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  1. i've definately got over 300 records, i've got 305 cataloged in a spreadsheet, with probably 20 not cataloged.
  2. actually... i'm not even sure where they came from originally, about 2 years ago my office was re-arranging some stuff, and didn't have room for these anymore, and my bosses asked me if i wanted them, so i grabbed them. they're target-esque put together type stuff, ya know the type. but they seem to be nicer than most of those types of things. they originally had doors on one side of each of them. obviously they're not a great size for cd's... but it gets the job done.
  3. considering today was a day off, and my old setup was getting packed to the gills, i decided to take the morning (and a little bit of the afternoon) and re-arrange my living room. so here's a photo of my new music storage setup. i know it doesn't look like it, but that's just over 300 records, and just over 600 cd's. oh, and 3 laserdiscs.
  4. YES. this band is AMAZING. and this is on my list of records to pick up ASAP. by the way, these arms are snakes' bass player should be more accurately referred to as the bass player from BOTCH.
  5. who was the first one? i forget... is she on the board?
  6. benchwarmer = excellent bro. i highly suggest to anyone that you buy or trade with him.
  7. benchwarmer = excellent bro. i highly suggest to anyone that you buy or trade with him.
  8. i have decided, there should be an equation to determine it. CotM = (the amount of records you own * the number you purchased from VC this month / the amount of years you've been collecting + (2 * the year of the oldest record you own)) / (the most amount of money of money you've spent on a single record + your post count on the message board)
  9. i'd say whoever buys the most stuff in any given month, b/c that would significantly help you out, people would start buying like crazy to become CotM
  10. How often do you? every day. sometimes one while i'm getting ready for work. sometimes one while i'm home for lunch. usually anywhere from 1-5 during the night. What albums do you usually listen to? usually it leans towards the newer stuff i've gotten. sometimes i get a hankerin, and for the more classic stuff i have my faves i lean to (nashville skyline for dylan, revolver for the beatles, pet sounds for beach boys) Are there any bands that you think sound better on wax? every band. but specifically, i've never heard a record or cd that sounds better than my copy of Miles Davis "Round About Midnight"
  11. I have always had a good impression of these guys, however the once really rubbed me the wrong way. I was doing a story for the newspaper to preview their show and did a phone interview with Mike S. He was rad on the phone and said, "Oh yeah, and at the show, make sure you come say hi to us, I'd love to meet you." So the show comes around and I walk up to the merch table and Mike is sitting against the wall and I say, "Hey Mike, I'm Ben from thh newspaper." He barely looks at me and give me a "what's up nod" before turning away. d**n dude things to consider: he didn't hear you? dude plays extremely loud music almost every day of the year, he's probably mostly deaf. he misheard you? what if he thought you said "i'm ben from the diamond caper". i'd be confused to. he was in a bad mood? i dunno, i've been on tour, sometimes you just don't want to talk to people. they've all always seemed like awesome dudes to me. last time they came through i talked with them for a while and helped them load some stuff out, and it was right after archives came out, and i tried to buy it(i've already got most of the stuff on it, but wanted a cd copy of the song from the groundzero split), and mike forced me to take it for free.
  12. every first press isis record. every first press isis record on color. 100 copies of jane doe.
  13. this is totally true, growing up on the east coast, i've seen darkest hour play for some VERY small audiences. we have a lot of mutual friends (groundzero, they did a split together and played together a lot), and every time i see them they still blow me away.
  14. i got lucky and got a sweet bookshelf at a yard sale for about 30 bucks, it holds about 350 records, but since i'm sitting just over 300 right now, i'm running out of room. i'd love a better shelving system.
  15. Dillinger Escape Plan and Matt Pond PA Have stuff on vinyl. I see Matt Pond stuff all the time actually. 'yeah, i have both dillinger and matt pond stuff
  16. i agree, it's also my favorite dh record. and riding bikes rules.
  17. yikes... my heart skipped a beat when i saw that, b/c i LOVE that record.
  18. yeah, pelican, and i didn't know about isis, but yeah, that'll be sweet for sure.
  19. wait... wait.... wait. what the f is that? is there a double lp pressing of that record?
  20. yeah, i haven't seen that one yet. the gold/black splatter is a cool color combo, and it's rarer than the swamp murk yeah, but the swamp murk is amazing, and unique.

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