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  1. Anyone else from the States that still has not seen their orders from Big Scary Monsters? Been two weeks since they shipped supposedly.
  2. Nice. I'm on the east coast as well. Hopefully will see mine by Thursday.
  3. Has anyone in the U.S. received their copies yet?
  4. Says it ships the week of 10/17... I ordered mine within the first hour of them being up. Guess I'll get my notification by week's end.
  5. Has anyone received any shipping notification from Big Scary Monsters yet?
  6. Anyone have any experience with Vinyl Digital? Generally pretty reliable? Imagine I'll see it stateside within ten days or so.
  7. Got a shipping notification for Blonde, anyone else?
  8. The U.K. variants don't ship until next week. Got my notification on Australian releases yesterday and Kings Road order shipped today. Only "partially shipped" though. Slightly concerning.
  9. My two Australian variants finally shipped. The other 6... no status updates yet. Really frustrating seeing people with their orders in hand, when I preordered everything on the first day they were available, and they've yet to even ship.
  10. I've since gotten a copy of Zombie, but still looking for the two above variants of Instant Gratification. Message me if you want to get rid of yours!
  11. Have 4 of the 5 variants in the first press ordered now. If anyone decides they don't want their tri-colored one from the ridiculous preorder bundles, I'll gladly buy it off of you.
  12. Trying to complete my variant collection for Dance Gavin Dance's Instant Gratification... Only need the following two: Bone / Doublemint / 300 Cyan Blue / Ultraclear / 700 Also looking to buy Prada's Zombie EP. If anyone is willing to part with any of these, feel free to message me. I have a short track record on these boards, but have a 100% rating on discogs and nearly 100% on eBay after years of buying/selling. Thanks
  13. I think I have it figured out. Got a confirmation email, even though I got a strange message from PayPal. Think we're all set. No more variants, please.

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