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  1. Without old tugjob around to give minute by minute updates on how many copies of each variant are left at different retailers is it even worth it?
  2. City Burials is the band’s eleventh studio album and its first since 2016’s haunting The Fall of Hearts. With the winds of a new direction steering the band on their latest journey, City Burials represents the fruits of a rejuvenating and profound chapter in the band’s legacy; a catalyst for its creators, with a collection of moments constructed out of the fragments of an ever-evolving life. Compiled into one of their most important modern works and statements to date, the finely-honed instrumentation provides a multi-textured backdrop with the voice of Jonas Renkse guiding us through these latest trials of loss and ruin. Beyond their core creative duo, Katatonia are very much a full-blown band, and the chemistry between Jonas, Anders and their band mates – bassist Niklas Sandin, drummer Daniel Moilanen and most recent recruit, guitarist Roger Öjersson – has never sounded more potent, with City Burials being the first album Katatonia have made since Öjersson became a full-time member. Inspired by an injection of fresh blood into Katatonia’s creative brew, City Burials is an album that sees the band reclaim part of their heavy metal roots, via several moments of exuberant, old school classicism, deftly woven into these new songs’ kaleidoscopic fabric. City Burials was produced by Nyström/Renkse and recorded at Soundtrade Studios, Tri-Lamb Studios and The City Of Glass, throughout October and November 2019, with engineering work handled by Karl Daniel Lidén. The album also features a guest appearance by Anni Bernhard, the voice behind Stockholm based act Full of Keys. Lasse Hoile’s artwork imagery represents the ongoing era of the Dead End King. SIDE A 1. Heart Set To Divide (05:29) 2. Behind The Blood (04:37) 3. Lacquer (04:42) 4. Rein (04:21) SIDE B 1. The Winter Of Our Passing (03:18) 2. Vanishers (04:56) 3. City Glaciers (05:30) 4. Flicker (04:45) SIDE C 1. Lachesis (01:54) 2. Neon Epitaph (04:32) 3. Untrodden (04:29) 4. Closing Of The Sky (Bonus Track) (05:26) SIDE D Etching (00:00) Available on White or Standard Black here: https://www.omerch.eu/shop/katatonia Available on Clear or Standard Black Here: https://burningshed.com/tag/City Burials No USA links yet. Due out April 24th 2020 First track preview
  3. Just an FYI to all you fellow Vennart fans theres a new single called Dick Privilege, full things streamable on his site. Video/Download/7" Gammon coloured vinyl drops tomorrow 9AM (I'm assuming that's GMT/UK time zone). The track is absolutely filthy sounding. Reminds me of Oceansize's rhythm section's side project KONG. Not sure if this means another album is on the way, I know Biffy spent most of last year doing that score and recording album 8 with a view to that dropping this year but they still record in the studio as a three piece as far as I understand. Doesn't make the time frame implausible for Mike to have finished something more than just a 7", what it may mean though is that if there is something bigger in the works it might not get toured upon release or it could be held back from release until it's possible to tour in support of it. Purely speculation because any Vennart news makes my pants fizz.
  4. Checked this out as these guys are headlining an alldayer in London in two weeks. Somehow this kind of reminds me of Antidotes-era foals sans vocals. Gonna check the other 5 acts I don't know before I commit to going but it was a pretty chill listen.
  5. If I hear anything about a 3rd run or a reasonable priced second hand one I'll drop you a line.
  6. Not gonna lie before Mamaleek & Giles Corey were confirmed I was still weighing up resubbing just for Midwife. Her debut Like Author, Like Daughter is just perfect. Highly recommend everyone checks it out. Think its OOP now and I broke my "No more pricey imports" rule for it. Was very happy when they announced she'd signed to the label. Check it here if you like: https://midwifemusic.com/album/like-author-like-daughter Between this and the sprain debut it might be a more mellow year overall for the sub but I'm cool with that.
