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  1. Hopefully although I want a regular version none of that 4 disc madness they did the first time
  2. I totally spaced updating this I haven't really been paying much attention to VC for a while, anyway 7" number one for subscribers is confirmed. DEETS: Street Sects – Gentrification III: Death and Displacement By The Flenser on June 10, 2019 in Uncategorized Pre-order 7inch Bandcamp Pre-order 7-inch Europe In January of 2014 Street Sects released their first single, “Gentrification I: The Morning After the Night We Raped Death”. The two song 7″ was the first of a planned five part series titled “Gentrification: A Serial Album”. In June of the same year they released “Gentrification II: Broken Windows, Sunken Ceilings”. After the second single was released, the band was approached by San Francisco based record label The Flenser, and the band switched gears to begin working on a full length for the label. One release led to another, and the final three installments of the Gentrification series were put on hold, indefinitely. Now, five years later, in the wake of the release of their more melodic and melancholic sophomore LP, “The Kicking Mule”, the band have returned to the serial album that started it all to pick up where they left off. “Gentrification III: Death and Displacement” isn’t so much a return to form (the bands’ style has always been in flux, and their approach to songwriting and production has evolved significantly in the past half-decade) as it is a return to the emotional intent that fueled those first two releases. The themes and stories addressed within the Gentrification series were never intended to be strict socioeconomic commentary, but rather the conversation and consequences surrounding Gentrification were meant to be a fractured and brutal lens through which we are given a voyeuristic look into the emotional perspectives of characters whose lives are maligned by alienation, exile, and economic peril. If crime is primarily a symptom of the underclass, then perhaps our prisons are filled with some our most valuable living lessons. These castaways, offenders and recidivists are a glaring example of the consequences of a systematic ideological violence inflicted by the haves upon the have-nots. The Gentrification series is not an indictment or an apology, it is an empathetic gritting of the teeth, clenching of the fist, and pulling of the trigger. Track list: Goodbye Recidivist Road Boxcars I believe the sub variant is on blue.
  3. I got drunk about a week ago n met a friend in town n we went to the only alternative night our shitty lil town has, legitimately saw a guy wearing a nu metal kilt and heard some KoRn so I'd argue its still filling clubs if that's your thing. Even my last club night in Camden was 90% nu. It's as if 2003 was the year the music died unless you scour London for a more hipster establishment.
  4. 190 ahead of postage puts it at about £31 per album which isn't unreasonable considering the secondary market for any of these alone (save the recent re-issued bloody kisses) that being said I picked up that re-issue for £20 and it is well put together numbered item and on colour if they wind up doing that for each album I can prevent myself duplicating and avoid getting the albums I know won't get the played a lot. Tis a real beard scratcher of a decision.
  5. I love the idea of a box and would probably jump on it if it was available outside of the US (Fuck importing a boxset) that said kind of miffed they didn't announce this before dropping Bloody Kisses. I could have waited. I'm partly holding out hope that each album will in turn get an individual run so I can cherry pick now that I already have Bloody Kisses.
  6. My thoughts exactly but then you get Manchester Orchestra doing that same song so I'll just reorder the digital by putting that in its place instead of at the end and dash that mp3. There was live footage of the MO covering this one live and it was tonally spot on. As far as everyone saying this won't stand up as a cohesive unit ya'll probably right, I still snagged the vinyl because I'm a Clyromaniac and wanted to show some love. Daughter covering Poke is sure to be a real tearjerker and of course The Twilight Sad can do no wrong so I'm still happy.
  7. Bro cool it with your persecution complex, I assure you I do not find your trollsona engaging or exciting enough to rage a pseudo flame war via Mark Zuckerberg. Wouldn't click a link you posted if you were paying home slice.
  8. Oh boy challenge accepted. Fidget spinners at ten paces, high noon, Denny's parking lot.
  9. I guess Tug is pretty much in the wind until RSD each year so the return of CrocodileJoyMaleHeir will have to hold us all over. I hope this sequel lives up to the hype of the first iteration.
  10. My friend told me they wanted the Shrek soundtrack, I wasn't sure if she was joking But then I saw her face
  11. Mutoid Man are clearly a bunch of guys just having fun and in it's own way that is refreshing. Most of the people I know who have sort of stadium metal tastes that I have introduced to them really like their stuff and it is accessible, catchy and heavy in just the right balance. Depends how you gauge what counts as the best I guess, if you're ranking from a point of view of heavy music that get's you pumped up they're definitely great candidates. If you're thinking of it more in terms of high art, chin stroking music then they seem out of place for sure. Still it's Kerrang! they're hardly the journalists to get the whole picture of what is the best modern metal.
  12. its 62 pages long and I find it interesting but its more of a production diary than the zine/books that come with Deathconsciousness or Giles Corey which were interspersed with lyrics art and fiction. It is mostly a reproduction of hand scrawled notes and it does also occasionally diverge into more ruminative segments about feelings and philosophy. It does go into depth as to explaining the themes as well as the compositional choices of each track. So if that's your bag maybe its worth the extra 8 euros?
  13. Ok here goes @skycriesmary apologies for the lighting/lack of photography skills on display. Elizabeth Colour Wheel - Nocebo (Red Blob in clear with screen printed dustcover) All Your Sisters - Trust Ruins (Red with black splatter and art booklet/zine) Vale - Burden Of Sight (Clear with Silver & Black Splatter) Drowse - Light Mirror (Clear & Silver half and half with production diary zine/booklet) As far as sound quality goes I'm probably not the most qualified to weigh in, my set-up is mid-tier and I've never been an audiophile. That said all of them play well, I don't think I've ever got a record that sounded shitty or off from this label.
  14. Yeah I figure it'll be luck of the draw with anyone yet to physically have it in hand. Beautiful item but very delicate and could definitely done with extra padding inside to prevent the records moving about. Still the hobby wouldn't be the same without rolling those dice