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  1. Awesome dude, thank you! I listen to the black ones and collect / display the colored or rare variants so I'm trying to get them on colored at the moment. ( doesn't matter which color ) I already own them on black except the Used ILAD which I just ordered on Amazon so once again good looks! If anyone has any colored variants send a PM my way please. Appreciate the help!
  2. Looking for a copy of taking back Sunday - tell all your friends on any color and the used - s/t, lies for the liars ( Pink ) and in love and death, Preferably on any colored vinyl but not looking to go broke on them. Please PM me if you have any and how much you want for them. Appreciate it very much everyone!! Happy new year! =)
  3. Post office trip, Blink - neighborhoods SOLD, Masked Intruder and Taking back Sunday are pending so don't miss out, grab em before they're gone!! TBS is sealed, brand new and Masked Intruder vinyl is MINT, cover is N/M! Purchase something before 2 pm EST and it'll ship today ALSO SHIPPING WILL BE UPGRADED TO FIRST CLASS INSTEAD OF MEDIA MAIL FOR NO EXTRA CHARGE !!! You'll receive it within 2-4 days =)
  4. I saw a pressing of this lp I don't own. It's a clear Splatter with an etched side of the cover image. If anyone has this and is willing to sell or trade for it please PM me! Also need a few Iron chic and Dopamines variants so please PM if you have have any to sell or trade for. Thank you!!