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  1. New album preorder. 2xLP. https://younggodrecords.com/products/the-beggar?fbclid=PAAaYa3Uc3RXp16zLfIqORxmVTH1uCDeklwTNmbHVJ2pBO0m02X_ngMd8VLEc
  2. Got my green/pink swirl today. Looks a lot better than I thought it would.
  3. I had no idea about that Mylene Sheath fiasco until now. Those people always rubbed me the wrong way.
  4. Got two floor tickets for Seattle for $300 total. Not saying that isn’t expensive but I was about ready to drop a grand on nosebleeds. Row 30. God damn I am so stoked!!!! Edit: I got picked yesterday but girlfriend got waitlisted. Just glad one of us got it at least.
  5. I’m seeing them in two weeks and will scope the merch table for you if you haven’t bought it yet.
  6. Currently standing next to the band at a burrito cart in Pike’s Place. First stop since getting into Seattle. Super random.
  7. Another random question - does anyone know if Showbox allows re-entry? I plan on buying both of the prints they are going to have tonight and would like to throw ‘em in my rental instead of carrying them around.
  8. Dang. Glad I was able to get one of the tour versions of LTIS at least.
  9. I kept checking but maybe I’m blind. I’ll just try to snag one when they go up online after these shows.
  10. Man, they only had the Dessau shirt when I was just at the merch table tonight.
  11. Not trying to always be a complainer but was a bit surprised since Numero made the venue and event sound a bit more classy (?) than it turned out to be. I didn’t really mind much but don’t know why they were calling it “less of a festival and more than a work of art” even though it was in a dilapidated ass building that smelled like my chainsmoking grandparent’s house.
  12. That Unwound set was absolutely nuts. Definitely feel a little mislead when it comes to the venue though. I didn’t expect to be breathing in second hand smoke the whole time lol. Seeing Codeine is gonna be weird there but I absolutely can’t wait, especially since the day 2 lineup is 10x more stacked than day 1 imo. Worth the flight down.
  13. My old copy is beat to hell, so that was a pretty fast purchase for me. Love that song so much.
  14. Awesome. I have a 2012 version of the cat shirt but it’s a bit too big for me now. Stoked to get a new one.
  15. I am going to spend way too much money at this thing. I really need Empire and kinda want some of the individual presses.
  16. I had no idea that there is a new Tim Hecker album this year until now. Instantly preordered it.
  17. That’s my favorite song of theirs too and I was disappointed they didn’t play it. Really glad they played Lady Elect though. Definitely bummed the Monday show wasn’t as Repetition heavy as the 2/4 Seattle show.
  18. Also, they were fucking incredible. Don’t miss them if they are coming anywhere near you. They are playing two sets and I was hypnotized the entire time.

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