  7. Series 2 Update As Midwife, Denver based multi-instrumentalist Madeline Johnston plays what she describes as “Heaven Metal,” or emotive music about devastation. Johnston began developing the experimental pop project in 2015 while a resident of beloved Denver DIY space Rhinoceropolis. The venue/co-op started in the early aughts and nurtured local artists until 2016, when its doors were shuttered due to high tensions surrounding the safety of DIY spaces (not coincidentally following the horrific Ghost Ship fire in Oakland). Residents were displaced around Denver and artists like Midwife were forced to start over. However, it was at Rhinoceropolis that Madeline became close with Colin Ward, an artistic confidant and friend to whom her new album, Forever, is dedicated. Madeline comments, “He was my roommate and was the embodiment of that place [Rhinoceropolis] in a lot of ways. We became really close friends there. I was always learning so much from him, about life and being an artist. He was an amazing teacher and friend to me.” When Ward passed away unexpectedly in 2018, she turned towards sound to express the indescribable feelings that partnered with her grief. These mournful sounds ultimately developed into her new album, Forever. The 6-song LP is a latticework of soft focus guitars and precise melodies–anthems of light piercing through gray clouds of drone. On the track “C.R.F.W.,” we hear Colin Ward reading a poem that speaks of a leaf falling from a tree in autumn: “imagine the way a breeze feels against your leaf body while you finally don’t have to hold on anymore.” Johnston responds with slowly radiating tones, branches stretching out to hold the leaf one last time. “I wanted to write him a letter. I wanted to make something for him in his memory,” Madeline says of Forever. On Forever, Midwife combines ambient and dream pop into nuanced, reverb-soaked music that is equally haunting and moving. Look for the album to be in stores on April 10th via The Flenser and see Midwife performing at Roadburn Festival in The Netherlands following its release, as part of the Flenser 10 Year showcase. Pressed on Black Vinyl, Mustard Yellow Vinyl, and Milky Clear with Mustard Yellow Color-in-Color Vinyl (Series Two Membership exclusive). Mustard Vinyl is also available with a limited edition Silk-Screened cover. Tracklist: 1. 2018 2. Anyone Can Play Guitar 3. Vow 4. Language 5. C.R.F.W. 6. S.W.I.M US: https://nowflensing.com/collections/pre-orders/products/midwife-forever-lp EU: https://deathwishinc.eu/collections/the-flenser/products/midwife-forever Also two t-shirts designs available to go with this. As always Mamaleek have no associated merch with their album.
  8. Its a total guess its probably somewhere in the thousands, the only way to get any clarification would be to email the label directly and hope someone gets back to you. Then you have to hope that the number they give you stays the same, its not uncommon practice for an item to be put up for pre-order with a limit to have its limit increased and with them not posting numbers publicly its even easier for them to do this. Ultimately just like Tim said above if you get into this hobby of collecting records buy what you like and don't worry about value or scarcity. You never know what will end up being worth a lot down the line, just like any investment its a gamble because you need to land in the sweet spot where demand is higher than supply. An album that is worth 300 bucks for years can always wind up becoming available again or reprinted and then wind up being worth 20. Pick the records you love with the intention of playing them and you always win.
  9. As a general rule the easiest way to find out is to check a website we probably all frequent called Discogs.com it lists every version of a release and often data like pressing numbers are posted on each version where available. That said I had a cursory glance on your behalf and found that whilst it's listed as limited no numbers are stated. As Tim has said there's no perfect way to calculate correct numbers if a label or company don't advertise them. If they do advertise a number then even that is to be taken with a grain of salt for the reasons above. There's always a level of false scarcity when it comes to records as it does help drive sales and you'll often find an unspecified "limited" release is selling at a higher price point. That said for an artist as big as Janet Jackson I'd say your looking at something that probably has 1000 copies or more out there.
  10. First Series Two Update: As previously mentioned, the first Flenser release of 2020 will be Mamaleek's new full-length, "Come & See." On "Come & See" Mamaleek seek to weaponize the tropes of blues, jazz and black metal through an understanding of their respective formal structures. Known for flouting genre conventions, the band’s newest album marks yet another degree of separation from their metal roots. Here Mamaleek draws inspiration from post-war public housing—specifically Chicago's notorious Cabrini Green housing project—seeking to analyze the emotional impact of the spaces we occupy, the surreal forces behind the appearance of physical reality, and the residues they leave behind. "Come and See" is the band's third full-length LP for The Flenser, and their first release written and recorded with a full band. Available on Red, Black with Series Two Exclusive being Milky Clear & Red Splatter. Mockups on the site. Released March 27th US: https://nowflensing.com/collections/pre-orders/products/mamaleek-come-see-lp EU: Throatruiner cannot post link at work Listen here:
  11. Series 2 subscription is live to the general public as of Today.
  12. to be fair a lot of people missed it when it dropped and the Flenser only got it up on the streaming services last year so you're not alone. Its a great set of songs. The art is a picture of the Hinterkaifeck house with a bunch of runes overlaid, the story of the hinterkaifeck murders is seriously creepy too if that's your bag. As far as new GC I feel your pain.
  13. well Hinterkaifeck isn't new per se but it is its first physical release and I guess there's a chance they'll extend it as its only 13 mins in total and that leaves a hell of a lot of space on a 12".
