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  1. It’s been a long time since I have spun my copy of the original pressing of this box - are all of the sides pretty messed up or is it just side A at the end of Zero where it gets all distorted and awful sounding? I can live with it if it’s just that one song.
  2. Back ordered in case anyone gets excited when they see the link. Crazy how fast these are going.
  3. I really need to play it but am constantly buying new games and throwing stuff into the backlog. I will probably prioritize it some day soon. Anyone here heard of V Rising on PC? It’s an early access game on Steam done right. It’s really robust for a game only a few days into early access. I’m not usually a survival game fan but the gameplay loop is addicting, graphics and art style are perfect and the online co-op is a lot of fun. My friend and I are currently playing it when we get some time away from our kids.
  4. Jesus Christ. It’d be more worth it to just drive down for the Portland show at that point. Tickets were $46.50 after fees and the whole venue is GA, including the seated balcony for this show I believe. Granted Roseland is one of my least favorite venues around.
  5. Just saw that the Seattle one is at Moore. What a weird ass venue choice for a show like this.
  6. I just came to the Everything Else section to see if anyone was talking about this, haha. Waiting anxiously for 10am local when these go on sale. This is such a perfect lineup.
  7. Mine somehow got from Pennsylvania to Washington in three days and is being delivered today. I don’t think I have ever had something travel across the country so fast.
  8. Try this one out. 83 left as of me posting this. http://echocanyonrecords.com/produit/daitro-laisser-vivre-les-squelettes-lp-repress/?fbclid=IwAR2c8THf3msoTLF31VN_EsFceov6j9njEod_zO05a6BpdFvtQYnsRNlo1BE
  9. Right? Their thought process there makes no sense to me.
  10. Not really sure where to put this. Couldn’t find a “screamo” thread when I looked, so I apologize if this doesn’t quite fit here. Repress of Laissez Vivre Les Squelettes by Daïtro on coke bottle green ltd. to 200. Album rules. https://echocanyonrecords.bandcamp.com/album/preorder-echo-00-daitro-laisser-vivre-les-squelettes-lp-repress-ships-in-june-2022
  11. Blah, hate Moda Center so much. They really should have done a Theater of the Clouds show there, where they pretty much split the arena into 1/3 of the size and make it more of an “intimate” theater show vs. a full stadium thing. Seeing Sigur Ros with that setup tonight and it should be interesting.
  12. I grabbed SD on a whim at Everyday Music back when it first came out and ended up falling in love with the album. Glad I did because there’s no way I would pay the current price at all. I have never listened to a single song past Mellon Collie but will have to check Machina out when preorders go up.
  13. I had no idea that the 2011 Siamese Dream is going for so much. Same with the Mellon Collie box. That’s insane. I really wish I would have replaced mine when it was cheaper. I got the janky first pressing when it was $25 or whatever on Amazon and never bothered to get the fixed version.
  14. I’m really glad I didn’t attempt to wait these out until next week. Both BV variants are now sold out and I imagine the Polyvinyl Oxeneers won’t be around too much longer either.
  15. You’re right. Going through my orders over the past 3-4 months, $30 has been the average for the most part. I quit buying records around 2015 when I thought single LPs for $20 was out of hand and only started buying records again recently. I’m still not used to these prices and am surprised every time I go to buy something.
  16. I was actually just thinking about that. Maybe I will grab the transparent pink one if I can find it for a decent price one day.
  17. I’m weak-willed and snagged the Polyvinyl pink. It’s probably my favorite vinyl color for some reason and Oxeneers is my favorite TAAS record. My Tail Swallower and Duct Tape are both pink too, so I might as well go for a whole set. I do really love coke bottle though.
  18. Those prices 🤦🏻‍♂️. Might just wait until I get paid next week and hope the ones I want don’t sell out before then.
  19. Ode to Joy has a very autumnal vibe that appeals to me a lot. Probably helped that it dropped in October and I listened to it a million times that fall. I totally get people not loving it though. It’s a pretty slow and monotone album and that’s definitely not everyone’s cup of tea.

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