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  1. Had to file a PayPal claim to finally get a response from Down Right. I should be getting a replacement in a few weeks when they get more copies. If you missed out keep an eye on the site for a potential restock.
  2. This is why you should double check your records before you drop the needle: That ain't brushing off.
  3. Holy shit, you ain't lying. Even in the tracks with a single instrument, i.e. harmonica, etc., there is like no background noise. Really impressed.
  4. How about free shipping on all products so I don't have to pay 15 bucks to ship 2 shirts.
  5. Lordy this thread died. Shout out to Waxwork. The Fog finally came in. Fantastic. The pressing is gorgeous, I think it looks better than the mock up. Sounds fantastic. Great packaging with a sturdy sleeve and I love their mailers. It got beat up but the record was still mint.
  6. Weird. Well it's sold out now so I guess if it says shipped just wait and see.
  7. They did just get hacked. Did your card actually expire?
  8. Would love some more information about it. I don't necessarily need to replace my original but if the live tracks are some of my favorite songs, that's a different story. Then again, this whole album is fucking great.
  9. I don't go for many nostalgia buys but this one strikes deep. There were so many tracks off this I listened to on repeat over and over and over in my college days, especially Every Monday.
  10. Did Interpunk get their shit together? Nearly every review for the last few years is about them being scam artists, taking money and not sending items.
  11. First minute of that song sounds like a sitcom theme song.

oh my wow GIF by ESPN Deportes


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