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  1. Damn. Well, hopefully the numbers drop a bit as time goes on. I never thought an /8000 pressing would be so hard to track down!
  2. Still trying to track it down, myself. Was this one of the ones where shipments were delayed? I went to four stores and each one either never received it, or only got one copy in
  3. Zia has copies of the Hot Rod soundtrack on both variants, if anyone’s still looking. Anyone have leads on lost in translation? I can’t believe how difficult it’s been to find that
  4. I emailed them a couple days ago because my order doesn’t even show up in my order history. The lady replied and said I never chose my “vibe”, which I did, and I had the order confirmation to prove it. Then when I sent it to her, all she said was “orders usually arrive within two weeks”. Pretty cool sevice
  5. This one really stung. I definitely took this band for granted, and just always kinda expected them to be there. I'm glad they're going out on their terms. Ordered the 300
  6. I ordered the whole collection and I haven't got my notice yet. Hopefully those ship early as well!