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  1. you play the halftime show at the super bowl, and revenue increases ensue. same sort of premise. iTunes increased all downloads of JLo's and Shakira's past albums up by a dollar minutes after they performed. strike while the iron is hot.
  2. yet another instance of where the ideals of framers of the Constitution are thwarted by partisan politics with SCOTUS political appointments by the "executive branch" (lol). 5-4 decision. guess who wrote the opinion, who joined, and who dissented.
  3. i have two tie-dyes on the way, both of which i'll swap for a green or transitional. PM me if any interest exists.
  4. yeah -- sorry for the confusion. 5000 deluxe books D2C online; 1400 books in stores. numbers on the ltd. ed. orange (non-book) are indeed still unknown; after searching through my cache, that language appeared on the "indie exclusive" listing on the zia records website, but has subsequently been removed.
  5. i found it earlier this morning and the details were on the page of a random record store as i was trying to ascertain whether there'd be an orange variant that isn't the full deluxe (ofc, i should've come here first yesterday to be informed there is going to be such a variant, lol.) i forget where i saw it. i'll try to track it down in my browsing history and post it if i uncover it.
  6. never claimed to be an expert on anything. most, or, at the very least, have a substantial influence in production. not a huge fan of outside influencers traipsing in; although, i admit, some outside production has, indeed, been "life-saving" for some albums. i'm one of those people who are engaged in a select few artists in particular for extreme dedication to their product and not rely on a whole host of others to generate final material. not to say that i don't listen to a whole bunch of other artists who aren't of that ilk, but yeah. and i guess at this point i'm just gonna shut the hell up and hope people "like" the fact that i'm going to do so. trying to make amends in some way, but, on this board -- tough crowd. lesson learned. civility going forward.
  7. for the record, i dislike sufjan altogether...and beach house, save one album. the clause "foisted on us because, you know..." was not intended in any way, shape, or form to reference, even indirectly, the LGBTQIA (i digress -- that acronym gets longer seemingly by the day...but i don't care...) community or persons of color. i was simply trying to (unsuccessfully, and, indeed controversially, apparently) express my dislike for music that strikes me as that which i am confounded as to why so many people go goo-goo over. alas, to each his own; indeed, de gustibus non est disputandum. i apologize if my comments came across that way; i'm not here to create havoc. i collect / am connected with...in a somewhat weirdly attenuated way (yes, cryptic)...with one artist in particular -- whose genre of music lies far afield from either of those artists. i hope this clears some air. again, i apologize to all those who i offended.
  8. snagged an indie orange at plaid room before they sold out with a promo code, but w/ shipping...came out to 26.49. no love lost if you buy from amoeba, essentially. however, amoeba tends to cut off sales when they fear overselling preorders, so i'd act sooner rather than later. or, go over to bullmoose ($32 + shipping) and rack up some more points if you're one of those peeps. fat beats also seems to have some copies available, but i have no experience w/ them. rough trade -- take your chances. caveat emptor. past experience w/ them has led to cancelled preorders due to overselling. it appears there will be 1,400 non-EXPOSED ORANGE CLOTH SPINE AND ORANGE GILT EDGING AND FINISHED WITH BODONIAN BINDING-book version copies around when all is said and done.
  9. lizzo. are you kidding me? backing tracks + forklift + god knows what else do to a live show? no thanks. i'm not buying a record produced by, essentially, everyone other than the "artist" and foisted upon us simply because, well, you know... she's not even above average vocally; indeed, actually she is the equivalent of a shitty, local lounge singer -- at best. that slays me. why are people so enamored with her? what the hell are y'all listening to otherwise? doo-doo?
  10. + it's only / 600, which isn't a whole hell of a lot for one pressing. demand > supply in this sort of situation, no doubt.
  11. that's why i went for the one copy last week. didn't want to risk order cancellation. i bet that TTL tweet was an indirect reference to people who exceeded the limit.
  12. nice, but...caveat emptor -- too many times i get an e-mail a day or two later saying they can't fill my order due to lack of stock. worth a try, though. EDIT: pre-orders at Resident sold out. EDIT #2: last 100 available at AK as of 2:30 p.m. EST Friday.
  13. about 200 left at AK; 36 at Port of Sound. the UK/EU tie-die is sold out.