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  1. I wasn't familiar but I dig this track a lot and I'm in the Flenser subscription so I automatically get a copy of this. Will probably do some further research into em and grab a download of the demo but I'm optimistic I'll like this album just based on that track tbh.
  2. Most recently announced Flenser title might float some of your boats. Full deets in the Flenser thread but for those who don't frequent that one here's a taste of Vale's debut album Burden Of Sight.
  3. VALE: BURDEN OF SIGHT March 21, 2019 Pre-orders US Pre-order Bandcamp Pre-order Europe “There was never a single event that doomed us all, it was everything all at once, and forever more.” On their debut album Oakland, CA’s Vale channel visions of a grim future in which the world is barren and destroyed, where agents of opportunity consume everything they can get their hands on. Titled “Burden of Sight,” the album can be seen as an expression of outrage felt at the pervasive exploitation and avarice that has taken root in the band’s own backyard. From rampant homelessness to the overindulgences of the upper class, it’s all too easy to imagine the harsh reality of decomposing landscapes fraught with cannibalism and religious zealotry that Vale depicts across six tracks of roaring, death-infused black metal. Vale features Kate Coysh on vocals, James Meyer and Daniel Borman on guitar, Thaddaeus Perkins on bass, and Justin Ennis on drums and electronics. The band was formed in late 2015 and shares members with Ulthar, Void Omnia and Abstracter. After recording a demo in 2017 the quintet hit the road twice as they worked on the material that would make up their first full-length. Burden of Sight was recorded by Greg Wilkinson in Jan 2019 at Earhammer Studios in Oakland, CA. The Flenser will release Burden of Sight on LP and digital formats on May 24th 2019. Track listing: 1. Final Flesh 2. Guilt Among the Dead 3. The Guilded Path 4. Starvation Eternal 5. Beyond the Pale 6. Grief Undone Variants as follows Silver, Black or Sub Club Silver & Other unspecified colour. Was announced on the Flenser FB group as the only "METAL" album Flenser is releasing in 2019. Really like the track, sub club hasn't misfired yet.
  4. I don't have a preferred gauge or thickness when it comes to splatters I can live with streaks, I'm just not a fussy guy. I'll be more than happy with however this looks when I unwrap it as long as it plays well.
  5. My BSM variant is in the post. Surprised everyone isn't ragging on that picture of it for not fitting the description but I guess that's the difference between describing it and showing an inaccurate mock up. Excited to hear this regardless.
  6. Word. I'm trying to be more picky because I have too many ok releases by bands I love because I dive in too early when in reality I'd be better served to track down the bits of the bands discography I know I love on vinyl. I got the orange arctic thunder and its the only Darkthrone album I have on wax which is bonkers! Will stream whatever track they put out and unless I'm wowed to the extreme I'll take the money I'd spend on this and grab some of their classics.
  7. Truthseeker have tracked down some copies of Sonance's 2012 debut Like Ghosts and have put them along with all the bands other releases together in a very affordable discography bundle: http://www.truthseekermusic.com/products/636679-sonance-bundle Or separately: http://www.truthseekermusic.com/products/638420-sonance-like-ghosts As always the material is available on Sonance's bandcamp for pay what you want download alongside the drone companion pieces but for £38 getting three full lengths and a 12" split with Torpor you seriously can't go wrong, there's also a vinyl bundle that includes the Blister The Maw EP on cassette as well for just a couple of pounds more. Realise these guys are small time and I'm possibly the only person excited about them but I think some of you would really dig them. Give it a spin: https://sonance.bandcamp.com/
  8. Dead Meadow's Matador era albums could all do with a reprint.
  9. As long as there's no errors or faults with the pressing itself I'm good. Even if there are I've returned or requested replacement a total of zero times since I started this hobby, instead I just have a sigh to myself and move on.
  10. It's incredibly unlikely because of its fringe appeal but I recently discovered Jack Stauber through my younger brother and I'd love for 2017's Pop Food to get repressed and last years HiLo to also get given the vinyl treatment. If you're into WEEN you'd probably dig him.
  11. and someone had the audacity to suggest that this forum had lost its teeth. Classic thread 10/10 much better than the recent spate of Tuggys we've had.
  12. For those who aren't already listening to the leak but want more here's keys: