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  1. it better be pressed on vinyl. i'll be pissed if it's not.
  2. i work all day on a computer, so having more internet based diversions is always a plus. and having it be mostly about vinyl is another plus. so this board so far gets a "++" from me.
  3. this record is amazing. it looks as good as it sounds.
  4. i tried to take some super zoomed in shots of the "murkiness", but nothing really came out.
  5. photo doesn't do it justice, there's tons of little strands and hairs of color in it. it's murky... kinda looks like a swamp.
  6. yeah, actually i've had a general budget for all of 07 so far. and it's worked pretty good, i just inserted the "Records" allowance into it b/c i realized my current buying behavior could potentially get me into trouble. there's just always more stuff, i'll never NOT have a list of records i want.
  7. i keep a list of records i want to buy, it's fairly organized, it has a website, or singular url where i can purchase them, and a price. and i've found that i spend a semi-ridiculous amount of records every month. so i've tried to make myself a budget as well, so i don't get out of hand (i have a tendency to do so sometimes). but the problem is, i'm always finding more stuff i want, more bands, more releases, more new releases, more restocks, more colors, etc. as soon as one thing gets knocked off the list, 5 more get added. anybody else have this problem? everybody else have this problem?
  8. i'm more likely to spend a couple extra bucks on a record if it has a download code.
  9. i'm glad you agree. if you can convince virgil to go along with it, i'll give you one of my 5 for being a good sport.
  10. i think since i am have the most posts except for conoley (doesn't count), i should automatically get 5 of them for free.
  11. i took a picture of mine on my lunch break today, i will post it later on when i have a chance to transfer it off my camera. it IS gorgeous.
  12. yeah, you could auction them off... OR... do a contest for them. that way you don't feel guilty about selling.
  13. wait... i just got a second star! am i the first person to 2 stars (besides the mods) ?
  14. ya know... i really don't like this record very much.
  15. jeez, i've never paid that much for a record. there are a few i would pay good money for, i think the most i paid was like $35 for a first pressing of we are the romans.
  16. i've got a they might be giants 12" single "Twisting" test press.
  17. i think hearts of oak is the only ESSENTIAL ted leo record. i also think every label should allow downloads with vinyl purchase.
  18. i THINK deathwish uses pirate press. i'm not sure, i know they've used them for some stuff, not sure about the you fail me release. but i know pirate can do some seriously cool stuff.
  19. i have one record that is transparent teal. i've never seen another like it. and the one am radio pressings that are black/white marble/splatter, and blue/white marble/splatter are pretty amazing.
  20. i hear ya, you pretty much run 3 businesses, and i can barely handle working at one job.
  21. there was one, and i thought that would be a really interesting feature to read about our fellow collector's. also, it would be sweet to see some more contests. the original $100 contest was how i originally started coming to vinylcollective. and i've spent way more than $100 dollars here since then, so i think something like that can only mean more business ultimately. just some friendly suggestions.

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