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  1. Nah, only on the vinyl. I’m sure someone will eventually rip it from that and it’ll end up on YouTube and the like, but we didn’t have any plans to put it anywhere else and wanted it exclusively on this release.
  2. Ahhh, speaking of. For some reason they listed that as a “brand new song”. It’s a B-side. It’s not a bad song, it’s got some killer riffs in it and the ending was us being as ridiculous as possible (will make sense when you hear it), but yeah. B-side. To me it has more of s wrongdoers vibe than polar similar which is one of the reasons why we cut it. Definitely not a new song.
  3. The prices of records have gone up for numerous reasons. The pressing plants have drastically raised their prices in recent years due to the surge of popularity, and relatively speaking, there aren’t an insane amount of pressing plants out there. That coupled with the fact that vinyl makes more money for labels than cd and digital sales these days, and there ya go. I assure you we tried our hardest to get them to go as low as possible on this. It wasn’t about making a buck for us, it was about releasing a version of the vinyl that was the original design and concept for the artwork in the fir
  4. Then don’t buy it. We thought it was cool, sorry it’s not up to your standards. We aren’t making money off these so it’s no sweat off my sack what you do either way. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  5. We were suppper bummed about shipping price issues with both the original Polar Similar pressing as well as the Redeemer repress, so that was an issue we addressed and tried to make sure wasn’t out of control.
  6. Sorry guys, the price is a bit steep but it’s as low as we could get them to go. Trust me, we wanted them to be as low as possible. But they’re nice box sets that we spent a lot of time working out the kinks on, and I guarantee they are quality.
  7. Even split! The price is as low as the label would let us. The blue is my favorite, but both look killer!
  8. Oh hey, it’s been like 2 years but the deluxe version of PS IS happening. Got to see the packaging yesterday and it looks super rad, so despite the label dragging ass hard on getting these made I’m stoked it’s finally happening. Trying to have proper info out within the next month or two.
  9. Oh weird, thought I mentioned it but we originally wanted to do a much nicer packaging for the record but the label turned it down due to cost, being a 2xLP and all but now that’s being printed now and we will be providing more info when that’s ready to go.
  10. No repress that I know of, must be leftover red/white. Deluxe version of PS I mentioned at some point in here is in production right now. As for Redeemer, I mean, we are doing a Redeemer tour, sooooo...
  11. Sweet. I believe we have some copies arriving for the tour we are currently on today in Seattle.
  12. No idea why Cory said that. Only vinyl that has shipped is the Euro stuff.
  13. I reposted their Facebook post on our page and didn't even think about it until people brought it up, my guess is they probably didn't either so it was nothing intentional moreso than they are just running sales and picked that record for today.
  14. Also, hoping that the vinyl should arrive in the states and start shipping soon, seeing as they've been popping up in Europe already. We just played with Periphery in South Africa a couple weeks ago and their vinyl had also been delayed through the same facility, and had the same time frame as ours. Not sure what's going on with that place.

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