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  1. I was originally outraged, but ultimately realized there was no way I was going to get all the details behind the feud or be able to take a side with an informed opinion. Dweezil's blog post in May made me hopeful they've reached a resolution: https://www.dweezilzappa.com/posts/1983868-good-news "Recently, we Zappa siblings (Diva, Ahmet and Dweezil) got together with the goal of resolving our differences. Once we sat down and actually listened to one another, we found a much greater understanding of each other's intentions. We regret that our communication broke down and that things were misconstrued. It may be a bumpy road at times - we are a passionate Italian family - but we have decided to work toward privately discussing issues rather than using public forums and lawyers. We are hopeful that if any of our father's fans have felt conflicted, they can join us in the peace of our resolution. With our best feet forward, we are moving ahead and will faithfully deliver much more of our father's indefinable brilliance, also known as the "World's Finest Optional Entertainment." Thank you for your passion and love for our father. We can assure you, we all feel the same about him."
  2. This is cool, I didn't expect signatures from any older members. I think the mock-up only showed the current five.
  3. I've always enjoyed Seaweed, the song they had on the Jabberjaw compilation in the mid-90's was a favorite. I'm going to pull that album out when I get home tonight. This PO has motivated me to track down a copy of Spanaway.
  4. I'll check this out. I had never heard of Cartel before the recent reissue and fallout, but the thread dedicated to Chroma was absolute gold.
  5. Just want to say thanks to all who have made this a great thread.
  6. Oh, that Duran Duran tribute would have been sweet. Those were still the Riverfenix days. That said, I'm really excited to finally see this album pressed. Can't wait for it to arrive.
  7. I just listened to STWB and could not believe how different some of the songs sound. I put on my original copy to compare while I read the new liner notes by Jake, and unless I'm reading them wrong at least his guitar parts on the reissue of STWB are different from the ones on the original copy. It seems most of the tracks on the new copy use guitar parts Jake recorded at Rumbo Recorders, while the original used guitar parts Rob recorded at Fat Planet. It makes me wonder if any other alternate tracks were used on these.
  8. As much as I don't want to, I tend to agree with you. Not everything about the new mixes is bad, but the gratuitous echo added to the end of vocal lines drives me nuts. I'm actually surprised at how different some of the new mixes sound compared to the originals. Maybe I notice it because I've listened to these songs so many times, but it seems like the Strung Out remixes are more drastic than most. When I first listened to Top Contenders I thought some of the tracks had been re-recorded. That said, I guess it's not the worst thing for super fans to have different sounding versions of these albums. Some of the tracks sound different enough that it's almost like getting a new Jim Cherry recording. It also means the Fat color represses of ADIP and TBD from a few years ago will still have an important place in the collections of Strung Out fans.
  9. These look pretty sweet, can't wait for them to arrive. I'm surprised STWB didn't get a more exotic treatment, though. Especially since this is the first time it has been pressed on colored vinyl. Half yellow is not as exciting a design as the other three albums.