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  1. Pre ordered the splatter vinyl yesterday. A great add to the collection.
  2. I have loved everything Lanegan has done up till the last album "Somebody's Knocking". I was really disappointed. So I hesitated before I pre ordered "Straight Songs Of Sorrow", but when I saw there was a ltd vinyl I couldn't stop myself. But after listening to the album for the first time I wish I had. I'm sorry, but he has moved in a direction that I just can't follow...it's not good at all, and it makes me kinda sad.
  3. I hear you and wonder the same thing...I was just about to order it from the link above, but incl the shipping it was almost 40 bucks.
  4. Been listening to a lot of The Strokes lately, and came to the conclusion that this is how I the rank their albums. Without a doubt the only one in the world with this list: 1. Comedown Machine 2. Angles 3. Is This It 4. First Impressions Of Earth 5. Room On Fire
  5. Here: http://www.resident-music.com/productdetails&product_id=67370
  6. Ordered the limited red version here (Europe): https://www.resident-music.com/
  7. Also as picture disc at their webstore: https://shop.thestrokes.com/collections/music
  8. Setlist from Helsinki the other day. Brilliant. The Silent Man Finland Nightwalkers I: The Weapon And With Her Came the Birds Lights on the Hill In Awe Of Passing Through The Fall
  9. ...and a new ice blue edition (ltd 300). https://www.cultofluna.com/shop/ Has anyone seen a setlist from the new tour? On setlist.fm only three songs (!) were listed for the Umeå show. Seeing the band live on saturday
  10. So here's the full story: It feels like yesterday. We borrowed a house of some friends that weren’t there over the summer and we set up our stuff in the attic. There we recorded what became ”In Never Out” and it’s now already ten years since we released it. This we want to celebrate by playing the whole record from top to bottom on a small intimate show in our hometown Norrköping. It will take place on the 9th of November at the legendary ”Hålan”. Because of the small size of the venue and that we want to keep it intimate we will only release a certain amount of tickets for this show. If you would like to come then write us an email at [email protected] and we’ll get back to you all if you’ve landed a spot on the list and with more information. All the best! /Gustav, Kristian, Martin & Mattias
  11. Just had this delivered to my doorstep. One day before the official release.