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  1. Thanks for all the recommendations. I went to Josey’s and didn’t find anything I was after. I went to Born Late which is a record store/tattoo parlor in Fort Worth and I found a really good selection of metal!
  2. I’m coming through the DFW area from OKC and I know there are plenty of record stores in Dallas / Fort Worth, but which ones will have the best extreme metal selection (ie: black metal, death metal, etc). Here in OKC we have a handful of record stores, and there is only one that carries a somewhat decent selection of metal, all the others aren’t even worth a stop if that’s what you’re after. I know there is a stickied thread about record stores, but I didn’t find anything about what type of selection to expect at record stores in the area. Thanks for the help!
  3. It’s tax refund season and I’m hunting for this LP. Please let me know if you have this release and how much I can buy it from you for. Thank you
  4. Recently inherited this record player from my stepfather's mother. Is it worth keeping?
  5. My Ion Profile LP has been serving me for several years now but suddenly it stopped stopping - that is to say that if it is plugged in then it will constantly spin. I have narrowed down the problem after disassembling it: a spring had come off on the mechanism that actuated the motor contact. All this being said I need help from a gracious Ion Profile owner. I need a picture of the underside of another unit (cover removed) so I can see how the tone arm mechanism and the motor actuating mechanism connect and wear the spring mounts. I identify myself as pretty mechanically inclined, but after 2 hours of trying every possible way I could imagine they would connect, it still wouldn't cooperate. I figured I would try my luck and see if I could get a helping hand on here, as the internet has yielded no other resources for me. I would love to buy a new, better unit (like a Uturn) but cash is sparse at the moment.
  6. After almost a year, finally found MTNZ! thanks papermonsters!
  7. Went on a buying spree on here, discogs, and dead format, and somehow I wound up with two copies of the limited pressing. I only need one, and as of now I have 2/100. In good condition and ready to ship. Make me an offer if you need this in your collection.
  8. i posted something on their facebook page asking if they had any extras, and to no avail. my only hope is to buy someone out of their copy. that may be your best bet too. happy hunting!
  9. and did I mention that I would pay "handsomely"? well allow me to reassure anyone out there, that i will definitely do so for your copy of MTNZ.
  10. Well I did say "any and all", so if you're willing to part with it, I'd buy it.
  11. Any idea of the content or track listing on it?
  12. Managed to snag Foreign Friends and was led to a Forgettingism cassette still available for order. The collection is building! Thanks for the heads up so far everyone. Still NEED MTNZ for sure (would love to have each pressing color-way)