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  1. don't discard west coast websites with their online onsales. and then refer to my local link that i posted in a post above as a last resort (midnight central - stock unknown), above (not gonna re-do that). yay RSD drop 2! i picked up one title on the UK list in a flash. nothing interested me on the US drop list. there is another title on the UK list i'd consider, but i think it is overpriced...unless someone State-side can provide me with intel on how to procure it for cheaper instead of across the pond...
  2. veni, vidi, non vici. floor stock wiped out. try goodrecordstogo.com at midnight tonight (central) if all of the other online sales (that may take place prior) fail you. some artists back that store, two of which actually have RSD releases and are fairly well-known, and i was told they have "backstock" (whatever the hell that means) for an online drop. good luck.
  3. i'm in texas. waterloo is keeping things REALLY local for RSD drops (austin ID required). i can't get to austin in an hour...
  4. i'll see what i can do. there's always the the rando internet drops at 5, 6, and midnight at various domestic sites as a backup. i'll stroll in and see what i can find. if anybody else wants me to search for something, DM from now on...but i'll check the thread for the next 15 mins or so.
  5. i have a time slot in about an hour and half and plenty of mailers. i have no reason to go, because i don't want anything in particular, but i will if there is something that might still be lying around by then if ppl want something in particular. the store is well-connected, and often gets 10, 20, 30, 40 copies of titles that of which other stores receive like 1 or none at all. cost would be store cost + $4.00 for media mail shipping (multiple LPs, too -- to a degree; if it's a box set you're after...that's gonna be a bit more). international shipping (untracked) would be $25.00 for an LP (sorry, i have no control). DHL is more reliable these days, but i'm not a business, and i don't want to mess around with what i know -- shipping via USPS first class international. i don't know what is going to be left at 5 p.m., but i have been surprised sometimes. let me know.
  6. better move quick if someone wants it. looking. i thought this was delayed... try easystreet or beindependent or bullmoose or zia later on (later today/tomorrow morning? i don't know all the rules peculiar to each store...). also try goodrecordstogo.com at midnight central. i may head over there (my local) for my slot at 5:10 to see if there are any left that might be posted for sale. i have a few other go-tos online. i'll keep checking.
  7. had to go fast as hell to get tron and checkout on all my go-to UK sites; that thing sold out so fast it was nuts. at least i had everything locked and loaded on a couple of them to nab a copy.
  8. i'm on the lookout for something across the pond, but it seems like i've been pooped on by domestics so many times (unreasonably) that nobody helps to seek out an album I want when I help others obtain what they want; no return on my investment. just shit DMs, calling me out for being a "flipper." not the case at all. i haven't "flipped" an album in my life. happy days. if anyone (in the EU/UK) wants to help, DM me, please -- i'll tell you the title and artist. EDIT: this post was duplicated by VC and i have no way to delete. not my problem. i suppose i'm snake-bitten.
  9. i'm heading to a store tomorrow night that probably (no promises until i can get there) has a copy or two that i can get. if anyone wants to trade for a gold, unsigned cardigan 7" that they ordered (or i'll even take the white 12"), let me know.
  10. this project went south quickly...on multiple fronts, musically and otherwise. eek.
  11. if bullmoose or whatever other site fails for you in a few hrs (or tomorrow): yet another link to a local: https://goodrecordstogo.myshopify.com "elton is not going to be an RSD First, from what I know. no plans to repress this." owner of store is well-connected. there is some robyn left, too, and, i don't know what else you are looking for, but it may pop up. the website is a bit screwy. you might even call tomorrow. in fact, that's what i'd probably do if you are still on the hunt for something. he can't get everything up fast enough. i saw crates of crap that said RSD in the back in the afternoon that had not even been opened yet (unless they had been resealed with other items for storage) -- dunno, they all had an RSD label. it's a one man show (with a helper) who has decided to run the store, basically, for the last 6 months on his own due to Covid. also, if you like the old 97s, they have literally thousands of copies (lead singer is an investor in the store). and lisa loeb visits the store each time she's back in her hometown. that is all.
  12. reckless.com bulls is there right now...but it could go. other stuff there too...go fast. EDIT: bulls looks like it went. i acted as fast as i could...maybe there is other stuff there y'all want. 2nd EDIT : stuff is moving. i guess ppl are buying, hopefully.