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  1. petition your local congressman to get this released early so the national guard can use it as a crowd dispersal tool by playing it in public spaces.
  2. I didn't go extreme with the sub so I'll be getting the sub version of hinterkaifeck but not the self titled. A little bummed if they are actually doing special versions of re-issues just for the extreme subscription cos I was hoping to snag every variant of the 2020 reissue of leaving n this will preclude that. I gave up on the legrand society about five years ago after enemies list got to the point where they stopped putting out albums and the flenser started picking up and releasing their catalogue. They never ended up following through on the club t-shirt did they? Last thing I actually got excited about with Legrand was that Perfect Shapes EP which sadly never got a physical release.
  3. Yeah I just reread the details onthe series 2 subscription n it definitely mentions a gatefold I have no idea which images theyll be using though. Could be the enemies list cd cover, the enemies list ltd edition cover, the first edition box cover or maybe even the pictures from the inner sleeves from the 1st edition just done on card. Also side note theyve revealed the b side to hinterkaifeck is an etching of the runes from the cover.
  4. yeah its been oop for a while and it took a while to come back due to the level of production the set takes. As far as I'm aware nothings remastered and the book remains the same. I half remember seeing something about the discs being housed in a gatefold inside the box this time but I'm sticking to my OG version.
  5. Giles Corey DLP & Book re-issue and Hinterkaifeck LP pre-orders go live this Friday at 10am Pacific time along with a new Giles long sleeve.
  6. They deffo did signed sets for ellipsis and live at the roundhouse but they didn't for Balance and nothing for this one it seems. I've got so many signed bits n bobs from them over the years I'm not all that fussed this isnt. This is the first time I've seen them sell an album on cassette.
  7. yeah my issue was that Si had been touting this album as a guitar heavy affair via social media during the recording process last year and then we got a track with electronic steel drums. Imagine dragons was my first thought too. Still the track they released today (End Of) is a lot closer to what I want from a biffy album in 2020. Really enjoyed a lot of Balance, Not Symmetry last year but Elipsis was pretty dire they've changed a lot in the eighteen years I've been following em, as long as we get a few riffs and some tracks over 3 minutes I'll be pleased.
  8. first single was utter gash the second track is pretty good. Went for the deluxe boxset version but if this is as spotty as ellipsis this will be the last biffy album I'll preorder
  9. Happy to hear Bloodflowers is coming out. If memory serves the last two years The Cure RSD releases got standard black issues a few months after the picture discs came out and I'll happily grab that over a picture disc any day. Outside of that the only thing that vaguely interests me is the Biffy Clyro 7" but I'm not willing to camp out for that. I also find it a bit greasy that the label is releasing a single that's A-Side was part of a charity compilation where their name was probably a big draw, hope some money goes to tiny changes from these RSD sales at least. They also are gearing up for album eight soon but I was so disappointed by their new single I can't even be bothered to start a thread. It's cool to see Jenny Lee (Warpaint) doing some more solo work but I'd never play a 12" single.
  10. 2nd Midwife preview track is up on youtube and streaming platforms I believe. For the lazy but interested:
  11. Yeah the original box was commanding a massive price but they rereleased it last year n its available for about £250 now. Annoyingly they reissued bloody kisses before announcing the box which I immediately snagged. I didnt bother with the box cos im too lazy to take in duplicates to trade in and apparently that may have been a smart move as a lot of folk on the thread for that set had issues with duplicated discs etc. They have just released World Coming Down through runout groove but for some reason theyre trying to sell that for £40 when bloody kisses was £20. Shame because that album is great and one of the three heavy hitters from their catalogue I'd actually want but I'm not supporting that mark up in the vain hope that they don't do the same thing for anything else that sees release outside of the boxset (A guy can dream right?). They're really dicking about, I wouldnt be surprised if we see something "exclusive" as they've proven themselves profitable and the one album most Type O Negative fans want is October Rust. They also did a black Friday 3LP of Bloody Kisses in 2018 I believe before the standard run. Between that and them selling out various merch items (including a very pricey bomber jacket) I really wouldn't be surprised to see something from them for RSD.
  12. Without old tugjob around to give minute by minute updates on how many copies of each variant are left at different retailers is it even worth it?