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  1. New Mothica album /??? - Kissing Death Half Black/Half Transparent Red w/ Black Splatter Vinyl – Rise Records /1500 - Kissing Death Black & White Cornetto Vinyl LP – Rise Records /300 - MOTHICA - Kissing Death Limited LP | Urban Outfitters
  2. UO exclusive with alternative artwork https://www.urbanoutfitters.com/shop/maggie-lindemann-headsplit-limited-lp?category=vinyl-records&color=040&type=REGULAR&size=ONE SIZE&quantity=1
  3. Another rec: Verite's 3rd album is being repressed with extra tracks. It's a bit pricey but she has always been an independent artist. *signed* love you forever deluxe vinyl (pre order) – veriteshop Both presses are limited to 500. The first sold out last year during PO and I'm not sure many, if any, copies made it to the resell market. I also recommend checking out her first 2 albums. Personally, she's my favorite pop artist and I credit her music with shifting my tastes and getting me interested in pop again a few years ago.
  4. New album rec: Charlotte Sands debut. Released this past week. Site says vinyl is shipping but I got an email update that vinyl isn't shipping until end of February. can we start over? Vinyl – Charlotte Sands
  5. Fletcher's 2nd album is out March 22nd. Webstore exclusive (more expensive w/ alt artwork) Spotify Fans First Red Target White Indie (light blue) Standard black Wouldn't be surprised to see an Urban Outfitters variant too. Also wouldn't be too surprised if you skip the PO and find it cheaper after release like any other Fletcher release.
  6. Vinyl Records + Cassette Tapes on Sale | Urban Outfitters UO is having a sale for 50% off on clearance vinyl (price in cart.) I just got 6 albums for $7.49 each. Recommended including some albums already posted here before: Anna of the North, Ashe, G Flip, Hatchie, K.Flay, Roosevelt, Sylvan Esso, Tessa Violet.
  7. This is how I've been feeling for the last few years. Adding more and more pop than other genres to my collection every year.
  8. Anyone have any 2023 pop albums they want to recommend that anyone hasn't posted yet? I'll start... Chappell Roan - The Rise And Fall Of A Midwest Princess Romy (from The XX) - Mid Air Wildermiss - Levitate
  9. If you're getting the Lolo album off Diggers Factory, I want to suggest also picking up Oscar Scheller's new album. He's co-writer on Lolo's EP and he has also worked with Ashnikko, Rina, and others. His album is limited to 100. Oscar Scheller - Coming Of Age - Diggers Factory
  10. Damn, they were one of the better fulfillment companies. I still have 1 PO out with them.
  11. UO says their Roosevelt exclusive is blank perle transparent vinyl, limited to just 500, but this is the same as the standard right? Roosevelt - Embrace Limited LP | Urban Outfitters
  12. This appears to be the standard variant for the album. Unusual for him to not have a 2nd limited variant.
  13. Is this in USD? Expected it to be somewhat pricier as a self release but that is kinda high for a type of release that UO may end up pressing down the line.
  14. Some recommendations.... Tessa Violet - MY GOD! (August PO) Webstore - pink UO - clear Bakar - Halo (September PO) US Spotify - blue Webstore - white (UK store) The Beaches - Blame My Ex Standard - only link I could find
  15. Formentera II is up for PO: Webstore exclusives: Music - Metric Online Store (ilovemetricstore.com) They are also releasing part I & II as a limited edition of 650. I only found one color for this version and exclusive to Metric: Metric Formentera I & II - Limited Edition with Signed Insert - Metric Online Store (ilovemetricstore.com)
  16. Is anyone looking for Paranoia EP by Maggie Lindemann? A repress has been popping up for PO, including on Amazon. Neither of the first 2 pressings have ever sold for non-flipper prices.
  17. FYI, don't offer free shipping as a default. Yes, the fees are the same either way, but Discogs doesn't sort by price to include shipping. Even if your price for a record plus shipping is the cheapest option for buyers, your listing will be lower down on the page and potentially buried in the listings. Keep charging shipping unless Discogs fixes their sorting.
  18. If the $50 price tag turned you off this release, it has been listed for 1/2 the price since its release on Discogs. I paid $25 which was much more reasonable.
  19. I'm pretty sure these scammers are hacking old user accounts to seem more legit. The user profiles look years old and suddenly they start listing 100s of items. Stay smart everyone.
  20. Same here. I only sell to either free up space or buy new records. I never really looked at selling as a business. I'm sure this has been brought up a few times, but it's a good idea to log your purchases/keep receipts. You can claim the price you paid for the record you sell as a business expense. It helps bring down the income taxed owed for selling online. I used to have a custom field in my Discogs collection to track purchase costs, but I've since switched to a simple excel file.
  21. At the very least they could give sellers the option to require immediate payment to create an order. Not everyone has offers as an option. I could see this becoming a likely feature in the future. In the past few years, it seems every change made on the site has been in response from the mega sellers on Discogs and their needs/wants. Like who asked for an "RSD" tag in the formats? That doesn't benefit the average user but does help the sellers by allowing buyers to quickly filter inventory.
  22. Have they provided any explanation on why shipping will be have a fee applied? I'm not understanding how they justify that.
  23. Ella Vos' new album is available exclusively on Diggers Factory. Ella Vos - SUPERGLUE - Diggers Factory
  24. They should connect with Urban Outfitters to get their discography pressed. I'm a little surprised that hasn't happened yet.
  25. From their email: Thank you to everyone who purchased FEVER DREAM on Vinyl!! We truly had no idea these would go so fast. We understand some people are frustrated, but worry not we are working on another round now! As a thank you to everyone for your support & understanding we are making the entire store 10% off until Friday. ❤️ I would also really love to have Fire for You on vinyl while they're at it.

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