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  1. i've been really loving chew. it's definitely recommended.
  2. it's young moore. and it starts awkwardly b/c he picks up the title from someone else mid story, so there's a bit of the "huh? what's going on?" factor at the beginning. but it has some funny parts, and it's definitely his early brand of cosmic tomfoolery. if you like moore, and you like captain britain, you'll probably like it.
  3. i've read moore's captain britain, it was fun. not his best work, i wouldn't buy it(i borrowed it from a friend), but i enjoyed reading it.
  4. yeah, i'd say a good way to save money is to NOT move to one of the most expensive cities in the country.
  5. bone is my favorite comic of all time. i read it every year.
  6. good records, boring live show. i do think they ended up getting a little mechanical towards the end there.
  7. i recorded 7 new songs back in the late spring, posted 3 of them today. for christmas i guess. have fun. http://www.myspace.com/yetihands
  8. if i have any complaints, it's mostly about major events and their tie-ins/crossovers with regular titles. case in point, i don't give a shit about dark reign, and i love daredevil. at the end of ed brubaker's run on daredevil and before andy diggle took over on the proper title, he did a "dark reign: the list" issue for daredevil. i almost didn't pick this up because i don't care about dark reign, nor "the list" or any of that bullshit. however, i'm glad i did, because lo and behold, when he started his actual run on daredevil, the beginning of the issue is tied in DIRECTLY to the events in "the list". i don't mind events if they can stand on their own. i just hate when they spill over and effect other books you might be reading, when the book is doing perfectly fine on it's own without any major event involvement.
  9. i pre-ordered the axe to fall lp/shirt package. it took a long time, but when it finally arrived and i got a good look at the shirt, i realized something was off. the print on the shirt is fine. but the shirt itself is actually crooked. on one side, the bottom hem and the armpit seam are a full inch longer than the other side. the shoulder seam is also slightly longer on that side... it's like half the shirt was cut and constructed as a small, and the other half was a medium. has this ever happened to any of you before?
  10. also, their old song is just boring and generic post rock. sounds exactly like explosions in the sky. it's like... okay, we get it, you guys have delay pedals.
  11. for those of you who are into it, we're on myspace now... http://www.myspace.com/ghostcircles505
  12. that's like wearing a shirt of a band you don't listen to.
  13. for fans of hum, torche, and bad singing. http://www.megaupload.com/?d=Z0IQ6R2M also, megaupload is weak sometimes so i put it up on mediafire too. http://www.mediafire.com/?zvedqan2hf0
  14. i just saw maserati a few weeks ago and i was wearing my maserati shirt YESTERDAY.
  15. sunn's are good, but i don't think they're SO good that they're worth the prices they go for. these are the jams i'm playing through now (the ac30 is pushing the avatar):
  16. 2 things: 1.) this album is a mix of some of the worst and catchiest songs weezer has written. can't stop partying is utter fucking garbage. i want you too is an instant sing along. 2.) all this talk about songs from the black hole, didn't rivers come out in an interview once and basically say that songs from the black hole was never really a concrete thing? it wasn't an album that never happened, it was just an idea he had, he wrote a few songs, and the fans blew it way out of proportion? i seem to remember reading that somewhere.
  17. just fyi, there are tons of guitars better than martin's for a fraction of the price.
  18. i like this record a lot, but the breakneck constant 200bpm pace gets a little tired for me around 2/3 of the way through, but it ends strong. i like it a lot, but it's not my favorite thing they've done.

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