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  1. flanagan0718

    WTB: Funeral For A Friend - Hours, Casually Dressed

    I've been on the hunt for a REASONABLY priced copy of both for YEARS now...good luck guys!
  2. flanagan0718


    YAY!!! https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0186J5ZKG/?coliid=I3O73JNW8UMW82&colid=1IMRCP4TFVONV&psc=0&ref_=lv_ov_lig_dp_it I actually heard a Portugal The Man song the other day. It was awesome!! Thanks Friend!
  3. flanagan0718

    wtb This Will Destroy You - S/t

    This! I actually got 2 coppies from Ebay a while back. They came straight from Magic Bullet and my copy was flawless (the other i gave to a friend).
  4. flanagan0718

    Thrice RSD 7" FS/FT (sold)

    Hey guys, Got this on RSD this year and I honestly don't like it. It still has the download code. Only spun once. Looking to trade it for other vinyl on my want list.. PM me if you're interested in purchasing or trading for it. Thanks, -Mike- EDIT: Probably should have put that I'm not a price gauging A-Hole...I was thinking $11 shipped in the USA.
  5. I've been looking for FFAF records my self. Good luck! You're gonna spend a FORTUNE!
  6. flanagan0718

    PS3 games FS/FT

    Hello all, Mods feel free to delete this if need be. My PS3 died the other night and I am now looking to buy a PS4 or trade these for vinyl. So I assume a bunch of you are gamers and would like to offer these to you before I put them up an ebay. I figure 10$ a game (+ shipping) is fair, unless there is a different price next to it. All of these are in great shape and have been played through by me. If you want more than one feel free to make me an offer. PM me with offers and what not. USA only please, Thanks guys.Dark SoulsDead SpaceDead Space IIDead Space IIIDoom 3 BFG EditionEssentials Collection (Bio-Shock, Borderlands, Xcom)Fear 2Fear 3The Last of UsMortal Kombat Komplete editionThe Orange Box (Half Life 2 + ep 1, 2, Portal 1, Team fortress 2) - $20Ratchet and Clank (All 4 in One)Resident Evil 5 - $5Resident Evil 6SkyrimTomb Raider I also have 1 moderately used PS3 controller - $15Like I said if this isn't appropriate let me know and ill take it down. Here is a link to my want list. Thanks. Link -Mike-