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  1. I totally forgot that this album is a thing and I ordered a copy. Just checked my email and I guess I missed that mine shipped already. It won’t be here until next week unfortunately.
  2. I got my tickets too. Now I just need to put some money away for plane tickets down. So stoked to see Codeine again. Oof, didn’t know where the venue is at but that sounds awful. I’m going to be happy and slightly irritated if Codeine announces a tour after I just spent $300 pretty much specifically to see them. Already seeing Unwound three times that month and everything else is just a bonus.
  3. I figured all the Numero threads would be popping off this morning but since Codeine is easily the biggest draw, thought I’d leave this here. Looks like I am going to LA. ”Twenty years is a long time to do anything, let alone a record company. Especially in the 21st century. Somehow Numero managed to survive downloading, the collapse of several distributors, streaming, vinyl, and the ever evolving and particular tastes of the average reissue connoisseur, and has arrived in its second decade doing our most adventurous work. We were ten when we began looking at ’90s indie as a potential source of artists ripe for rediscovery. We spent Numero’s teenage years making lavish box sets for Codeine, Unwound, and Karate, just like we wished we had in our actual teenage years in the 1990s. Numero Twenty is a reissue of a feeling, of an era. Those beforetimes when we weren’t connected electronically and found out about cool shit through Letraset flyers and word of mouth; of mix tapes, and letters, and beat up atlases in the glove box. Spread out over two nights, Numero Twenty will bring to the stage 10 dynamic combos from our 200-line universe, including Unwound, Codeine, The Hated, Karate, Ida, Chisel, Everyone Asked About You, Rex, and Ui. Headquartered at Downtown LA’s historic Palace Theater, Numero Twenty will sprawl out across all three floors, with multiple bars, food vendors, and a pop up record store located inside.”
  4. Not sure if they were all drunk or something but the Pavement show I saw a couple weeks back was rough as hell, even by Pavement standards. They couldn’t keep time at all and it was pretty hard to listen to. Stephen seemed like he gave zero shits about being there. It was weird. I was fairly young when I saw them on their last tour and don’t remember much, so I’m not sure if it was like that back then too.
  5. I saw someone say that happened to them on one of the black pressing’s Discog page.
  6. Oof, Noah is making me a bit less excited for this album. Hoping there’s isn’t much else like it on there.
  7. Looks like you can grab it on Discogs for about $30.
  8. There was a live 7” that came with the first 500 copies of the box but you can at least get it for kind of cheap. I haven’t listened to mine in 10 years, so wouldn’t say it’s essential at all. Dessau is so good and some of those versions have become my preferred ones. Really wish all the songs from White Birch were on there though. One of the best albums of all time. And I’d end up buying colored copies too. I have been meaning to buy some of these newer Unwound pressings and am hoping they have them at these upcoming shows. I’ll probably put money away and grab them there.
  9. I ended up not doing the bundle (wish I had) but got Codeine a bit over a month ago.
  10. Just got an email from Sub Pop letting people know that this is delayed a week or so. Album is streaming through Sub Pop accounts right now. It’s mostly another snoozer from Doug imo but there’s some good parts and at least the whole thing doesn’t sound like it was recorded on a phone through a brick wall like Gonna Lose.
  11. I agree, but my comment had nothing to do with Lungfish and I was just adding to the thread about Dischord Records represses. That Lungfish album is very good and is one of my favorite Dischord releases though.
  12. Seriously, where the f are Circus Lupus represses?
  13. You can get a black copy on Discogs for about $10 cheaper than this one costs after shipping.
  14. Black copies are available in the US for a way more reasonable price. https://shop.brooklynvegan.com/products/birds-in-row-gris-klein-lp?variant=41666117370053&gclid=CjwKCAjw6raYBhB7EiwABge5Kg4ZSzyHy_ljuI10QXyHWmPkZWUoGZ_mq0Bu6gogt8Qhh6luPhsL_hoCCkIQAvD_BwE https://shop.revolvermag.com/products/birds-in-row-gris-klein-lp?variant=39776873087070&gclid=CjwKCAjw6raYBhB7EiwABge5KiWv5xXGkNmeorUEWKNGUNa8nsHBQk1R2RQ-ngd461oswZY3C10hNRoCbwEQAvD_BwE
  15. First the pervert from Arcade Fire and now this. What a day.
  16. I keep forgetting I have this set and need to pull it out tonight. I think I got it for about $35-38 too. These EPs, CODY and Rock Action soundtracked my late teens and early 20s. I don’t get too nostalgic often but these make me feel good.
  17. Definitely gonna snag those Sunny Day Real Estate albums from you if they are still for sale in a couple weeks.