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  1. 1. the things we could be 2. sequin lights 3. hard to forget 4. the roof of your room Pressing info: 10 Test Press 200 Bronze vinyl 300 Black vinyl New band from Norway that ties well into that 90s emo sound heard in bands such as Rainer Maria, Mineral, Christie Front Drive, JeJune etc. Members of Youth Pictures of Florence Henderson (Count Your Lucky Stars records) and Wits End (adagio830) among others. Vinyl available from a bunch of labels across the world: Adagio830 (Germany) Beth Shalom records (UK) Friend of Mine records (Japan) How is Annie records (Norway) Lilla Himmel (Norway) Middle-man records (US) Siste Sukk Tapes & Records (Norway) strictly no capital letters (UK) Time as a color (Germany) Worried Songs (UK) Bandcamp: https://lillahimmel.bandcamp.com/album/you-could-be-a-cop
  2. PROBLEMS - No Solutions LP Furious hardcore in the veins of NEGATIVE APPROACH and VOID. The long-awaited full length from this infamous Norwegian band suddenly emerges to follow up their two tape releases from a few years back when the four-piece was the center of the Oslo hardcore scene. With lyrics about contempt and disgust for life's surroundings, this LP is sure to attract the attention of fans of OUT COLD, TEAR IT UP, DEAD STOP and GOVERNMENT WARNING. Featuring current members of URBANOIA, BLOOD SUCKERS. OKKULTOKRATI and DEATH IS NOT GLAMOROUS (Lilla Himmel #11) Bandcamp: https://lillahimmel.bandcamp.com/album/ … -solutions Distributed worldwide by Bis Auf's Messer / Adagio830 http://www.bisaufsmesser.com/store/records/lp/20199/problems-no-solutions-lp For the collectors here, the 1st pressing is 500 copies all on black vinyl.