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  1. This thread is kinda dead but, since the last post, there have been at least 58 new UO exclusives. They've put up quite a bit in the last couple of weeks. Several different genres. UO Exclusives - Vinyl Records | Urban Outfitters Also, right now there is an extra 40% off the few vinyl in their sale section. Vinyl Records + Cassette Tapes on Sale | Urban Outfitters
  2. I hope you were able to get Blue Lips. Also, I recommend the Bikini Porn 10" from RSD last year.
  3. Tove Lo - Dirt Femme Deluxe Blue. Album out in October but vinyl delayed to "early 2023." Personally, not sure it's worth the price at $45 for me. I'll wait as I'm sure a retailer like UO will get another variant.
  4. That variant might be my favorite if it looks like the mockup
  5. I was a little slow on the GITD but I do like the other variant more. Can you tag me if the FF vinyl or remaining BH vinyl ever goes up?
  6. I love Mothica and direction of the new music. She'll be in my top 5 on Spotify wrapped again. I'm happy to get a copy of the new album as I missed Blue Hour and have never seen a reseller list it anywhere. She commented on Twitter that Blue Hour and Forever Fifteen vinyl exists but no other details. Definitely need those.
  7. Mothica - Nocturnal (black & white cornetto) Limited to 300 and the other variant limited to 200 sold out quick. She is one of my faves and this is probably my most anticipated album of the year. Several singles have already been released and they're all pop-punk.
  8. 2nd pressing of Kilo Kish's American Gurl is going up for PO on Digger's Factory this Friday at 12:30 est. 500 on red. The first press of 500 sold out within minutes.
  9. Anyone have any recommended pop releases for May? I went through the albums I bought this month and only have one new pop album added (Wet - Letter Blue.) I also have Sasha Alex Sloan and Mallrat PO'd, but that's it for this month.
  10. Pale Waves new album "Unwanted" is set for release on August 12th. 4 Variants: Standard "Black Ice" Purple Galaxy (band/label exclusive) Neon Pink (UK indies) Holographic (SOLD OUT) I didn't find any links to buy the variants outside the UK. In the US, black ice is easy to find. I would be cautious about buying direct from their merch store. I bought the band exclusive for the last album and it wasn't shipped for over a month after the release date. Their store's customer service is shit.
  11. The December release for the vinyl is a bit too long to wait. I'm not really connecting with this album but I'll probably pick it up eventually to keep the discography complete.
  12. This has been my experience too. Although I have gotten responses within 48 hours, its typically the "we're looking into it and we'll get back to you" variety reply and they still leave you waiting. Highly recommend avoiding them if possible. Currently in the process of trying to secure the refund I was promised.
  13. There looks like a 3rd single in the video. I don't understand why they don't just drop them all together so you can save on shipping.
  14. They launched an app that has a $50 fan club available. One of the perks is a club exclusive vinyl but there are no details yet on the vinyl. You could've also PO'd the new album early last week exclusively through the app.
  15. I would really like the story behind how the cursor on the cover made it through quality control
  16. I was worried that with the number of tracks that there would be some filler, but there are no skips. My latest go-to spin while working from home.
  17. I went with Electric Fetus. It comes with a signed 11x17 (folded) poster.
  18. Some recommended April releases... Hatchie - Giving the World Away There are a few variants, all of them with holographic sleeves. IMO, the indie variant on coke bottle clear goes really well with the artwork. A solid sophomore album. Lucius - Second Nature Many different variants but most of them are some mixture of pink & purple to go with the album cover. Can't go wrong with the standard variant on translucent pink. I really enjoy the disco direction they went on a few songs. The Regrettes - Further Joy I think I posted about them before. Their new album had a limited pink variant as an indie exclusive. Their poppiest album yet and my favorite album of the month. My favorite song:
  19. LIGHTS - PEP album is out now but vinyl ships early August. Three variants announced so far: blue (artist exclusive), red (indie), and yellow (standard). Link to blue (limited to 5k) PEP Blue Vinyl – Lights (iamlights.com)
  20. Spotify "fans first" variant is available for PO until April 8. LIFE IS YOURS Spotify FF Pink LP (foals.co.uk) There is also an Antidotes repress on random color eco vinyl. Antidotes Limited Edition Vinyl (foals.co.uk)
  21. Found a mockup for the standard. Was holding out for a purple variant, but going with RT.
  22. What 7"? Here I was thinking I had everything...
  23. More variants are popping up. The standard variant is orange. Webstore: Emotional Creature Vinyl - Beach Bunny (beachbunnymusic.com) Rough Trade: Beach Bunny - Emotional Creature - Vinyl LP+ – Rough Trade I love the art. Still deciding which variants looks best but leaning towards the RT.

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