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  1. Stress On The Sky

    PO SOON: Childish Gambino - ...Awaken, My Love!

    I want an atlanta ost too.
  2. Stress On The Sky

    [PO] Thrice - Palms (9/14/2018)

    According to instagram n a few media outlets Emma Ruth Rundle is on a track on this album. That is an insane match up.
  3. Stress On The Sky

    Best of 2018 - First Half of the Year

    After actually spinning that Floating Room record its currently jostling with Drowse for AOTY. So good.
  4. From his fb: Hi everyone, Beth here, just to let you all know I'm working with our fulfilment company over the next day or two to see what we can do to improve on the cost of the service for shipping outside of the EU. For anyone that has already placed an order outside of the EU, if we can offer a better service we will make sure you get a refund of the difference! Also, please feel free to drop me a line at [email protected] if shipping is showing as not available for you as it means we need to add your country to the shipping options.Thanks for your patience whilst we get to grips with this...I'll post another update once things are sorted out!
  5. Ouchy. Pretty brutal stuff indeed. If it's just the extra tracks you're looking for I can possibly send them over or something?
  6. Aye a cool tenner just for handling stings. Dropping £75 fairly blind is a big ask I'll admit but Mike can do no wrong for me.
  7. snagged that 3lp, 2cd, 1dvd set with the quickness.
  8. Still only got black available in the UK so far which isn't a tragedy by any means. Will grab when that pay day hits on Friday.
  9. Exciting stuff so far definitely worthy of an instabuy from me.
  10. Stress On The Sky

    Best of 2018 - First Half of the Year

    Been slacking pretty damn hard this year so far but there's potentially some great stuff around the corner. Current faves: Drowse - Cold Air Dead Meadow - The Nothing They Need Silent Front - Three Mount Eerie - Now Only Biffy Clyro - MTV Unplugged: Live At The Roundhouse Hype train: Emma Ruth Rundle - On Dark Horses Planning For Burial - Quietly (Yeah its not all new material but its the first time its been on vinyl ) Floating Room - False Baptism (Technically out last Friday but I'm waiting for my record to hop the pond before I listen) Mamaleek - Out Of Time (Still haven't ordered this yet but I'm excited nonetheless) Vennart - To Cure a Blizzard Upon a Plastic Sea Rumour mill: Twilight Sad (timeline seems to fit) The Cure (I know this seems as crazy as waiting on a Tool album but Smith did state he's been in the studio in a recent interview) Martin Grech - Hush Mortal Core (this is finished but has been for 2 years major league longshot) ZZC (supposedly finished just waiting for Biffy to hit that lull) Earl Sweatshirt (Theres a tonne of non album tracks n live recordings doing the rounds that are all fantastic but no announcement)
  11. I checked on my phone at lunch and there's already a black 12" available on sargent house's UK store. Might be variants when the official announcement lands. I actually had the pleasure of meeting her after her London meltdown show backstage n I'm not gonna lie my vocal chords stopped working. This will be an instant purchase. Marked For Death was so good and I've a feeling this will not disappoint.
  12. Stress On The Sky

    Flenser Releases

    I mean its mostly me repetitively salivating about it so maybe ur not actually in the minority.
  13. Stress On The Sky

    Flenser Releases

    Some new pre-orders up at the Flenser (& Throatruiner for us EU folk) including: The new Mamaleek 2LP Out Of Time available on black, Mustard yellow or Mustard yellow + Silkscreen jacket Echo Beds sophomore Buried Language available on black, Red & Black Splatter or Red & Black splatter + Silkscreen jacket Reprint of Drowse's debut Cold Air on black or a special Oxblood in Milky Clear with Zine detailing the production of the album and including a dried flower from the cover which is out of 100. Theres quite a mark up for colour and the silkscreen jacket versions but I may bite. As far as the Drowse album goes, whilst it's still my album of the year I think I'm more likely to pick up Floating Room's debut n get stung on importing than doubling up as I'm happy with my /200 first press. Also both Mamaleek and Echo Beds have songs up on the old youtubes if people are so inclined.
  14. copped one in spite of the fact that I know I'll get burned for importing it. Cannot stop listening to Small steps. Had never heard these guys before this week but they are just amazing. The curse of finding new music through here is strong, my bank account weeps.