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  1. It isn't news to any regulars in this thread that colored-vinyl Profound Lore releases have been poached by resellers for a while now. Nothing about the music PISSGRAVE makes would be suited with some cheesy Cannibal Corpse-esque artwork. Great use of your fourth or fifth post in the thread, though - a real contributor you've been.
  2. I'm just glad the black vinyl only and artwork are keeping people away, I was trying to go at least the month of January without buying/preordering anything. Personally, I wish more bands went to such lengths to keep posers away.
  3. now that 2018 has ended, here are my top ten LP's for the year 1. Infernal Coil - Within A World Forgotten 2. Sleep - The Sciences 3. UN - Sentiment 4. Fórn - Rites of Despair 5. Tomb Mold - Manor of Infinite Forms 6. SUMAC - Love in Shadow 7. Innumerable Forms - Punishment in Flesh 8. Panopticon - The Scars of Man... 1 & 2 9. Sulphurous - Dolorous Death Knell 10. Faustcoven - In the Shadow of Doom Really tough to only pick ten.
  4. This is news to me and I tried to keep up with the saga even after I received my copy long ago.
  5. Alright, I think it's time to start sharing best-of or 2018 favorites to get this thread back to life, as December looks to be a pretty quiet month, release wise. My favorite splits from 2018: Gorephilia / Undergang Anatomia / Cryptic Brood Mortuous / Scolex Vastum / Spectral Voice Crawl / Leviathan
  6. Sad news from the Gorephilia camp, vocalist Henri Kuula took his life on Monday https://www.instagram.com/p/BrBAGnulR4N/?utm_source=ig_embed&utm_medium=loading
  7. Will definitely be picking up a hazy green copy from my local store today. Don't need it but have wanted a holo cover for some time, and what an awesome looking slab of wax!
  8. I intended to ask the band about a possible vinyl release of 'The Tomb..." when I saw them a few weeks back but forgot. I could see Translation Loss getting rights to press it in the future based on the response to 'Sentiment.' Since you mentioned them, here is a photo of my tour press of 'Sentiment'
  9. Translation Loss has a tiered discount based on how much you spend ($50-10%/$75-15%/$100-20%) so I went ahead and finally ordered MotA 'Quietly' with the UN 'Sentiment' repress.
  10. you’re not feeling the kiwi splatter? I will say that the black/gold/green merge is my preference of the two in hand. at least the tunes are great, right?
  11. Sulphurous 'Dolorous Death Knell' finally arrived from the factory back to Night Shroud. I couldn't wait for Dark Descent to get this one, already ordered https://nightshroud.bigcartel.com/product/deiquisitor-lp
  12. And even if you have bought all 20BS releases (like me), plenty of distro goodies available on sale too!
  13. New Tomb Mold 2 song demo out on Bandcamp today, cassettes were sold on their recent tour and 20 Buck Spin had leftovers but already sold out it looks like. https://tombmold.bandcamp.com/album/cerulean-salvation
  14. Finally got shipping info for my Evoken LP's today - I'm guessing because I ordered two versions they got all the single-orders out first. Just noticed that the resellers already have three of the variants on Discogs to flip - a green splatter for $90, a green/black/gold merge for $70, and a clear for $57 (even though clear hasn't even sold out from the label yet). The clueless flipping is growing tiresome.
  15. I saw UN on Saturday night as their new album Sentiment is quickly ascending to the top of my best-of 2018 list. I snagged the awesome tour pressing of the album as I missed preorder for the olive green pressing. Judging by the mock-up photos of the second press and how much I'm enjoying the album currently, I'm probably going to have to order the repress as well http://translationlossrecords.bigcartel.com/product/un-sentiment-2xlp-preorder

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