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  1. I do think removing Dust Swirls and the 2 choral tracks and then moving some tracks around on the tracklist could make for a better flow for the record. Personally I think the tracks are pretty standard fare for the National and could exist on any of the previous 3 records.
  2. Fireproof, Slipped and Heavenfaced are ones I constantly see mentioned as the low points of TWFM. I love them though. Over all through, the vibe of the album doesn't reach the highs of the previous 3 (for me).
  3. They haven't had a bad album after their debut. Some songs may be weaker. If you're cynical, I guess you could call it filler. But I can't think of a popular group/artist thats had as good of a run for as many albums as The NTL have had the past 15 years.
  4. Theres threads from You're Dead in there too. But I felt like its more of a successor to Quiet though. Caveat: thats only after 2 listens.
  5. Its solid. Its not that much of a departure from Quiet Comes IMO. Its very good. Not LA or Cosma great though.
  6. No. But my clear copy from Bleep came yesterday. Sounds good.
  7. Seeing them in the small clubs for the Alligator/Boxer years is a trip given where and how they play now.
  8. Just anecdotal accounts. Fogging seems to be the biggest issue.
  9. Pretty sure the current pressing is the ORG Gundman cut. RTI pressed too, I believe (maybe Palas? either way, pressed as well as it probably could be) So its one of the best.
  10. These are most likely the same as the standard pressings out there now. No way is Target getting new cuts.