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  1. i thought nemesis was pretty good. it was a good time, but that's about it.
  2. you can actually go a long way with simple techniques. lean mattresses up against the walls, hang blankets up on the walls, glue foam to the walls, etc. sure, it's not gonna look as nice as building a room within a room, and it won't be TOTALLY sound proof, but it'll cut down a lot.
  3. oh, guess i should just post the direct download link for the demo ep: http://www.mediafire.com/?zvedqan2hf0
  4. you could check out the ghost circles demo: http://www.myspace.com/ghostcircles505
  5. Yeah, but she ain't wearin' one. well, if believing that gets you through the day, more power to ya.
  6. you guys do realize that nipples can very easily show through bra's right?
  7. this is different, i'm not sure i like it, i'm not sure i totally dislike it though. claudio has gone over the deep end with his voice, and i don't like that. but it has some good serious riffs on it, and i like that. the broken is a great way to start the record, guns of summer is a terrible follow up song to that.
  8. totally gonna try to get my band on the albuquerque show.
  9. anybody here going to the emerald city comic-con this weekend? i'll be there.
  10. dude, you can buy absolute sandman in stores for $99.
  11. i wanted to reiterate this statement because i just read this weeks spidey and it was fantastic.
  12. reading these threads makes me realize how much i don't post on this board.
  13. that sounds like an issue with the bar, and what the bar charged you, not with the bank.
  14. man I hope that "Huntsville Dragway" shirt is from my Hometown... are you from huntsville alabama? i went there for a wedding last year, the wedding was great, huntsville was AWFUL.
  15. oh, and amazing spiderman has been really good lately too.
  16. daredevil has been great for years. i was worried about andy diggle taking over, but he's been doing really well with it. ed brubaker's run on captain america is fantastic. and if you really want to prepare for iron man 2, read matt fraction's current run on iron man, it's be SO GOOD.

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