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  1. Roadrunner's track record for keeping things in print is kind of spotty but Music On Vinyl have seemed to do a good job up at picking up their slack in recent years. MOV do have a place on their page to request a release and for an artist as big as Killswitch I think they'd definitely consider rolling the dice if roadrunner come up with an amenable figure. As far as Khoma goes I'm not sure if they'd have enough draw but there's no harm in trying. If not them then maybe Pelagic records for Khoma would be a good port of call as they released their follow ups and might be able to wrestle the rights off of roadrunner. @Mr Mojo @Saxonjulin
  2. They vary a lot from album to album but apparently this track is quite representative of the new album. Would highly recommend checking out their previous two albums for sure. @Rip if you want I can see if I have any download cards tonight when I'm in. I know I definitely didn't use the one I got with want cos I bought it on cd too.
  3. I mean its not a bad track by any stretch it's just not floating my boat. It's an odd one to put out first if it's an older track and there's also always the chance this may not be representative of everything on the album. If I hear the rest and like it I won't be bummed out about missing a variant.
  4. Upon listening to that track I'll deffo need to hear more before I put any money down on this.
  5. Will deffo have to check this one out. Still sore I was too late to the party to get Rot Forever at release. I mean @mesi has one for a decent price on discogs but I keep chickening out. Rarelimiteds has a much more gapey price point, fuck that dude. Daymoon was really solid I see they have this one and that one bundled for $32 but the postage is $29 so all in that's £48 n that's just shy of what Rot Forever on its own would cost me before postage. Argh! Fuck this hobby!
  6. Excited for this one even if I didnt spend a lot of time with Hiss Spun. She never disappoints.
  7. Album art n track link on the previous page if i formatted it right. I wouldnt imagine that one would be hard to punt at a grunt. They are one of the labels bigger draws. Ive even seen em play in the tate modern to a big crowd in London so my guess is therell be a lot of interest in this one. I mean I get why it is the way it is but if I compare it to their previous album art its not as pleasing to the eye but I think thats what they were going for. Sure I'll love the music, each consecutive album has been another step up for me. *EDIT* Wasn't wrong new song rips. Really mellow for them but they do it so well.
  8. Yeah i think the cover is supposed to be overexposed and ugly on purpose n I get it but its still yuck. Heard that Vale is amazing being an overseas sub means my records get bundled together to save on shipping so mine wont land til drowse starts going out but im excited to hear it. I know its streaming in full over at blabbermouth but waiting to spin it.
  9. Final album confirmed for the sub and my guess of Wreck & Reference was spot on. Hyped. Heres the blurb: Absolute Still Life is the fourth full-length album by the experimental duo Wreck and Reference. The album marks a radical departure from the band’s heavy and noise rock origins and finds them driving toward a more electronic and abstract dimension. Like past albums, warped synthesizers and pillaged samples build up the harmonic elements of the songs, but the absence of acoustic drums gives Absolute Still Life a colder, more alien aesthetic. With fewer screams and stranger textures than before, Wreck and Reference find themselves alone again in uncharted and uncategorizable territory. Absolute Still Life’s cover depicts a sickly still life in which edible and inedible elements mix in an unnatural and unappetizing collage of bright colors. The title reflects the absurdist version of reality that we find ourselves in and unable to escape. To date, Wreck and Reference have released four EPs and three full-length albums. Their first work, an EP titled Black Cassette, showcased distorted fragments and synthesizers in angular, heavy songs, with themes of determinism and Cormac McCarthy-esque isolation. Their debut full-length Y̶o̶u̶t̶h̶ (2012) and their sophomore release Want (2014), described by Pitchfork as having “radical vision” and “boundless experimentation,” represented dramatic expansions of their sonic palette. In 2016, Wreck and Reference released their third LP,Indifferent Rivers Romance End, perfecting their song craft and pushing their noisy, sample-based instrumentation to its limits. 1. Black vinyl. 2. Cyan colored vinyl. Limited to 500 4. Cyan colored vinyl + art book by the band. Limited to 300. 4. Series one membership edition. Pie slice colored vinyl (Cyan, Red, Mustard) plus art book. Limited to 150. Out July 19 2019. Series one memberships will ship before then. Track on bandcamp: https://wreckandreference.bandcamp.com/track/a-mirror US Preorder: https://nowflensing.com/collections/pre-orders/products/wreck-and-reference-absolute-still-life-lp EU Preorder: https://deathwishinc.eu/collections/the-flenser/products/wreck-and-reference-absolute-still-life 2 new W&R shirts are also up in the shop for those who wish to represent, they don't really do reprints on their designs generally so best to get em whilst the getting's good. Will post the links/cover/song later im on my train commute atm n its fiddly by phone. Can't post the EU link as my workplace blocks Throatruiner's distro possibly because of the risqué name lol. But yall Europeans should know where to go. Other flenz news: Vale records are shipping currently so any of those looking to score a membership version but dont have the funds to join the sub discogs n the flenser fb chat may be worth checking now. Jonathan has stated this mystery 12" is long enough to be considered an album. Also tentative plans for year 2 sub are in the works. They signed Midwife which I can't remember if I bothered waxing lyrical about at the time but she is god damn amazing so if she's year 2 I'm likely going in again.
  10. I've gotta say this album is bloody great. As a long term biffy fan since 2002 this legitimately might be their best work since Puzzle for me. I don't know how this will work in the context of being a score but as a stand alone thing its great. My hopes and hype for "Opus 8" are getting out of hand. Apologies for the unnecessary gushy bump but god damn, this thing is infectiously catchy.
  11. Well that came in like a week before the record and I was relying on my crappy memory tbf hence my own attempt to correct myself but go off I guess
  12. Yeah in reality its not been advertised as limited in any way so it would have been smarter for me to wait and make a saving but I am a fool when it comes to Biffy
  13. This is the email I got from awesome distro: Hello, Thank you for your recent purchase via Awesome Distro! We are emailing to let you know this album turned out looking a little different than pictured on the website - the colours are lighter. Apologies about that! We have notified the record label and someone is currently dealing with this issue. In the meantime we will send your order as normal and if you are unhappy with the physical pressing you are welcomed to return it to Awesome Distro for a refund. If you have any questions please do not reply to this email as it's not monitored closely. All enquires should be emailed to: [email protected] Many thanks, Kasia I guess my foggy ass brain inferred them saying they would be reprinting it but a cursory re-read of the email says they're just contacting the label who are "dealing" with the issue so a new variant is n't definitely confirmed, I wouldn't bother waiting on one as you said it turned out fine.