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  1. Bob Marley's Legend. 5.74 (Prime eligible) https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B000V7J82S?ref_=mw_olp_product_details Chris Stapleton's Traveller. 7.59 (Prime eligible) https://www.amazon.com/Traveller-2-LP-Chris-Stapleton/dp/B00UI23YDU/
  2. Ordered first thing Sunday morning. Got my shipping notification this morning. I read somewhere here it is a small operation and hey get pretty flooded with online orders every year when they put their leftovers online.
  3. Got my BCR today. Pretty warped. Doesn't affect the play at all to my ears. Still a pretty big bummer. I've seen various mentions of guys using different methods to flatted warped records. Anyone personally have success with this? On a side note. Was in Nashville this week and got a chance to tour through Third Man Records. Pretty cool stuff.
  4. Ya. I assumed it was the entire press. I just didn't bother to check it out further. I didnt bother to listen listen to the entire B side. But it looks like based on the reviews it is just the first 3 tracks. Not worth my time trying to return it. I'll just enjoy the rarity of it and live on.
  5. I got my merchandise outlet the other day. Jack Johnson's Inbetween Dreams. The B side is not Jack Johnson. I had to Shazam it on my phone to figure out what it was. The entire B side is filled with tracks from some Argentine band from the 70's. Pescado Rabioso. The center label is the jack Johnson center label with the correct track listing, but obviously not was is actually pressed on the record. Not too upset considering I paid $11, still a bummer though. Anyone else order this album and have a similar issue or receive a correctly pressed version?
  6. Alright. I guess I'm in now. I will use a code if someone wants to pm me one.
  7. Currently in a battle with them via "Help Tickets" since I cannot get a single response on email, Twitter, and no one answers their phone. They sent me the wrong color variant, I already own the one they sent me, then told me they over sold the one I ordered so just sent me the other instead, the one I have. They are making me pay to return ship the item that THEY incorrectly sent me.
  8. Anyone hear of anyone scoring a signed bass yet?