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  1. to me, record is a confusing term, b/c it can be applied to both a piece of music, and an artifact. and i do tend to use it for both. although i think the term album is more applicable to the piece of music than record is.
  2. the ability to upload lists in a spreadsheet that the info will just be pulled correctly from.
  3. 7" is generally more correct, just because most punk 7"s are 33rpm these days and not 45rpm and yeah anyone who pluralizes vinyl with an "s" just makes me cringe. beat me to it. it's called a 45 when it runs at 45rpm. coalesce "functioning on impatience" is a 45, even though it's a 12". 95% of my 7"'s can't be called 45's, b/c they're 33's.
  4. seriously, i knew a kid in high school that would ask me "how many vinyl do you have?" and was constantly trying to make it a contest to see who had more "vinyl". bugged the crap out of me.
  5. every label should have pressing info on their website.
  6. in no particular order: - botch "we are the romans" - appleseed cast "low level owl: volumes 1 & 2" - 1st press - dillinger escape plan "calculating infinity" - 1st press 335 phlegm colored - integrity "...and for those who still fear tomorrow" - #192 of 1000 - white vinyl - hand screened cover - smashing pumpkins "siamese dream" 2xLP - orange - they might be giants "twisting" 12" single - test press - traveling wilburys "volume 1" - russian pressing - wilco "sky blue sky" - wilco "a ghost is born" - sons of abraham "termites in his smile" - teal
  7. it's like a good tube amp vs a crappy solid state amp. vinyl has life. digital is cold.
  8. the way vinyl reproduces music is the way your ears were intended to hear it. digital is for people that don't know how to make things work naturally.
  9. i've seen downward is heavenward go for $150 bucks on ebay. good luck.
  10. uncle tupelo is never gonna happen either. i totally agree with your thoughts on terrorhawk, that record blows my mind every time i listen to it.
  11. +1 the get up kids broke up? i thought they've just been sucking for like 8 years.
  12. minor threat only released 26 songs, 47 minutes total. it would easily fit on 1 12".
  13. i made a flickr set of my neater vinyl. http://www.flickr.com/photos/robotnerd/sets/72157600317099124/
  14. yeah, i can't believe i ever listened to records on any other table. this brings up an interesting point.... i always try to suggest to people getting into vinyl that they DON'T get a dj table. unless of course they are trying to get into djing. but for home use, dj tables seem unnecessary and a poor choice. you won't need any of the extra frills. also, dj cartridges and tone arms are built to be extremely robust and sturdy and heavy, to allow for scratching, and to "override" certain imperfections in the vinyl (slight scratches), but as a result they end up exposing your vinyl to extra wear and eventually start to dig their own grooves and degrade the sound quality of your records. which can be hazardous to "softer" kinds of vinyl in the long run.
  15. they've been talking about a vinyl release forever, so it'll probably happen eventually.
  16. i have a music hall mmf 2.1 le. it's one of the best purchases i've ever made.
  17. that's a really great idea. however, i'd be careful on your end. maybe have a rule that no one can sell records you have for sale already? with such limited stock, it's entirely possible the label could decide to list their own records for a lower price than you're selling them, thus cutting into your sales directly.
  18. i dont think so...currently record nerd wont even let users update their lists bummertown.
  19. will recordnerd allow you to import something like an excel spreadsheet? b/c that's how mine is setup, and i'd hate to retype the info for 300 lps.
  20. updated my list. it's not TOTALLY up to date... i got a huge box of jazz records from my aunt and uncle, most of which aren't in the list yet.

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