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  1. /100 sold out 100 - PN Exclusive - Brown & Bone Aside / Bside w/ heavy Gold and Oxblood splatter 200 - Various 1 - Half Gold / Half Bone 350 - Various 2 - Clear w/ heavy Oxblood and Gold splatter
  2. Ditto. Picked up the pn excl and what a great message and fuck you to all those hypecore bands
  3. Already picked it up. /200. And a splatter. Heck yeah
  4. their social media icon changed to a new logo and lots of black pictures. Sooooo new album dropping tonight?
  5. Rsd was originally postponed to June 20th
  6. Now it sucks for us Europeans to pay 25$ shipping.
  7. Our single Reel has been out for 4 weeks! Thanks for all the love. Still some vinyl copies available. Since bandcamp is waiving all their fees today we’ve decided to put up two of the test presses of Aurora. Helping to cover expenses lost on cxld tours. We’ll put two of them up on different times during the day to give everyone one a fair shot keeping time zones in mind. We’ll ask a correct amount comparable to production cost. Follow us on bandcamp to get a notification when they go up. https://slowcrush.bandcamp.com/merch (everything priced in euro goes directly to the band)
  8. a static lullaby - ... and don't forget to breathe
  9. if you're interested in an Aurora test press. I would advise you to visit their Bandcamp on Friday 🙂
  10. when I saw them in Februari all the other members were having fun and interacting with Lynn, so it must be a Warner decision or something. Must say that all the new songs have more energy live
  11. my variant arrived today and the packaging is actually really sturdy thick pvc protective cover with Shikari logo on the back
  12. No, Belgium. But i know there are troubles for european sendings going stateside
  13. new album is absolutely bonkers very un enter Shikari and very Enter Shikari at the same time. What a band and oh yeah, the webstore variant ended up really pretty
  14. There’s a global pandemic going on and they are probably just like every other company working with a minimum of staff. give them a break and just wait?
  15. soundofvinyl already posted this more than a month ago (in europe)
  16. plenty of TK vinyl, they even worked with Goodlife over here. And there have also been pressings of This Is Hell, It Dies Today etc
  17. wish there would be a press of the TK era albums