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  1. spoonbill

    PAX-AM Records (Ryan Adams)

    ordered, but don't see it on the website anymore. hope i got in on time. thanks for posting!
  2. how is there no stream online for this when it comes out tomorrow
  3. thanks, i went to that website but must have missed it.
  4. possible to get a link that works? is there a US preorder up?
  5. can't believe this came out 10 years ago. great record. will buy, even though I already own it. "Roscoe" came on in the pizza place I was eating at last night.
  6. spoonbill

    Park - Building A Better ______ PICS

    thanks, listen to this album once every year or so and always pleasantly surprised at how good it is. never ordered it when this press came out.
  7. spoonbill

    PAX-AM Records (Ryan Adams)

    anyone watch the dvd yet?
  8. spoonbill

    The Hotelier - Goodness

    I like Life in Drag. I certainly like it much more than Among The Wildflowers and Housebroken. It's a pretty big departure from the sound on the rest of the record. If I was going to include one of the three, it would be that one. Opinions you know?
  9. spoonbill

    The Hotelier - Goodness

    love "Home, Like Noplace Is There". For me, tracks 1-4 and 8-9 would have made an all time classic 10". Anxious and nervous to hear this one. Think it's destined to be more "mature" which too often is synonymous with "boring" but hopefully not the case. Definitely like this newer song more than the first but have only listened to each a couple of times. Would love an album full of "Your Deep Rest" but realize that's unlikely to happen.
  10. pumped, been waiting for this.
  11. spoonbill

    The Hotelier - Goodness

    was hoping for a mistaken download link for the full album.
  12. spoonbill

    Basement - Promise Everything

    only a 5.0 on Pitchfork. Reviewer's twitter name is Chick Klosterman. BARF