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  1. I don't go for many nostalgia buys but this one strikes deep. There were so many tracks off this I listened to on repeat over and over and over in my college days, especially Every Monday.
  2. Did Interpunk get their shit together? Nearly every review for the last few years is about them being scam artists, taking money and not sending items.
  3. First minute of that song sounds like a sitcom theme song.
  4. I was nervous because I had something sent to me on the 8th and it had to go through there but it got to me just fine, I feel quite fortunate. Seems like a crap shoot these days, I hope you get resolution soon. On a random note, had a mail lady yesterday mark a package as not deliverable because of the wrong address. I went out and found her a few stops over and talked to her about it. She said "oh, I thought it wouldn't go there." She did end up bringing it back, but damn...
  5. Not ebay but crazy and entertaining. This seller listed this at 160 around July 15th, then at 200 on the 18th. And now he has it at 210. https://www.discogs.com/sell/release/12805259?ev=rb
  6. Had a similar thing happen with my Hellraiser boxset. Something heavy got dropped on the box and crushed it, bent the records. I sent Mondo pictures and they sent a replacement set. It wasn't sold out and it shipped to the US so yours is a different situation but reach out to them, maybe something can be worked out.
  7. Mondo has The Last of Us repress going up Wednesday at noon CST.
  8. If you can find it for 125 snatch it up. Considering Brendon doesn't own the rights to the band name and when asked about the rights to the music in an AMA his reply was "who knows?", I wouldn't hold out hope of a repress. The price of the album will probably just go up.
  9. The distribution for that RSD got fucked. If I remember correctly Warner Bros. were switching warehouses in the middle of it. The only reason I got a copy of The Crow is because it arrived two days late and I bolted to the record store when they posted they had a few copies on Facebook. I wouldn't be surprised if there is a warehouse or 2 out there with a bunch of The Crow and Lost in Translation sitting around and waiting to be found.
  10. I would love to see some Black Train Jack reissues. This shit takes me back.
  11. Thing is, will online sales be good or bad for people trying to get what they want? Will the tech savvy flippers have an easier time snatching things up now? Will the slobs who crawl out of their hovels on RSD have the acumen to engage in such things as bots? It may be wise to hit up the usual purveyors of online sales and encourage them to put precautions in place.
  12. Copied from a local store's facebook post: "We are waiting until a week or two before the event to cancel our RSD events. We don’t want to endanger the lives of any of our beloved customers (and ourselves). I’ve heard that some stores in bigger cities are already cancelling RSD and plan on selling their RSD goods via the internets! Since we won’t have RSD products anyways our closure that day won’t impact the bulk of the shoppers on that day. We’re not canceling yet though, so stay tuned!"
  13. Yup: https://www.discogs.com/Max-Richter-The-Leftovers-Music-From-The-HBO-Series-Season-One/release/13314448?ev=item-vc . They sent the black version with the review on discogs talking about how awful the pressing is and it is entirely accurate. It sounds like dogshit and it was the version I was trying to avoid.