  14. according to an unfolding conversation in the flenz facebook Thom has said the third disc on Leaving is "stuff recorded at the time" and it might be a 10". Doesn't really give the game away.
  15. Not sure whats on it myself but whatever it is I'll get it. Those bonus tracks are amazing and I'd be happy with them. My big want to hear is a complete studio version of Splitting Our Collection but that's probably not gonna happen. Doubt it will have the extended track cos that would be longer than a single side although I spose you could get it up to a point and have a lock groove?
  16. Beat me to it. Details released so far as follows: Midwife “Forever” LP Mamaleek “Come & See” LP Unannounced project (who will it be??) Unannounced project (who will it be??) Unannounced project (who will it be??) Giles Corey “Hinterkaifeck” Sprain DEBUT FULL-LENGTH Series Two Membership Record (Exclusive 12inch not for sale elsewhere) At least one 7inch of mysterious origin An exclusive Flenser Pin and Patch Bandcamp downloads sent to your inbox of all Flenser titles released in 2020 First crack at Flenser sales and promotion Think I'm in it again. There's also an extreme membership which includes the upcoming reprints of Giles Corey and the anniversary version of Planning For Burials - Leaving (which will now be a 3lp). Gonna go for the basic cos I don't need a second GC box n then chance it to pick up every variant of Leaving cos I'm just a silly person.
  17. Yeah I got a text from Royal Mail stating the company name so can confirm these are on the way.
  18. Recordstore.co.uk are having a sale at the minute with some stuff that may tickle someone's fancy with some LPs down to £8.99 before postage. https://www.recordstore.co.uk/recordstore/Cheap-AF/ Notable artists included The Cure, The Killers, Frank Turner, Mazzy Star, Massive Attack, DJ Shadow, Brian Eno, Rihanna. There's like 7 pages so its a quick scroll. Used them before and they know how to pack records.
  19. See I refused to buy it because of this and hearing that yet again the 2nd edition is over 30 means I'll probably stick with the copy I half inched off the net. I'm not 5 so the idea of a bunch of cards with pictures of human cross sections that I'd look at once doesn't appeal. I'd feel bad but they don't need my money.
  20. Id easily snatch that and the red thread if they do. When they reformed n played in 2016 they did release a self titled compilation n I think that sold out in physical form. The label shop doesnt have any physical stock at least. If these sell well enough I could see them doing the lot save for the ones on different labels.
  21. Apologies bud. Ive tried both on my phone n computer and they both work for me but im in the uk so maybe its an ip related issue?
  22. Not sure if this will resonate with anyone here but Chemikal Underground have just announced a re-issue of Arab Strap's second album Philophobia, the first vinyl reprint in 21 years. Personally love this band and they quietly re-issued the debut album "The Week Never Starts Around Here" earlier this year so maybe this is the start of a full run of re-issues, although I'm not sure if "Elephant Shoe" will get the same love as that was on Go Beat! not Chemikal. Won't paste the album art cos it's a nude painted portrait of Aidan's girlfriend from back in 1998. I mean it's not really scandalous but a lot of you guys scan this site at work. Here's the word from the horses mouth: Available to preorder now and is released on the 6th of December. The first 100 preorders include a signed postcard by Aidan & Malcolm. Twenty-one years after its initial release, Arab Strap’s second album Philophobia is reissued on vinyl, having been out of print for twenty years. The 2LP heavyweight vinyl comes in a wide spined sleeve and includes a 320kbps MP3 download card. Philophobia was recorded on the outskirts of Glasgow in the early incarnation of CHEM19 Studios with engineer/producer Paul Savage & at Cava Studios in Glasgow with engineer Geoff Allan. Initially released in 1998, it was the follow up to the band’s 1996 debut The Week Never Starts Round Here. Instrumentally ambitious, Philophobia is adorned with sepulchral guitar, trumpet, cello & Scottish rainfall, providing a most beautiful backdrop to Aidan Moffat’s bold lyrical presentation as he articulates experiences most of us are too embarrassed to even think about; confessional, intimate, insightful and hilarious, ‘Philophobia’ remains a literate & musical revelation. ‘Philophobia’ - (from Greek "φιλέω-φιλώ" (love) and "φοβία" (phobia)), is the fear of falling in love / emotional attachment. Preorder from the label here: https://shop.chemikal.co.uk/browse/chemikal-arab-strap/products/arab-strap-philophobia-vinyl-reissue-2019 (Warning again link has the art which could be construed as NSFW) £20 for a double lp is a pretty good deal. I imagine it will make its way to other retailers too.