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  1. I swear the cat shirt was like $30 when I saw them last month. Caught the 3 Portland shows and am really hoping they do at least one more Seattle/Tacoma show to close this reunion out.
  2. Yeah Unwound were wonderful. I probably mentioned it a lot earlier in this thread but I caught them a few times last winter. So good. Then saw Botch a couple days later and that went to the top of my list of best shows tied with Unwound. It’s been a solid year for Washington music.
  3. It actually looks really nice with the small amount of blue in there. Works really well with the cover. People emailing you to complain about it is pretty pathetic imo.
  4. https://deathwishinc.com/collections/touche-amore/products/touche-amore-is-survived-by-revived
  5. I have an old ORG press but will likely buy that 2xLP if the price drops on Discogs. Also need to grab the 20th anniversary one at some point. I’d probably actually spring for that box if I wasn’t spending a billion dollars remodeling my house.
  6. I would have gone for that but the Lync exclusive version is a bit better looking. All three variants are ugly as sin and I’m not sure what they were thinking when picking them. Crazy that we haven’t seen people from the Numero threads pop in here. This album is right down their alley and fits well with all the 90s Numero releases. But even better than a lot of those albums imo.
  7. https://lync1994.bandcamp.com/album/these-are-not-fall-colors-2
  8. FUCK YES. I skipped buying this so many times when it was going for $10 on Discogs and have regretted it for years.
  9. Shit…I didn’t see the posters. I’m moving soon and am going to have a dedicated record/computer room that could use a couple posters. Might have to go back before the PO window closes.
  10. Took forever but grabbed Electra and YPAA. I have that SRC pressing of YPAA but haven’t touched it in years and years.
  11. I had the /300 one and sold it years ago when I needed money. I’ve always regretted it and never picked up another copy. Bummed I missed the DW variant though.
  12. Got a shipment notification from Tiger Records a little bit ago.
  13. Nah. I’ve been regularly checking my email for the past few days hoping to see a shipping notification from Tiger.
  14. I’m going on vacation in a couple weeks and REALLY don’t want to spend money but want that pink real bad. I hope it’s still around in a month or so.
  15. I started it last night and nearly shelved it after the first two hours. The amount of tutorial messages popping up on my screen was the most obnoxious shit I have experienced in a long time. My non-gamer girlfriend was even getting irritated by the CONSTANT tutorial stuff popping up every two seconds. Combat feels very weightless and boring too. But with that being said, I put a couple more hours in and am really really enjoying the story. Enough for me to push through and see if everything else can click. So far, a lot of people’s complaints in the more negative reviews are totally true though. Narrow hallway after narrow hallway, bad combat, very little RPG elements, etc. I didn’t plan on buying Diablo 4 but was talked into it by my lifelong co-op gaming partner. We both played D3 on release and thought we were done with the series for good after playing that game for a couple days, but something about D4 has completely sucked us in. Only complaint is that endgame is a little sparse until seasons and updates start rolling in. Otherwise I don’t think I have too many complaints. Maining a werebear druid and it is so much fun.

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