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  1. Flenser alumni bump: New Boduf Songs album Abyss versions dropping October 4th. He's now on Orindal records but I didn't think it appropriate to make a standalone thread. I know as musicians go he's really elusive and I'm sure some of you Flenser heads probably enjoyed Stench Of Exist but may not have heard about the label move or the new one. First track: Preorder at: https://bodufsongs.bandcamp.com/ Three variants 200 Abyss Black (I assume that's standard not marbled or smokey) 200 Nothingness Clear 100 Blueberry Ice Cream Sundae purple transparent* *whoever named that variant needs a slap.
  2. Thom has phase 2 of Planning For Burial - Below The House (Destroyed Cassette) up for pre order here. https://planningforburial.bigcartel.com/product/planning-for-burial-below-the-house-version-c61-cassette-gwr10 Details on second phase destruction: Between July and November 2018 I continued the process, this time I took a production copy of the 2nd pressing and pulled the tape out so it would flow on my dashboard while on tour driving through the country, much of the time was spent driving through the desert during the summer months, at times flowing down to the floor and being stepped on in spots, later it was burnt and taped back together in a spot, then played over and over in cheap tape deck. Third pressing is limited to 100 copies. new art work. purple coloured cassette with white imprinting. pro dubbed. pro printed j card No download codes will be sent with this because the idea is that you're supposed to play it and further degrade it.
  3. Children Of God is hands down my favourite Swans album, their more recent iteration was good but it was starting to lose steam so I'm happy they ended it when they did. New track is good.
  4. It's been a good year so far. Top tier: Twilight Sad - It Won/t be like this all the time Cave In - Final Transmission Wreck & Reference - Absolute Still Life Drowse - Light Mirror Elizabeth Colour Wheel - Nocebo Silversun Pickups - Widows Weeds Field Medic - Fade Into The Dawn Gender Roles - Prang Biffy Clyro - Balance Not Symmetry Good tier: Thom Yorke - Anima Vale - Burden Of Sight Wear Your Wounds - Rust On The Gates Of Heaven Tool - Fear Innoculum American Football - Selftitled 3 American Pleasure Club - Fucking Bliss Jamie Lenman - Shuffle Still to come: Have A Nice Life Chelsea Wolfe Boduf Songs Mark Lanegan Band Drowse & LS Otay Torpor Caïna
  5. The new Caïna due out November 1st is up at apocalyptic witchcraft. Got a second song streaming up there too which I really rate https://apocalypticwitchcraft.bandcamp.com/album/gentle-illness US distribution through Season Of Mist.
  6. I thought it was gonna be a malcolm middleton cover for a minute still sounds good. Will deffo grab the digital, the last album didnt do much for me so I dont feel like dropping a reasonable stack on this at the current price point.
  7. Full Sea Of Worry drop schedule courtesy of the Legrand subscription & the flenser FB group. Get hype people.
  8. Secret 12" has been revealed. It's a 4 track EP from drowse featuring collaborations with Lane from Elizabeth Colour Wheel on half of it entitled Second Self. Only available on vinyl through the sub with the physical due out in November. Here's the first taste:
  9. I love all their previous work but they change it up a lot and since Want they've just been getting progressively better with each release, I don't know how they do it.
  10. So a vague as heck bump but from the horses mouth: SERIES ONE UPDATE: Series One secret record is in production. Digital will come before vinyl. Vinyl will be shipped late in the year. Series One 7 inch number two is in production. News soon. Series One 7 inch number three is now a 12 inch full-length LP. Also this new Wreck & Reference album is so freaking good, if you dug the previews it will not disappoint. Spaces still available on the sub.
  11. Hopefully although I want a regular version none of that 4 disc madness they did the first time
  12. I totally spaced updating this I haven't really been paying much attention to VC for a while, anyway 7" number one for subscribers is confirmed. DEETS: Street Sects – Gentrification III: Death and Displacement By The Flenser on June 10, 2019 in Uncategorized Pre-order 7inch Bandcamp Pre-order 7-inch Europe In January of 2014 Street Sects released their first single, “Gentrification I: The Morning After the Night We Raped Death”. The two song 7″ was the first of a planned five part series titled “Gentrification: A Serial Album”. In June of the same year they released “Gentrification II: Broken Windows, Sunken Ceilings”. After the second single was released, the band was approached by San Francisco based record label The Flenser, and the band switched gears to begin working on a full length for the label. One release led to another, and the final three installments of the Gentrification series were put on hold, indefinitely. Now, five years later, in the wake of the release of their more melodic and melancholic sophomore LP, “The Kicking Mule”, the band have returned to the serial album that started it all to pick up where they left off. “Gentrification III: Death and Displacement” isn’t so much a return to form (the bands’ style has always been in flux, and their approach to songwriting and production has evolved significantly in the past half-decade) as it is a return to the emotional intent that fueled those first two releases. The themes and stories addressed within the Gentrification series were never intended to be strict socioeconomic commentary, but rather the conversation and consequences surrounding Gentrification were meant to be a fractured and brutal lens through which we are given a voyeuristic look into the emotional perspectives of characters whose lives are maligned by alienation, exile, and economic peril. If crime is primarily a symptom of the underclass, then perhaps our prisons are filled with some our most valuable living lessons. These castaways, offenders and recidivists are a glaring example of the consequences of a systematic ideological violence inflicted by the haves upon the have-nots. The Gentrification series is not an indictment or an apology, it is an empathetic gritting of the teeth, clenching of the fist, and pulling of the trigger. Track list: Goodbye Recidivist Road Boxcars I believe the sub variant is on blue.
  13. I got drunk about a week ago n met a friend in town n we went to the only alternative night our shitty lil town has, legitimately saw a guy wearing a nu metal kilt and heard some KoRn so I'd argue its still filling clubs if that's your thing. Even my last club night in Camden was 90% nu. It's as if 2003 was the year the music died unless you scour London for a more hipster establishment.
  14. 190 ahead of postage puts it at about £31 per album which isn't unreasonable considering the secondary market for any of these alone (save the recent re-issued bloody kisses) that being said I picked up that re-issue for £20 and it is well put together numbered item and on colour if they wind up doing that for each album I can prevent myself duplicating and avoid getting the albums I know won't get the played a lot. Tis a real beard scratcher of a decision.