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  1. got mine today and it’s legit worse than a bootleg. haven’t spun it yet but the sleeve is comedic quality. might be the worst I’ve ever seen on an “official” release.
  2. Even if RDW called them bootlegs, I would buy that over this official release. RDW is quality
  3. didn’t miss much, it was a complete botfest. worse than Daupe
  4. at least they pressed amazing records before the mental breakdowns. cant believe people are still letting magic bullet press records
  5. whoever is friends with Caspian and let this happen should feel really bad
  6. this will be the ALC version which includes full instrumentals and alternate artwork.
  7. It’s the ALC version w/ instrumentals - it will be the same as the LULU drop: $100 variant $70 varisnt $45 Black open pre-order
  8. Can’t believe it’s been 2 years and still absolutely love this release. As a anniversary present I will be doing a second and final run - similar to the last: -25x Wax Mage -100x Marbled Mystery /125 total numbered copies w/ OBI This time around ALL normal /100 purchases will have a chance to be randomly upgraded to Wax Mage or Test Pressing. If TP, you will also get the normal /100. there will also be a secondary WM drop for those who want a chance at just that. VC Discord will get first dibs on live WM link by 5 minutes. /100 is live: https://etherealgroove.storenvy.com/products/22313781-king-gizzard-the-lizard-wizard-polygondwanaland-vinyl-lp-2nd-pressing
  9. this is a good time for 36M vinyl fans. rumor is they are reissuing everything in their discog over the next year or so.
  10. If they screw up the audio on this after all these years, I will literally cry. dont know much about the label but have had mixed results with these “classics back on wax” type of labels with other classic hip hop reissues.
  11. Just about to hit 100 members and planning some fun holiday stuff. if you were on the fence, now is a good time.
  12. if anyone is feeling generous about sharing a playback, please pm me ❤️
  13. Try again - otherwise it might be on VC’s end. also, brand new accounts are a no-go.
  14. I don’t think people realize that HTB only has 3-4 physical vinyl releases.... all of which are extremely rare.
  15. This is now invite-only because people cannot read. If you want an invite, just pm me.
  16. We are getting a lot of random usernames not related to VC joining the server lately; As a firm reminder, usernames not updated to reflect a VC account are kicked at the end of each day. Unmatched users are sent a message to do so before this happens. If this happens twice with no response = banned. likewise, please do not supply the link to random sources, otherwise we will have to transition to invite-only basis. thanks y’all