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  1. I sent a tweet about it to Roadrunner today. I don't expect them to answer, but I couldn't find any e-mail on their site.
  2. For a second there I was stoked to see a new release from The Soundtrack Of Our Lives (TSOOL), but then I saw it was one "o" short. 😐
  3. No, I saw them in Stockholm the day before/after or something like that. Fantastic concert, although the best time I've seen them was back in 2013 (I think?).
  4. I have seen them twice, opening for Cult of Luna. But this was the first time I saw them headline, and it was a brilliant evening! The venue, Södra Teatern, in Stockholm was sold out and it was an all seater. A beautiful venue, like an old theatre, that fitted pg.lost perfect with their beautiful music. I got the impression that a lot of the people there had travelled from other countries for this gig, as I could hear many languages there. So yes, they were fantastic and I hope they will headline more now... My mate shot this video of Terrain:
  5. Stockholm this saturday: pg.lost live at Södra Teatern: https://sodrateatern.com/pg-lost/ It will most likely be amazing...
  6. Let's have them all for us who completely lack Wildhearts on vinyl.
  7. Round records are now taking pre-orders for the freshly remastered self-titled The Wildhearts (aka The White Album), as well as the recently launched G.A.S.S. Mark II album. Round Records proudly presents a special collector’s edition of this classic 2007 album – affectionately known as “The White Album”. Lovingly remastered by Dave Draper (The Wildhearts, Ginger, Terrorvision, Ryan Hamilton) – this deluxe edition comes with 7 bonus rare, hard-to-find and unheard tracks, previously only available on long out-of-print singles or the Japanese version of the original release. The track “Zeen Requiem” is previously unreleased and different to the version which was later released on “Chutzpah!”. Both the triple gatefold vinyl version and the double disc deluxe book CD edition will feature re-imagined artwork by Rich Jones (Michael Monroe / Ginger Wildheart Band / The Black Halos / The Loyalties), lyrics, and brand new liner notes written by all four Wildhearts members – Ginger Wildheart, CJ, Scott Sorry and Ritch Battersby. The triple vinyl will come in heavy duty 180gm black, white and black & white coloured discs. The initial 300 of both VINYL and CD orders will come with a FREE 4 pin badge set. All orders come with an instant free download version of the album. Please allow 6-12 weeks for delivery due to the long lead-up times of vinyl production. Track listing: Side A 01 – Rooting For The Bad Guy 02 – The Sweetest Song Side B 01 – The Revolution Will Be Televised 02 – The New Flesh 03 – Slaughtered Authors Side C 01 – The Hard Way 02 – Inner City Overture 03 – Bi-Polar Baby Side D 01 – She’s All That 02 – Destroy All Monsters Side E 01 – Borderline 02 – Zeen Requiem 03 – So The Spencers Can Poke Out 04 – Oh Bonita Side F 01 – Unbroken 02 – The New Flesh (single version) 03 – Inner City Overture (single version) https://round-records.com/
  8. Just now I got a notion I should check the European store again, and guess what...the Rainier Fog Exclusive B/W Splatter 180gm 2XLP is now available. Just ordered a copy. http://eurostore.warnermusic.com/uk/rainier-fog-b-w-splatter-2xlp-digital-bundle.html
  9. What the hell!? I never saw anywhere that there even was a european shop where you could get the ltd vinyl without the crap, and now it's sold out! Now I'm really pissed off!