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  1. Thing is, will online sales be good or bad for people trying to get what they want? Will the tech savvy flippers have an easier time snatching things up now? Will the slobs who crawl out of their hovels on RSD have the acumen to engage in such things as bots? It may be wise to hit up the usual purveyors of online sales and encourage them to put precautions in place.
  2. Copied from a local store's facebook post: "We are waiting until a week or two before the event to cancel our RSD events. We don’t want to endanger the lives of any of our beloved customers (and ourselves). I’ve heard that some stores in bigger cities are already cancelling RSD and plan on selling their RSD goods via the internets! Since we won’t have RSD products anyways our closure that day won’t impact the bulk of the shoppers on that day. We’re not canceling yet though, so stay tuned!"
  3. Yup: https://www.discogs.com/Max-Richter-The-Leftovers-Music-From-The-HBO-Series-Season-One/release/13314448?ev=item-vc . They sent the black version with the review on discogs talking about how awful the pressing is and it is entirely accurate. It sounds like dogshit and it was the version I was trying to avoid.
  4. Sound of Vinyl are asshats. I bought this version of the record: https://thesoundofvinyl.com/*/Coloured-Vinyl/The-Leftovers-Max-Richter/62J80JVE000. It has the product code and release date for the red version in addition to specifying colored vinyl but they sent the black. I emailed them but they just keep saying the listing didn't say red vinyl. Fuckers wanted me to pay return shipping. Had to file a claim with Paypal.
  5. Bought a copy of the 28 Days Later Soundtrack off Discogs a couple years ago. Got a good deal, meaning less than a hundred. It was coming from England to the states. Motherfucker put it in a padded envelope. Somehow, it came through with minimal damage. What he didn't notice when he graded it was the huge scratch across In The House, like the best song on the album. I returned it to him in a padded record mailer. He later sold it for about 50 bucks and hopefully he got the hint but jebus people be dumb. Learned my lesson. Bought a copy of Ghosts by NIN off ebay from a seller who didn't seem like they didn't sold many records. I grilled that dude like he was trying to date my daughter. How you gonna package it? Do you have record mailers? Can you reinforce it? Dude packaged it like a boss.
  6. The Thing, nice. Hopefully they will address the pressing issues from last time. I kind of feel bad for the people who paid flipper prices for a shitty pressing. Only kind of though.
  7. Did y'all get an email about it shipping or did it just show up unannounced?
  8. Sucker Punch is getting a re-press: https://www.fatbeats.com/products/various-artists-sucker-punch-soundtrack-lp-limited-amber-180-gram-audiophile-vinyl-poster-printed-innersleeve-gatefold-numbered-to-500?_pos=1&_sid=16d92ce43&_ss=r
  9. Anybody else just get an apology email from Mondo with a code for 25 bucks? Lost is the only thing I got coming from them so it must be related to that.
  10. Cowboy Bebop has been popping up intermittently on Juno again. Link is a couple posts above if anyone wants to monitor it.
  11. Test presses arrived yesterday. Metal Gear Solid and Days Gone. Not too shabby. Now just waiting on Lost.
  12. Big shoutout to Mondo. My first shipment of the Hellraiser 2 and 3 soundtracks got absolutely crushed in transit. First time they used DHL and I don't know for sure it was them but it is an interesting coincidence. I asked if they could send replacements and not use DHL again. They sent the replacements by UPS and packaged them inside an extra box.
  13. Just got a shipment from Mondo sent via DHL and handed off to USPS. Absolutely crushed the packaged. Sigh. At least this was only the Hellraiser stuff and not the test pressings.