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  1. Rehumanizer is KILLER. Definitely worth a spin if you like this new one.
  2. Looks like copies of the standard and collector's editions are up on the UK/EU store: http://mewithoutyou.awesomedistro.com/ - no pics yet and only the orange LP is listed under the standard edition, so maybe (hopefully!) they're still getting bits and pieces together.
  3. That makes plenty sense, I did wonder if it was intentional but wanted to check!
  4. Mine just came and it seems like one of the little lyric inserts for Winter Solstice (the album version) is missing in mine - can anyone who's got the package yet double-check whether theirs has an insert for both versions of the song and let me know please? I know it's a tiny thing, but it's gonna drive me nuts if it's missing! Tiny bits aside, the package is gorgeous - the labelless records look amazing. I expected plain white LPs for the 'white' version but the 'natural' clear colour looks amazing.
  5. https://ohsees.bandcamp.com/album/face-stabber a 21 minute single! WHAT.
  6. Ah, go on then: 1. Peregrine 2. Low Level Owl (Pt. 2 > Pt. 1.) 3. Illumination Ritual 4. Sagarmatha 5. Mare Vitalis 6. Two Conversations 7. Ring Wars 8. Lost Songs
  7. My favourite thing about TAC is how every album has a little bit of its own flavour, it seems already like this might keep that going! It's hard to compare that first song to anything else - kinda got that electronic weirdness like Peregrine did, but also it's pretty heavy sounding in a way I can't really pin against anything else they've done. We're spoilt by this short preorder window, but damn it's still gonna drag.
  8. The hi-hat abuse at the start of Barrier Islands is all I need to agree with you on that one.
  9. The little snippets of new songs floating around have me so excited, it sounds like that classic AC sound mixed with a little Disintegration-era Cure. Which is 100000% my shit. Hopefully I'm at least close in my head - but the amount of hyping up Graveface are giving it has me a little giddy too.
  10. They said (on Facebook I think) that all the pre-orders had gone out. I didn't get a shipping notice either.
  11. Personally I don't think it's as bad to me as people make it out to be, especially with the Defeater record - I thought it all seemed very reasonable with a couple of points where it felt like the vox were a little muted for effect. Apples and oranges, I suppose! If I had one criticism of Yip's albums I'd probably say that a lot of those emo-revival LPs he did sounded a little samey, but maybe that's just the bands themselves! He did the last B&C, Turnover and PBTT records and all of those I felt were lacking a certain something, but I couldn't put my finger on it at all. They all feel maybe a little clean, a little safe, a little sterile? Also, Matt Bayles did such a good job on Dust & Disquiet, it's incredibly rich and textured which I love. Honestly though, these guys have never let me down, and they just keep getting better and better. I don't really have any fears that they'll knock this out of the park!