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  1. Are you at all familiar with the eBay seller awesomebuttons? She essentially just changed her name. In my opinion, her last few auctions - especially that On My Shield 7" - have been some of her craziest ones in a while. Tough times, I suppose. Awesomebuttons/LazyLabrador also used to post on here, she even has a stickied thread. Her name is Lorin. She only lurks the forums now after some people called her out on her eBay auctions.
  2. Eh, I don't mind this so much. Would you rather have them win and not pay you?
  3. eBay in general sucks nowadays. The sellers have no power. We can't even leave negative feedback and Paypal almost always sides with the buyer. I had an international buyer open a case because I charge $5 extra as a handling fee. They immediately left me negative feedback even though the item was in perfect condition. I told them they could have a full refund if they shipped the item back and they got pissed because I "was taking them for an idiot. There is no way I am paying $20 in shipping to ship the item back."
  4. Is anyone else surprised to see Deathwish offers media mail now?
  5. Kings Road had an exclusive version of Jane Doe, as did MerchNow. Is it really a stretch that they'd also have exclusive variants of You Fail Me and No Heroes?
  6. Care to explain this obviousness? Collectors Note: There is one vinyl colorway of this release available in the DW Estore.
  7. It's pretty obvious there will be variants, just not on DW's site. I expect one on Kings Road, Epitaph, and maybe MerchNow. Edit: And a distributors variant.
  8. Nope, they wont be carrying vinyl. Sorry. Hey Travis, is there any way you can tell me what stores in my area get the most vinyl? I noticed some have no vinyl, some have only a few, and some have a lot. Zip Code is 43619. Willing to travel up to 75 miles or so.
  9. absolutely great parenting, his son is rocking a rhymesayers shirt. ill. The crocs cancel out the rhymesayers shirt.
  10. I'd pick it up, but based on that list I'm more excited for White Pony and Irony is a Dead Scene. Hopefully someone here who works at HT can confirm these.
  11. Next time I see you at a Cleveland show I'll make sure to buy you a beer.
  12. Can someone explain to me why I got Black/White instead of the Green from Hellfish? I thought Green was the retailer copy?
  13. When will the U.S. stores be getting them? I'm surprised to find one of the 18 is in Traverse City Michigan. Guess I lucked out.
  14. awesomebutton used to post on here. Even VC Collector of the Month at one point. Username: Loren.
  15. You really missed out on not seeing Bear vs. Shark live. Easily my favorite live band.
  16. So after 30 years of record collecting as an integral part of hardcore/punk, it will all of a sudden collapse in 2010. Right. Where are your sources for such a statement like that? This is music, not fucking toys. Where did I say that the production of records will cease to exist? I said the current demand for variants won't be as big as it is now. I never said record collecting will collapse. You have to admit that having 5-6 different colors of a single album is similar to multiple comic covers (which have *gasp* been around for longer than vinyl!). Those "super rare limited" comics from the 90s are worth nothing now. Also, saying "it's music" isn't a comparable analogy. I didn't say music was going to collapse - there will always be music in the form of CDs, MP3s, and Vinyl. I said the "record collecting craze where people try and collect 8 of the same album won't be as popular". Edit: You're all blind to think that record collecting hasn't become a cool popular trend nowadays, you can find dozens of articles showing that theres a resurgence in vinyl sales: http://www.lsureveille.com/entertainment/vinyl-records-seeing-resurgence-in-popularity-1.2158692
  17. This is not a jab toward Tre or Deathwish, but I promise you, the record collecting craze will die down very soon and anyone looking to sell their limited rare colors will be sad to hear that they aren't worth anything. I've seen it with comics, action figures, beanie babies, and every other collecting hobby that introduced small variants that fans went crazy over. My rare variant spawn figure is worth all of $1 nowadays (hypothetical, but I do remember seeing tons of McFarlane toys worth $50-$60 each just a few years ago and now they're worth nothing). If you're into collecting variations because they'll be worth something down the road, either flip it ASAP or don't bother.
  18. Anyone with more limited colors want to trade? I ended up getting 2 clear reds.
  19. I tried growing my mustache out but I HATED eating anything sloppy like ice cream or spaghetti. I trimmed it as close to the skin as possible last week.
  20. It's not surprising - from a software perspective, these forums suck. Easily the worst I visit. No one seems to care. (I've been getting the errors too)