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  1. If it’s the LITA pressing from a couple of years ago, it’s a really great cut.
  2. Island Raiders up at CF. Half Cream/half butterscotch https://www.castlefacerecords.com/products/the-oh-sees-the-cool-death-of-island-raiders
  3. Just arrived yesterday. Record is great. Great pressing too. Splatter looks fantastic. Thanks so much!
  4. If there is water damage to the sleeves, you will need remove the records to make sure there is no mold on them. The records will need to be cleaned. You can google a record cleaning solution and how to clean them. You may need to get new interior sleeve liners because the water damaged old ones will not keep the vinyl clean. Once the sleeves dry out, and the records are clean and resleeved, I suggest buying exterior plastic record sleeves.
  5. Unless the record itself is fucked, I just feel like it’s never worth the hassle.
  6. Yeah, other than a quick “bummer” in my head, I move on. Bends dings, whatever. I don’t buy records on spec. I’m rarely gonna resell them. So some wear and tear is meh.
  7. Not every release is warped. I’ve had 2 out of about 20 purchases
  8. Never checked. 2000 is probably reasonable seeing as this release has barely been promoted.
  9. Or did you get the shirt with it? Sometimes they ship that separately.
  10. I'm guessing its the same plates used for the 20th anniversary reissue (which was also $50). Its a terrible master IMO and the pressing is subpar. I can't imagine this is much better. Just a cash in on the 25th anniversary and riding Cornell's legacy because of his passing. The black vinyl pressing is about $30. Just get that.