me and I don't know if I am setting it up correctly and it was frustrating haha. Mainly there is the counterweight, tracking force, and tone arm height. And supposedly the whole arm is supposed to be parallel at the end with the needle directly vertical on the record and I don't know if I was doing it right, it played the record fine, but I could not tell if it was too deep/heavy on the vinyl or vice versa. I watched a few videos already I just don't want to damage the records and I want to setup everything correctly. Sorry for the slight rant, but I am upgrading from the LP 60 which you literally just drop the needle and go, this one is so much more complex (and also is huge). Thanks again though for the response I really appreciate it
  13. I just upgraded from the LP-60 to the LP-120 and it was an enormous jump that I could not have seen coming even though I have been researching and planning on the upgrade for well over a year. Last night when I first received it and setting up the counterweight, tracking force, height, etc. I could not tell how to know how perfect it was. I thought it looked parallel but what is the best to (sorry for the stupid question) tell if the needle is going directly down and in the optimal position? I got it to play music fine I just was not sure if I was damaging the record player and or record, it was probably fine but my anxiety was on another level when I did not have experience setting it up manually and I could not tell if I did it right haha. That was a long winded explanation/question but any help would be great. I have watched multiple videos and read multiple articles and how to's on the same topic so I do not know how it can be explained well but I just want to hear from someone their experiences and how they go about day to day operation because I would like to know I am doing the right thing. Thank you for any help you give it is greatly appreciated.
  14. Hello, I just received an AT-LP120 turntable today in the mail opened it and much to my displeasure it doesn't fit well in my room so it needs to find a new home. Also, the tiny plastic "lock" for the tone arm snapped off at some point, the piece is included and easily attached back with any sort of adhesive (super glue, etc.). I have no clue what my options are at the moment, and if you are not interested but could give some feedback on how to resolve my predicament that would be greatly appreciated. I am considering contacting Audio Technica since it is brand new but I am not sure how they could help me. After having a solid 24 hours to work it out, I have decided I am going to keep it and work with it, I already contacted AT about a replacement piece and once I get that settled I should be all good. Thank you everyone for the interest, it was overwhelming last night though, glad I had a day to think everything over.
  15. Definitely appreciate that answer. I got multiple PM's by now, but thank you all for interest, maybe I will do this again, can't guarantee it'll be sealed or as high profile as Blink 182 but everyone could use a free record from time to time Happy Thanksgiving!
  16. Now that I have your attention, what's your opinion on turtles and are you a cat or dog person? Haha but seriously I have a sealed copy of their newest album "California" on record, first person to PM me gets it, I'd appreciate if you paid shipping (no more than $5) but if you want it take it. Happy Thanksgiving!
  17. I was about to say kind of wish I didn't pre-order it from TMR but I did pay $29 so I guess can't complain too much but kind of want that blue, I'm a sucker for colored vinyl. I'll see how it looks later, but $40 is a little much for a record I already have. Nice find though!
  18. I will definitely keep you in mind after seeing how much shipping to the UK is but also someone PM'ed me before you so they have priority. I'll keep you updated though. Have a great day thank you for looking.
  19. I am moving soon and need to cut down on my collection so I will post more in the coming days if there is interest, but I just received this Pearl Jam record package in the mail the other day and I just can't warrant keeping it right now with everything going on. If anyone is interested please let me know, I am open to offers but $50 shipped is preferred which I find reasonable. http://s1188.photobucket.com/user/SwiftyPics/media/VP29 Pic 3.jpg.html (two pictures are on here showing everything, but there's a bunch more from years ago that I don't remember haha) What I will send is everything shown in those two pictures. The sealed record also includes a 45 7" single inside of the record packaging as I have been told by TMR support. There is a hard cover artbook, patch, and pin. Thank you for looking! I will list a few more records in coming days Sold Record, no longer available thank you for the interest I will be listing more items in the coming weeks
  20. Always room in my life for of Montreal. Love the new album artwork, never disappoint. Preordered the album, hopefully I will get to see them against since they are still the strangest band I have ever seen live, and I have seen Neutral Milk Hotel live so that is saying something
  21. Bump. Still Available, feel free to message me with any questions thank you.
  22. Everytime I try to not spend money, more things come up. Well there goes another one haha at least this one was releatively inexpensive, I haven't listened to them in a while was bummed when I missed them in NY for the Surfer Blood benefit concert.
  23. Got both of mine from Amazon last Friday. The packaging was absolutely ridiculous (same packaging with the Jack Johnson record I received today) it is like a long box and then you open it and theres another box inside of it and then you open that one and the record was inside. I got two separate boxes packaged that way when they clearly even inside of the inside mailer fit into one of the larger boxes. So much cardboard for 2 records....... That aside, happy they are both on record now.
  24. I am so sorry you guys have to go through all this. I hope it all gets settled in the end, can you trust anyone anymore? Also if I ever decide to sell vault packages in the future everyone is going to be extremely skeptical which is just fantastic on my part. Hope you all get it figured out though!
  25. I am looking at downsizing my collection a bit so I will look at parting with some of my collectibles. -Should've Said No 7" (B Side Justin Moore "Back That Thing Up") it is brand new never played and includes the name tag also brand new. -Love Story 7" (B Side Jack Ingram "That's a Man") also brand new never played and includes a brand new name tag as well. Pictures available upon request, PM me offers if you are interested, pretty hard to find with name tags intact.