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  1. I'm so hugely disappointed in his last two albums, so I promised myself I would never buy any of his albums again. The albums before that I love.
  2. Upcoming album from pg.lost available for pre order now. The Galaxy Marble (ltd to 250) went in less than 15 mins. I grabbed the "next" one, A-side & B-side w/ splatter, ltd to 300. https://pelagic-records.com/product/pg-lost-oscillate-2xlp-download/
  3. I got mine about ten days ago. Sounds great, but I hate the cover.
  4. Cheesuz, for us Europeans who don't stay up at the night this will never be available...
  5. I agree, would be really sweet to have another colour.
  6. Has anyone found any site that carries the ltd gold vinyl for us europeans? Tried Bullmoose and Mills but they don't ship to Europe.
  7. Of course I tried that, but I had no luck. Just thought music lovers could share stuff instead of being rude.
  8. Pre ordered the splatter vinyl yesterday. A great add to the collection.
  9. I have loved everything Lanegan has done up till the last album "Somebody's Knocking". I was really disappointed. So I hesitated before I pre ordered "Straight Songs Of Sorrow", but when I saw there was a ltd vinyl I couldn't stop myself. But after listening to the album for the first time I wish I had. I'm sorry, but he has moved in a direction that I just can't follow...it's not good at all, and it makes me kinda sad.