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  1. Bandcamp is a motherfucker. I hit "save" not PUBLISH on that 2nd press. Took it back down immediately after so people are gonna be flipping that it is already sold out.
  2. But how many pressings of You Are My Canvas and the demos do you have!?!?!!?
  3. Thanks for posting this! 150 of the blood on the water, 350 of the lake ontario for the first press. Limit of one of each variant per person. YOU HEARD IT HERE FIRST!
  4. If anybody missed out on this the first time around, I held back some copies in case orders were lost/damaged and will be listing those (both pink and yellow vinyl) at 11 AM CST this morning on Bandcamp. After this they are gone forever (but you can still get the retail variant in stores!)
  5. Sorry, just saw this. They'll have them in a week or two. Release date isn't until 1/22 so not sure when they'll list it. You can probably drop them a line and ask them to make sure to hold one for you!
  6. Hey, yo, these began shipping on Friday. I hand-delivered about 25 copies in Chicago in the last couple of days. Good times.
  7. Listening to the test pressing right now and it sounds fucking GREAT. These should be shipping by Christmas assuming everything goes smoothly with the print/etc. There are also VERY few copies left. Maybe a dozen considering I need to hold some for my distributor (Cobraside) - so if you want to cop before the end of the year, I suggest ordering ASAP. Otherwise you'll have to wait until it's in stores in late January or for a repress.
  8. Bumping this. The flexis are just about gone. Assuming an over-run (they usually give you 10% more than you want), there should be enough to fulfill the existing orders and maybe the next few.
  9. Yep I'll make sure Kaos Kontrol takes a few copies. The record will also be distributed by Cobraside internationally - if you have any Euro stores that order from them, they can get it that way too. All things considered, shipping for a single copy to Europe isn't too awful right now. And if you were to buy two copies and split it with a friend, it'd only be $12.50 each for shipping.
  10. Nah, TFA is the best, I'm just riding their coattails here. Hoping this goes well because even aside from Broadcaster and its many b-sides, they easily have another 2-3xLP worth of unreleased stuff that we could put out
  11. There'll be 2 vinyl colors, yeah. And there's a shirt option. Package deals. etc. First 300 copies of the 2xLP will come with a bonus flexi 7" I am definitely not staying up until 2 AM to post it (nor making anyone else stay up to buy it). It'll go live tomorrow morning at 8 AM CST
  12. Wouldn't hold my breath on that one. But assuming this does well enough and we can make it happen legally, we'll probably follow this up with similar treatment for Broadcaster and possibly a demos/discography type collection.
  13. It'll be up on Bandcamp Friday, no time announced. I guess it starts at midnight pacific time, so uhhhh, it depends on if I can stay up until 2 AM central time to make it go live (for some reason they don't let you schedule it), or probably like 7 or 8 AM central time. If you "follow" the Bandcamp you'll get an announcement right away.

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