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  1. Pressing a record for a band named Apsara from california. Check it out if you’re into hardcore type shit! Listen: https://wordsoffire.bandcamp.com/album/wof-005-apsara-anthology Buy: wofhardcore.bigcartel.com 50% gone so far
  2. New band STALEMATE just dropped their demo, check it out if you’re into 90’s hardcore/Undertow/Straightedge type stuff listen at: https://wordsoffire.bandcamp.com/album/wof-003-stalemate-demo order at: https://wofhardcore.bigcartel.com/product/stalemate-demo-tape thank you!
  3. Anyone interested in this stuff? Keeping these 4 tapes as a lot: cat be damned - demos #1 cat be damned - daydreams in... cat be damned - all his empty shows + 6 songs cat be damned / blood orphans split - keeping these two tapes as a lot: fox academy - luxury beverage fox academy - saint molly - porches / lvl up split 7” on black starry cat / boy crush 7” split on black infinity crush - feel my body move 7” lathe julia brown - library 7” on pink email me [email protected] for pics/etc or hmu here
  4. selling these as a lot only just want them gone asking $85 shipped for everything includes: 12” Tigers jaw - acoustic session first press Pity sex - feast of love Angel dust - rtfof Belle and Sebastian - if you’re feeling sinister Empires - freshwater reflection Forth wanderers - tough love Hierophant - great mother holy monster Atlantic / pacific - meet your new love Hesitation wounds - awake for everything Puig destroyer - s/t rsd exclusive 10” Camera shy - jack - o - lantern Comeback kid - rain city sessions rsd exlusive 7” Violence to fade - tug of war Social damage - eye for an eye Dog chains - give/take
  5. infinity crush - stumble pretty $20 + $3 shipping teen suicide - bonus ep from rsd- $10 + $3 shipping take them both for $28 shipped. Julia brown screen printed poster, 12x18 from vinyl preorders in 2016 will ship in a poster tube $20 shipped email me at [email protected] thank you
  6. Limited 12x18 screenprint from vinyl preorders in 2016 Will ship in a poster tube make an offer [email protected]
  7. I sold them all for my asking price so considering that I suppose so
  8. Bump will break them up if you buy a few
  9. Trying to sell these as a lot only $140 shipped, price based off of discogs * Mister Lies - Shadow 44/100 * Elvis D - New Alhambra red sparkly tape * Soccer Mommy - For Young Hearts gold sparkly tape 40/130 * Katie Dey - asdfasdf green tape 34/125 * High Bloom - Haloed 149/200 * Fog Lake - Victoria Park 26/125 * Fog Lake - Dragonchaser 53/100 will also thrown in a ton of tea / stickers and all that that came in the orders hit me up here or [email protected]