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  1. See I refused to buy it because of this and hearing that yet again the 2nd edition is over 30 means I'll probably stick with the copy I half inched off the net. I'm not 5 so the idea of a bunch of cards with pictures of human cross sections that I'd look at once doesn't appeal. I'd feel bad but they don't need my money.
  2. Id easily snatch that and the red thread if they do. When they reformed n played in 2016 they did release a self titled compilation n I think that sold out in physical form. The label shop doesnt have any physical stock at least. If these sell well enough I could see them doing the lot save for the ones on different labels.
  3. Apologies bud. Ive tried both on my phone n computer and they both work for me but im in the uk so maybe its an ip related issue?
  4. Not sure if this will resonate with anyone here but Chemikal Underground have just announced a re-issue of Arab Strap's second album Philophobia, the first vinyl reprint in 21 years. Personally love this band and they quietly re-issued the debut album "The Week Never Starts Around Here" earlier this year so maybe this is the start of a full run of re-issues, although I'm not sure if "Elephant Shoe" will get the same love as that was on Go Beat! not Chemikal. Won't paste the album art cos it's a nude painted portrait of Aidan's girlfriend from back in 1998. I mean it's not really scandalous but a lot of you guys scan this site at work. Here's the word from the horses mouth: Available to preorder now and is released on the 6th of December. The first 100 preorders include a signed postcard by Aidan & Malcolm. Twenty-one years after its initial release, Arab Strap’s second album Philophobia is reissued on vinyl, having been out of print for twenty years. The 2LP heavyweight vinyl comes in a wide spined sleeve and includes a 320kbps MP3 download card. Philophobia was recorded on the outskirts of Glasgow in the early incarnation of CHEM19 Studios with engineer/producer Paul Savage & at Cava Studios in Glasgow with engineer Geoff Allan. Initially released in 1998, it was the follow up to the band’s 1996 debut The Week Never Starts Round Here. Instrumentally ambitious, Philophobia is adorned with sepulchral guitar, trumpet, cello & Scottish rainfall, providing a most beautiful backdrop to Aidan Moffat’s bold lyrical presentation as he articulates experiences most of us are too embarrassed to even think about; confessional, intimate, insightful and hilarious, ‘Philophobia’ remains a literate & musical revelation. ‘Philophobia’ - (from Greek "φιλέω-φιλώ" (love) and "φοβία" (phobia)), is the fear of falling in love / emotional attachment. Preorder from the label here: https://shop.chemikal.co.uk/browse/chemikal-arab-strap/products/arab-strap-philophobia-vinyl-reissue-2019 (Warning again link has the art which could be construed as NSFW) £20 for a double lp is a pretty good deal. I imagine it will make its way to other retailers too.
  5. My parcel has landed in the UK wont get to pick it up till tomorrow very hype.
  6. Isn't chik-fil-a owned by some fundamentalist christian whos poured some of the capital theyve made into homosexual conversion therapy camps or something? I saw that a uk mall was getting protested over here in the uk for allowing a branch to open. If Kanye's found jesus does that mean all the people who were saying he was suffering from mental illness happy or sad? Just stirring the pot...
  7. It probably wouldn't be cost effective as im based in the UK
  8. Its up there for sure. I'd have a hard time ranking them cos theres not an album of theirs that I dont like.
  9. I don't know if this will gain any traction at all but I've been a big Dead Meadow fan for a long time, bit by bit the band have been re-issuing their old records under their own label Xemu records I figured they would hit a wall around album 3, 4 and 5 as those were originally issued by Matador who might not give up the rights. That being said whilst I was scouring the web I stumbled across details for a 2019 re-issue of their 4th studio album Feathers. here's the blurb: Feathers is the fifth* album by the time Washington, D.C. based rock band Dead Meadow. It was released in 2005 by Matador Records on CD and LP now about to reissued by Xemu Records under license by Matador Records. The upcoming release will be an exact copy of the original double vinyl and CD packages with original art and masters. In addition to the reissue this new product will include a "demo rarities CD' that will be included additionally in both the CD and LP releases. This demo CD will include outtakes from the 2004 recording session as well as demos with different song structure/ arrangements and even a couple tunes that were axed off the final album. The fourth full-length studio album by Dead Meadow, was the first to include an additional guitar player with Cory Shane. Previously as well as for the majority of the band's career the DC to LA transplants have been a power-trio at essence. This departure in line up wasn't the only other noticeable difference the band was also shifting from pure 60's-70's heavy psych sounds to a more gentle and layered new-psych sound almost more influenced by dark Brit-pop and early new wave bands like the Cure and Stone Roses but through their own hazy interpretation. The different approach shocked current fans and gained lots of new ones as well as garnering solid underground praise at a much needed and delicate time of Dead Meadow's career. Revered and as equally hated** this divisional record would be a landmark in the band's history and important piece of the puzzle that has kept the boys rocking and relevant. *its only fifth if you count the live album "Got Live If You Want It!" released by Bomp! records ** I personally don't remember this album garnering any critical press it got an 8 on pitchfork so I don't get this statement at all but whatever EU/UK preorder: https://www.recordstore.co.uk/recordstore/recordstore/Feathers-2019-Reissue/6A3Y0000000 I'm sure this will become available from other retailers state side including Xemu themselves who as far as I can tell haven't spoken up about this just yet. Typically I just picked up a great quality OG press about 2 months ago whilst I was clearing out my collection of non essentials but that Demo's and offcuts cd does make me tempted to grab the CD version. If it's true to the original pressing that means black vinyl but the fact this one is getting a repress does give me hope for Old Growth which is currently the only studio album I'm missing. Releasing on 15th November dates may vary by territory
  10. Been a long time since I've been here it feels like. Anyways first off Have A Nice Life's third single/preview track/whatever you wanna call it is up on the old youtube here's a link for you lazy folk: For any HANL completists or people who didn't find the first batch visually appealing a new variant has also been announced and I feel it's a really nice fit for the art if that floats your boat. Bone and Black half & half. No numbers posted but available at the usual spots: US: https://nowflensing.com/collections/pre-orders/products/have-a-nice-life-sea-of-worry-lp Can't post the UK/EU Throatruiner link cos my work blocks it. Then some admittedly now old news for the sub followers. Final 7" is another part of the Gentrification series from Street Sects on Kelly green with lyric insert. These two seven inches are the only thing from the sub I'm not over the moon about as I'm not really into Street Sects but I haven't really delved that far into their stuff so that could change I guess. Outstanding subscription items are all being bundled together for both US customers (EU subs have had things this way for the entirety of the sub so nothing new for me) so that means an epic mail day where you get Consumer - In Computers Drowse & LS Otay - Second Self Have A Nice Life - Sea Of Worry Street Sects - Gentrification IV Sadly that means subs will be getting the Consumer record a lil after its actual physical release but downloads are going out on day of or before release so you'll still have the music just not the physical version. The label have confirmed there will be a year 2 sub and were opening up the floor for input on what people would like to see improved through the flenser facebook group. Highly recommend any of you fans who haven't to join, theres a lot of shitty memes but they keep you well informed on everything going on. Notable re-issues scheduled for 2020: Planning For Burial - Leaving (10th Anniversary edition possibly extended likely with original artwork as Thom found a hi-res version thought lost) Giles Corey - Giles Corey
  11. I ended up just getting Leave Ruin cos I have the other two n the bundle overseas came to over $100. If the other two get EU distro down the line then maybe ill grab em just couldnt miss Leave Ruin after asking for it for so long.
  12. I might have to get a new pope killdragon too, my OG has gotten a lot of use.
  13. As a dirty limey I havent bothered but ill be watching for the drop like a hawk