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  1. Apparently they're working on it now!
  2. I haven't had one yet.
  3. So close yet so far. Thanks!
  4. Mine just came - the lyrics are on the sleeve containing the LP inside. The insert? I never know what to call it, but that thing.
  5. So, do the three of us start a support group now, or...?
  6. According to Mike yesterday the album pre-order might be live today, get y'all cards at the ready! (also according to some other tweets he posted over the weekend, the album might be out there somewhere...but I'm not too inclined to go searching for it myself.)
  7. It would be morally wrong for me to not help you keep that collection going. Hit me up if you need me! I'm seeing them on Sunday night.
  8. I should be able to help you out, drop me a PM!
  9. Thanks very much for clearing that up, appreciate it. I'm just eager to see it in the flesh!
  10. Same here pal, I seem to remember something about shipping emails not going out but that they had been sent. @ethereal, did I get that right?
  11. I caved and made this #3 for me. The Constant Rotation pressing is done by a guy who runs a store here in Birmingham, he posted a pic of one of his on FB earlier. I'll try and dig it out for this thread later, but it might have to be #4! You're a bad influence! Are there any UK people still waiting on their Stolen Body copies? I got a shipping notification (well, label creation notification) a week or so ago but nothing yet. :/
  12. This album is so fucking good. I'm gonna have such a hard time not buying any more variants. That sepia-cover version, ugh...
  13. I couldn't help but laugh at the cartoon gator on the 'overload' page. Brand synergy for ya. I'm not all the way through but early impressions are super strong. The synths sound incredible, all the acoustic bits...everything just sounds wonderful. It's amazing that this is the fourth album they've done this year and they're still treading crazy new ground.
  14. Mattallurgist

    PO - Brand New - Science Fiction

    I hope that something like this could happen, Daisy is so good and that's mostly Vin's writing right?