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  1. shit. these are much better pressings than the first run. Dead quiet, tip on sleeves. Perfect. QRP is the best.
  2. Also, I should have been clearer earlier. My post was in response to the “no more Frank Ocean madness”. It’s dumb for Artists to take POs and make people wait 9-15 months or whatever. I’m just saying a tweet or whatever of “my new album is out today! Vinyl coming soon. I’ll post those deets when we know more” is all you need. tyler did that here. It’s all good. More artists should do that now that vinyl takes 9-12 months
  3. I’m just saying if you know a LP release is in the cards, say so as early as possible. Hurts no one. Plus it cuts down on constant social media posting “when will there be vinylzzz”
  4. People buy/make bootlegs. and maybe people would buy a Cd or a shirt to support the release. But if people knew a LP was coming later, they would buy that. also, some people budget for releases.
  5. Yeah, it’s best to move away from that type of bullshit. that being said, say from the onset if there will be a vinyl release. Leaving people hanging with no info for 9-12 months is dumb too.
  6. The funny thing is, the artist is great, but this just doesn't land for me. Interesting that Eternals is coming soon too. Hopefully the more Marvel films they are teasing are the Cap films, but I'm betting they are doing Love and Thunder (Big Giacchino year, remember) and maybe both Dr. Strange movies.
  7. These are all live versions, but heres where song have popped up before. Most of the unreleased were on the Mashed Potatoes compilation, not sure if its the same version, but that would make sense seeing as it was a mix tape (CD) box set made by Billy for the band and their management and friends. Honeyspider (Tristessa single) Not Worth Asking (I Am One single) Ball + Chain (UNRELEASED - James song) Slunk (Lull EP) My Eternity (PI reissue) Bleed (PI reissue) Blue Light (UNRELEASED) Over You (UNRELEASED) C’mon (UNRELEASED) 365 (UNRELEASED) Salt (UNRELEASED) Armed To The Teeth (UNRELEASED) Morning Jam (UNRELEASED) Vanilla (PI reissue) Daughter (7" flexi) Siva (Gish) The Vigil (inc.) (UNRELEASED) Try To Try (UNRELEASED)
  8. which by the way, I would love for all the bonus material from the CD box sets to get a vinyl pressing at some point. Thats some pie in the sky type shit, I know, because were are still waiting on Machina I&2, and its Billy and I don't think his relationship with Universal is all that great.
  9. if the reissues box sets were any indication, he's got tons of stuff.
  10. The signed prices are out of control, but I'd probably be more OK with it if Billy's signature didn't take up the whole album cover.
  11. I think the others went up at noon cst? Billy will probably put up an IG about it later today or tomorrow
  12. I don’t think any of these have been limited to 1 per. Japan was open to all during a window. LA was limited but I don’t remember them capping order qtys
  13. I really hate the new style. Just make more of the limited. Its really dumb.
  14. With no note of the autograph on the purple vinyl, I don't think 1000 of the pink/clear is unreasonable assumption. I know some redditors were saying there were 750 left 20 min or so after it went on sale.
  15. So the clear/pink on her website sold out (it appears it was /1000 along with the signed card) and they replaced it with a purple/black marble.

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