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  1. Saw Built to Spill Wednesday and Modest Mouse play LCW last night. That was my fourth time seeing BtS in less than a year and was probably the best I have seen them play in 5-6 years. Doug didn’t look like he was falling asleep for once. Modest Mouse was…okay. Pretty much what I expected from that band in 2022 and with two hipster kids poorly mimicking Dan and Eric’s parts. That was both my first and last time ever seeing that band and it’s nice to check that off my bucket list now. I don’t think I saw Isaac take a single drink of alcohol (or anything else) that entire time, yet he progressively seemed to get more fucked up as it went on. He messed up Bankrupt On Selling so bad that it literally sounded like a toddler was playing guitar. It ended with him kicking the last song into double speed just to get the show over with it seems. Very interesting and very embarrassing performance overall. I enjoyed it I guess and don’t regret going, but I definitely don’t suggest that anyone wastes their time and money to go.
  2. That looks really nice. I’m just dumb and mistook the clear part for a solid greenish color when I looked at the pictures on Discogs.
  3. I was going to say the same thing last night but had to stop myself. Mogwai makes all the pretentious bro post-rock seem even sillier than it already is.
  4. Got mine today in perfect condition. That was probably the fastest I have ever received a record that wasn’t shipped from my area. I was blasting this album on my way home from work and was pretty surprised to see it on my doorstep a few minutes ago.
  5. 6’1. I’ve tried buying tall shirts but don’t like how they fit either. I’m always super happy to find a medium that doesn’t make me flash stomach hair at people every time I move my arms.
  6. I am at a weird weight/height range where all larges are fine length wise but are too baggy and mediums fit well for the most part but are too short. Bella Canvas shirts are the only ones I own that somewhat fit me normally, even though I prefer my shirts to be a bit heavier. I wear flannels the majority of the year and end up just throwing on whatever. Hate when summer comes around and I have to go out of my way to find shirts that don’t look ridiculous on me. But I think all shirts look weird because even though I’m not overweight at all, all my fat goes to my sides.
  7. I think I am in the minority and really like white vinyl. Perfect choice for CODY. I really like that color for Young Team too. Bought ‘em even though I really need to cut down on buying doubles of things.
  8. Probably sucks to be the person who just bought the CODY 2xLP for $100 on Discogs a few days ago.
  9. That new Illumination Ritual variant is beautiful.
  10. Probably a top 5 album for me. I think I just wasn’t buying many records when the box came out and have a first press that I spent a lot of money on forever ago, so I couldn’t justify it at the time. I’ll probably cave when I get paid in a couple weeks. Going to see what this Young Team teaser is all about before spending money.
  11. That’s not as bad as I thought. Maybe I’ll throw it on my Christmas list or something. I would buy the extra stuff separately in a heartbeat.