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  1. It's up again! I just got one!
  2. JustinDM12

    INCUBUS - 8

    INNW had to grow on me but now I really enjoy it and respect it as part experimental and part growth. aCLotM is by far their worst album but with some good tracks. Light Grenades is better but SCIENCE, Make Yourself INNW and Morning View all rank above them for me. That being said, I have high hopes for 8. Nimble Bastard and Glitter Bomb feel more like Incubus evolving and I love both songs. I respect their experimentation and change way more than the shit show that bands like Linkin Park have become. It's a whole different topic but their new singles are trash. And I liked all of their albums preceeding the Hunting Party.
  3. JustinDM12

    INCUBUS - 8

    Me too. I went as far as to email the incubus shop and the response I got was they hadn't heard anything from the distributor. Might just preorder it there as well and cancel or return one. Then again, it's $20 on Amazon with prime shipping and it's $25 on Incubus' site with $5 shipping. Not sure my impatience is worth the extra $10 that I'd rather use to purchase the digital copy as well. But if they're still mixing, I can't see an April 21 release on vinyl.
  4. JustinDM12

    INCUBUS - 8

    Amazon sent me a notification that the vinyl would be shipped on May 26th now. But the vinyl still says it ships on April 21 on Incubus' site. Where did you see June 2? Looking for actual confirmation and that it's not just Amazon messing something up.
  5. Looking to buy these albums on vinyl. Let me know if you have any of them for sale. AFI - Crash Love De La Soul - 3 Feet High and Rising Thrice - Alchemy Index (who isn't?) Thrice - Beggars My Chemical Romance - Black Parade (black and bone swirl) The Used - Artwork
  6. JustinDM12

    PO: AFI - Blood Album (01/20/2017)

    Was in FYE the other day and theirs was either a deep red or black and red. Can't remember for sure but I remember it had a color specific sticker on it.
  7. JustinDM12

    PO: AFI - Blood Album (01/20/2017)

    I got into AFI later, at Sing the Sorrow but I absolutely love it, December Underground, Crash Love and Burials. They are all amazing albums. I've only listened to The Blood once from beginning to end. I'd say initially 50% of the album is awesome and what I'd expect from AFI. The Wind that Carries Me Away is surprising and insanely good. Hoping the other half of the album gets better with each listen.
  8. Interested in AFI Crash Love and The Used Artwork. I messaged you. Please pm back with prices. Thanks
  9. JustinDM12

    FS: Rare thrice and MONO records.

    Tried to PM, but according to the site, you can't take messages. Is Beggars still available?
  10. Tried to PM but no go. I'm interested in making an offer for both The Black Parade and Beggars. PM me please.