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  1. Trust me brother if this shit existed on the internet already ripped then I wouldn't invest anymore money on this fuckin hobby haha.
  2. Got AT150MLX on an AT LP 120 and I'm ready to rip out the included preamp. Does anybody have any suggestions on a preamp that pair well with it? The cart is very bright and I would be looking for a preamp that would provide better bass and possibly USB out for needle drops. Thank you for your time.
  3. Anybody else's copy have a click/scratch noise in the first track of side A? I'm not expecting a great quality from a live recording of an early 90's punk band, but I was curious if I got a bad copy. Thanks in advance!
  4. Mine aren't even showing up, "technical difficulties."
  5. Well you did a shit job looking because I Googled what you posted and here's the Discogs page: https://www.discogs.com/Eagles-Hotel-California/release/6935855
  6. I'm a huge sucker for neon yellow shit and the design on the back. Great looking and sounding release!
  7. I like this song a lot, but then again I have been told I have terrible taste in music. I have to pass if I can just get it digitally.
  8. Last go around you managed to piss off and entertain everybody all at the same time. You then proceed to post under a very similar name, then show you still don't know how to roll with the punches. Calling people names and using gay as a slur really endures you to folks. Stop acting hard when you play MLP.
  9. That's about how much it was new from the band when it was released after shipping. It's really a fair price.

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